AirLyft Dapp Staking Proposal

Project Overview

AirLyft is a decentralized, multichain, growth hacking platform for projects to establish, expand, and engage their community. It is a feature-rich platform to incentivise on-chain/off-chain actions by the community. It also automates the validation, reward creation as well as distribution, thereby saving hundreds of hours of marketing & development effort and making campaign creation and participation a seamless experience.

Pain Points

In the present blockchain industry, companies are excellent at creating products, but when it comes to growth and expanding their community, these products fail to obtain the necessary momentum, which causes the growth curve to eventually flatten out significantly. The following are some of the issues:

:one: It takes hours to design & develop a contest that will captivate participants and teach them about the project at the same time i.e. Learn To Earn campaigns.

:two: Validating user’s actions on the blockchain, and connecting them with actions on other social media channels is a laborious task.

:three: Collecting wallet addresses of winners & distributing rewards is a cumbersome activity.

:four: Once users win a token reward, they usually swap the same with other assets as they are unaware of the token applications.

:five: Web3 users are scattered across blockchain/ecosystem silos & it is difficult for projects to attract and onboard users active on different chains.

:six: No way to constantly engage with the communities.

:seven: No way to automate the reward distribution on-chain and save manpower.

:eight: No trackable growth analytics-based growth system that powers datapoints to enhance your strategies for the growth campaigns.

Current Features

:white_check_mark: AirLyft has a unique reward locking mechanism that enables projects to use their existing tokens/NFTs as rewards by locking them safely on-chain.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft is the sole growth platform that allows users to create their own new ERC721 as well as ERC1155 tokens and distribute them as rewards.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft interacts with smart contracts for validating user activity. Organizations can simply create learn-to-earn campaigns at AirLyft & can reward users based on the activities they perform at the organization’s dApp.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft provides a robust token creation and locking mechanism named as AirToken and AirPool respectively.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft supports more than 35 different engaging tasks that projects can ask users to do. Including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, REST APIs, Blockchain explorers, and integrations with indexers through GraphQL, making it easy to create on-chain actions.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft supports the distribution of multiple types of assets in a single campaign. You can distribute rewards in the form of ERC20, 721, and 1155 all in the same campaign based on conditions.

:white_check_mark: AirLyft supports multiple distribution strategies to shortlist users based on campaign requirements.

Mission with Astar & Dapp Staking Proposal

Our profound affinity for Astar Network has been steadfast since our entry into the blockchain realm. With diligent observation, we’ve gained invaluable insights, culminating in our collaboration with Astar Network via AirLyft for their growth and engagement campaigns. As a well-funded venture, our team of six experts is dedicated to pioneering decentralized and traceable growth in blockchain. Our mission is to establish an interactive, bug-free growth and community engagement platform on Astar. This resource will benefit both Astar’s foundational team and the array of dApps on its network, catalyzing blockchain integration for collective expansion.

Our funds are strategically allocated to bolster AirLyft and its partners through targeted campaigns, driving product adoption. Through dapp staking, we plan to finance upcoming features on the Astar EVM network, furthering our commitment to enhancing the Astar ecosystem’s vitality and technological prowess.

  • Build a fuel-burning mechanism. (30th August 2023)

  • Provide “Shop” functionality to redeem rewards on constant engagement. (30th August 2023)

  • Create functionality for API and webhooks task for certain custom campaigns. (30th September 2023)

  • Create Gas Pool compatible with Astar Network and Introduce gasless functionality for making on-chain reward claims on Astar Network gasless. (15th October 2023)

  • Collaborate with dapps on Astar and launch learn-to-earn campaigns using our hybrid on-chain and off-chain campaigns.

  • Enhance user experience on the platform usage with world-class support.

We are growing fast and the Astar Dapp staking can help us catalyze the future of AirLyft with your help. Let’s bring decentralized growth to Astar with AirLyft.

Dapp Staking Delegation Amount

We are requesting for a delegation of 2 Million ASTR to AirLyft dapp staking pool. This will further our mission and aim to grow on the Astar Network and helo each and every dapp available and incoming in the ecosystem.

Social Channels

Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Email us at if you have any queries!


Airlyft has been a much welcomed and needed tool in the ecosystem. Not only has Astar used it and tested out certain features to a good degree of success, it also plans to continue using it. It helps with marketing, education, rewarding and attracting consistent users, and also bringing in Substrate to the table (besides the EVM compatibility).

As more projects get to know and use Airlyft, they too will be able to utilize the vast amount of quest types to bring in users. Take for example COSMIZE’s recent example where they brought attention to their iOS app. Thousands of impressions, and great turnout. Airlyft not only helps Astar, but also the builders on Astar. Win-Win.

Excited to see the further tools they add and I can see dApp staking helping the professional team that is Airlyft reach new heights.


I support this. Let’s go.


One of the best (If not the best :grin:) reward platform experience i have ever had ,great UI , amazing NFT’s and prizes , great variety of dApps and tasks to complete. I will support the proposal :+1:
Only one question , does the team consider to add other languages ?


Hello @VasaKing … Thank you so much for sharing the experience here. Its really appreciated. And with regards to your question, yes we are planning to introduce regional language support for platform here. Which language are you specifically looking for?

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It’ll will our pleasure to welcome AirLyft to Astar Ecosystem. Let’s go together =)


I’m definitely on board with this. Airlyft has proven itself as a reliable and professional project, excelling in user communication. Adding gamification is a smart move to engage our community effectively in today’s context. The combination of Airlyft’s credibility and gamification’s entertainment value is a clear win for boosting user interaction and community vibrancy.


Great platform and great team. My full support


Why should Astar community or Astar Foundation delegate this amount to AirLyft?
What makes the project to deserve it, meanwhile others had to grow community first? I would love hearing from the team what makes the project a star in our ecosystem .

Thanks for your proposal.

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Airlyft is a fantastic tool, and the results showcased in Astar’s inaugural campaign were nothing short of sensational.

Moreover, the team has proven to be highly competent and responsive.

I really support this proposal and eagerly anticipate utilizing this tool within the communities where i`m CM on Astar Network.

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I think that scaling users globally without a tool is not possible.

I also agree with the potential of Airlyft and that it is a great tool.

But my question is the following, if Airlyft already gives us the potential to scale users, what is the additional value for ASTAR to deliver these resources?

ASTAR and the DAPPs built in Astar will have a differentiated and better service than the rest?


I ask for the implementation of the Italian language, English is not widely used in Italy. If you need help with Italian translations I’m more than happy to help :grin: @AirLyft

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  • No
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Great Web3 project to welcome newcomer to join Astar Ecosystem


I really like what Airlyft provides when it comes to engaging the community with gamified strategies to interact with projects.

I have been doing weekly livestreams for the ecosystem and always see how powerful Airlyft campaigns can be in terms of interaction and even for education ( contracts interactions and learn more about our community).

Also can help for the portuguese translation for the campaings @AirLyft haha


I really like the Airlyft and how it helped Astar to grow through the marketing and education, I like the airlyft campaign and I am claiming xp every day (at least trying)!


Airlyft boost Astar Network visibility, and with Airlyft it’s pretty much easy to manage upcoming campaign.

I support this proposal.


Support AirLyft, easy to use and I think AirLyft could bring positive community growth on Astar Network.


Demand is important for growth. In order to create demand, you need to have a community. In this sense, AirLyft is a strong supportive mechanism for community building. I think Astar needs this. That’s why ‘YES’

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There are too many web3 hubs that all other blockchains use. Like Galxe, Questn and Zealy.
We will create a project locally in Astar as Airlyft(just we have 3.5k…) and their impact will be very limited. They also want support from other dApp staking pools…

Astar now needs to change its vision to global and return to interfaces used by the whole blockchain ecosystem. Instead of using the platforms used by the entire web3 world, why create a new one and appeal to limited people? We should urgently enter a platform like Zealy and reach millions of people with various works there instead of transferring funds through dApp staking.

Thanks project team but its not acceptable for me.