AGS Finance - Builders Programme Application

Hello Astar Community! My name is Kovan and I am the founder of AGS Finance and also the Alter Grimace Society NFT collection. We would like to apply for Astar Network’s builder’s program as we look to build the biggest Defi ecosystem on Astar Network.

Project Overview
AGS Finance is a DEX/AMM operating at the lowest fee of 0.17% on Astar Network. We have implemented a unique feature that is not commonly seen in many DEX/AMM but is highly effective.

Protocol owned liquidity, but with a twist, how this works is that for every trade a 0.17% trade fee is imposed ( cheapest on Astar ). 0.06% goes to the protocol owned liquidity, to build strong liquidity for the protocol.

So let’s say, for example, a user swaps from USDC to ASTR, the pair involved in this swap is ( ASTR-USDC ), the 0.06% trade fee goes to the AGS Finance dex in the form of ASTR-USDC LP, therefore ensuring that AGS Finance, in the long run, will have the strongest liquidity pool on Astar, as this minimizes the effect of users removing their LP on AGS Finance Dex.

Moving forward, we are more than just a DEX/AMM, we are looking to build an efficient Defi ecosystem on the Astar network around the Alter Grimace Society NFT, with AGS Finance being the gateway to all new protocols that we will be launching!

We have 3 protocols planned for launch after we have successfully completed our IDO for AGS Finance.

  • AGS Finance Launchpad ( Open To Public )
  • NFT Marketplace ( Integrated Onto AGS Finance )
  • Yield Optimizer Protocol

With these protocols set to launch after we complete our IDO, we will bring many utilities to our native token $AGS and also bring new ways for users to make money on Astar Network.

We are also looking to bring in TVL from other chains, how we plan to do so is through advertising a new Defi ecosystem that’s growing on Astar! I believe that many would jump at the prospect of participating in a new and early Defi ecosystem that has already proven itself by developing amazing dApps. Through this, I believe we can get many users to bridge in from other networks like BSC, Polygon, etc.

Now let’s talk about Alter Grimace society ( our NFT collection ), there are certain unique utilities that come with owning the Alter Grimace NFT.

  1. Boosted Farming On AGS Finance
  2. Launchpad Access ( For each project launched on the AGS Finance launchpad, the project will be required to allocate a percentage of the tokens for us to distribute to Alter Grimace NFT holders )
  3. Stake Alter Grimace NFT earns tokens
  4. Exclusive alpha group, where we share information about the project there before anywhere else.

That’s just a short overview of how the Alter Grimace ecosystem, could play a huge part in the Astar network, for more in-depth documentation about each utility/feature we mentioned, do feel free to read our medium/docs or drop me a message on telegram @AlterKovan

AGS Finance dApp




Kovan ( Founder/Smart Contract Dev )
Works on smart contract development for AGS Finance. Previously worked on smart contracts for

Azuki ( Lead Developer )
Works on dApp development for AGS Finance. Previously worked on projects such as

Pratakosong ( Core Mod/ Marketer )
Works on marketing campaigns and strategies for the AGS Finance project. He was one of the mods in hapebeast and has worked as a mod for many prominent NFT projects

Pastor ( Head Of Biz Dev )
Works on securing partnerships for the AGS Finance project and also thinking of creative ideas on how we could expand our developments

Reivax ( NFT Artist )
Designs our Alter Grimace NFT collection. Specializes in creating 2D NFT.

Project Milestones/Roadmap


  • AGS Finance DEX/AMM Launch ( Completed )
  • AGS Finance Launchpad Launch ( Completed )
  • IDO Completed & Filled ( In Progress )
  • TVL hits 1 Million ( In Progress )
  • TVL hits 5 Million ( In Progress )
  • TVL hits 10 Million ( In Progress )
  • Accepted Into Astar Builders Program


Short & Sweet Roadmap

Project Tokenomics

Total Supply

500,000,000 $AGS ( Max Supply )

Initial Allocation

  • 1% (5,000,000 AGS ) for Launchpad Offering

  • 9% (45,000,000 AGS )** will be used for partnerships ( Marketing / CEX Listings etc. , vested over 24 months )

  • 10% (50,000,000 AGS )** will be used for development ( Vested Over 48 months )

  • 80% (400,000,000 AGS )** will be allocated to community members

    • 85% can be earned by staking LPs on yield farms

    • 15% can be earned by single AGS pool staking


  • 50 AGS Per Block
  • Until Max Farming Supply Is Hit ( 400,000,000 AGS )

Other Information

Smart Contracts
Forked From PancakeSwap









AGS Auto Staking:



Farms List:


Pools List:

Auto AGS
Manual AGS

Astar Network’s Builder Program

IDO Completed - 5K In ASTR ( Solely For LP Pairing )
TVL Hits 1 Million - 2K in ASTR ( For Development, Vested )
TVL Hits 5 Million - 4K in ASTR ( For Development, Vested )
TVL Hits 10 Million - 7.5K in ASTR ( For Development, Vested )
Every Launchpad Offering - $500 in ASTR ( For Development, Vested )

The numbers stated above are just my expectations, they can be rediscussed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal, I really hope we can be part of Astar Network’s builder program and expand the Astar ecosystem by building creative dApps to enhance the network.:grin:


The names of the team members don’t sound like human names.

Prata Kosong in my country is a type of food, roti prata. It is a kind of flatbread eaten with curry and dhal.

Do you have public team profiles on Linkedin or somewhere?


Yes I’m aware of that, it’s an alias that is used, Pastor, Pratakosong & Reivax. We met each other, back I was exploring around in DeFi in different projects, they themselves were investing in other projects, but I do not really know them in real life/ or their real life name. But since they are not directly involved with developments / involved with the project funds. I think there shouldn’t be an issue, on the other hand I know the lead developer of the project Kanji Kishi ( known as azuki ), hopped on many video calls with him to discuss developments.

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I can see on your docs that you are working with Certik and Paladin on the audit report. Any timeline when will this be completed?

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Yes, we are planning to onboard either paladin or certik immediately after our IDO, depending on the percentage our IDO gets filled, we will decide on the auditing firm. So once we onboard the audit, I’m expecting a max of 2 weeks before our audit report will be out.

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Great. I suggest to only proceed with this proposal after the audit report is out.


I see no problem, we will try to onboard the audit and get it done fast, meanwhile do I just leave this proposal here first?

Yes, we leave the proposal here first and then when the audit is done, you can share it here.


Sure! I hope we can get audit done fast😁

We have made a few changes since our application.

We have completed our audit, linked below is the audit report👇

We have also redeployed our Masterchef & $AGS token contracts to fix the issues mentioned on our rugdoc listing.

AGS Token: