ACryptoS - DApp Staking Application

Hey Astar community! This is BKT, Marketing & BizDev Lead from ACryptoS. We’d like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing!

Project Overview

ACryptoS is a yield optimizer, where our single-token vaults stand out from the rest. Our unique smart contract strategies help users achieve higher APY, yet staying SAFU at the same time. This is always our main priority.

We originally started off as as a Yield Optimizer on BNB Chain back in Nov 2020. Over time, we developed more products:

  • 100+ single-token autocompounding vaults
  • No.1 volume Stablecoin swap in BSC
  • the only Balancer V2 fork DEX in BSC

We expanded rapidly to 11 different chains this year, and have been growing our TVL and user base in Astar for the past few months.

How our vaults work

We currently build our vaults on top of the largest lending protocol in Astar - Starlay Finance.

Using our unique strategies, we automate same-token supplying + lending on Starlay, and increase our users’ yields much more higher than if they were to just supply themselves. This strategy involves zero liquidation risks as both supplying and lending are using the same tokens.

Currently the only single-token yield aggregator in Astar.

The vaults also Autocompound. Users can just stake their tokens and do not have to constantly check and harvest rewards. Single token vaults also mean that there are no impermanent losses involved.

These are in line with our beliefs of long term BUIDLing & staying SAFU in DeFi. We always encourage our users to not jump in degen / high-risk yields, but instead look for quality projects and teams, staying for the long term.

Astar Milestones

Total Value Locked (TVL)

We’ve grown organically since our launch in Astar Network a few months ago, with the current TVL at $205k. (7 Dec 2022)

This screenshot from our dapp shows the latest APY and TVL for the single-token vaults we built on Starlay Finance.

User Growth Efforts

We’ve also done a number of marketing and user outreach + onboarding activities since our launch:

  • a cross-AMA with Starlay on their Discord
  • a cross-AMA with Starlay on our Telegram (Listen🔊 Starlay AMA)
  • a voice AMA + demo on Astar Discord (Watch AMA Dapp Demo)

ArthSwap Collaboration

We have collaborated with ArthSwap, launching a $ACS-$ASTR farm on their DEX. This is in fact our first farm launch away from our initial BNB Chain.

Our Take on Security

We are mostly focused on being Safe, Sustainable and Long-term. You could say that Safety is our Number 1 priority.

A few key reasons that set us apart from the rest:

  • Safety track record
  • No security incidents since start
  • 5 audits

Safety should always be a priority over everything else, even APY or tokenomics. We have always wanted to make DeFi a safe place for users, hence we do not run for tempting high APYs without thoroughly checking the protocol we are building on via internal due diligence and tight scrutiny.
- it’s no use getting those yields if you’re going to lose them after all.

Here’s an article our Lead Dev wrote on how to not get rekt in DeFi. Well worth a quick read.
Staying safe in defi and how to not get rekt | by x · ACryptoS | ACryptoS | Medium.

Links to audits can be found below as well, by Certik, Hacken & DefiYield:

  • Latest review update by Hacken here
  • Complete audit report by Hacken here
  • Full audit report by Defiyield here
  • Acsi.Finance (Balancer V2) audit report by Hacken here
  • Farms v2 audit report by Hacken here
  • Original cake vault strategy audit report by Certik here

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

Rewards from dApp Staking will be used mainly for continued user growth efforts, bringing more awareness and TVL to Astar, as well as our basic protocol operation costs.

1. User Growth (85%)

  • AMAs
  • User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns
  • Giveaways
  • Ambassador programs
  • Content Creation

2. Operations (15%)

  • RPC endpoints
  • site maintenance
  • internal operations


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @acryptos9
Medium: ACryptoS – Medium
Discord: ACryptoS

ACryptoS Website:
ACryptoS Full dApp:
ACryptoS Lite dApp:

ACSI Finance AMM
ACS StableSwap

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On the usage of the dapps staking funds:

1)Can you please define when you refer to Internal Operations?
2)Can you please refer to your Building Plans for your defi dapp on Astar on long term basis?
3) Do you have any roadmap doc for AcryptoS Dapp on Astar Network for the upcoming months?

Thank you

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I’m using the platform and I’m glad to see this proposal ! I like what You are doing and I will support the proposal :+1:

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Do you have KPI’s about your product? User base? TVL?
Thanks for the proprosal


Looks interesting , will try to attend ama

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Some stats

  • 165 single token vaults
  • 11 chains
  • $18.7 Million TVL
  • $ACS token holders: 8161 addresses
  • SAFU since launch in Nov 2020
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  • That would be part of the expenses for our web devs, marketing, etc.
  • No specific roadmap so far, but it will be mainly be looking out to launch vaults for new markets on Starlay. We are keen to work with new lending markets that are launching on Astar as well.
  • More user growth activities, to bring awareness and TVL to Astar
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Thank you. Today I visited your dapp personally. You are doing a great job and you have continuously demonstrated it since your launch. I think it will be good for our ecosystem having your Dapp listed on our Dapp Staking.

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I also use this dApp, and it works good. Btw any development in the pipeline regarding other feature on Astar?

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