Afloat 3D Production and Distribution | Dapp Staking Proposal

Thanks for the quick reply!

It should be available for general use, not test deployments.
Otherwise, we would not be able to evaluate the actual application.
I think it’s a good project, but dApp Staking requires the application to be available.

Alright noted, thanks.

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Thx a lot Marti, I’ve read all your answers and I’m happy for your team and project to onboard Astar. Meanwhile I’m still digesting your business model, will ask here again if I bumped into something that I don’t understand. In the meantime, I support Afloat.

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Thank you too for the questions. I’m very happy to hear that and yes please, if you have any further questions let me know. I will also be happy hop on a call to explain if needed.

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The vote for Afloat dApp Staking application is open on Townhall :

Please vote wisely! :ballot_box:


It’s a very interesting project. Thank you for applying for dApp Staking.

I agree with you425’s opinion. Projects not implemented on the mainnet should go through UCG to be listed for dApp Staking. Therefore, I voted No. If your project launches on the mainnet and works as expected, I will definitely vote Yes.

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Thank you Bao for your message.

Yes it makes sense, I’m looking into UCG now too. Thanks!

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The idea sounds very interesting. However, please allow me to ask some additional questions:

  1. Who are the target users? And what are some relevant numbers/data about them?

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors for this project? And how do we plan to differentiate and acquire customers from them?