All You Need to Do to Prepare for the Auction to Get SDN/ASTAR

Kusama/Polkadot auction is coming and we are going to start the Parachain Lease Offering during the Parachain auction. In this post, I would like to describe what you need to do to prepare for the auction.

First of all, the auction is conducted through a mechanism called Candle Auctions.

To participate in the Polkadot Parachain auction, you need to have DOT tokens (KSM tokens for Kusama Parachain auction). By locking DOTs for the Plasm’s Parachain slot, you will be able to receive PLMs in proportion to the locking amount.

So, the best way to prepare for the auction is to buy and HODL DOT/KSM tokens till Web3 Foundation announces the date of the auction.

If you are staking DOTs on Polkadot, it needs 28 days to unlock DOTs (In the case of Kusama, it takes 7 days). We will make sure that we make an announcement at least 28 days before the auction.

Currently, we are working with some top exchanges to make our slot auction successful. I hope users can join the auction directly from centralized exchanges. The people who can’t trust centralized exchanges also can join the Plasm’s slot auction by using our interface developed by Stake Technologies.

Important Information: We are going to fully disclose our auction strategy once it is ready. We highly likely incentivize people to get into the auction on Day 1. So, please prepare for the auction and join the auction on Day 1.


awesome!go on waitting great project


Can’t wait! I’ll be ready for Day 1. Just give us enough notice for 28 day unstaking for DOT


I’m trying to think of an auction every day. I can’t wait!

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perhaps there is a bonding curve. the earlier participants get more PLM/SDN?

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Ready for Day 1, looking forward to taking part in this historic PLO! :crossed_swords:

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Which one is more realistic. Kusama or dot?

We aim to be the first on both of them! :slight_smile:

For us, they both seem very realistic.
Thanks in advance for your support.

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I have my DOTs ready for the parachain :+1: :+1:

One of the most anticipated events for me this year. I will definitely be.

Be sure to fully explain the incentives for participating in the Plasm PLO. There will be a lot of competition to attract people’s KSM/DOT tokens. Everyone will want to know the ROI for participating. :+1:

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You can be sure we are ready! :slight_smile:


Look forward to it!!!so cool

All you have to do now guys keep on eye in every announcement of plasm network and be vigilant don’t fall with other scam project pretending to be a plasm. Hold more ksm and dot and join lock drop to get sdn and plm when it’s ready. I’m very optimistic of this project. For this is my top 1 list project this 2021. So good luck everyone and more power :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: to plasm team and specialty to our CEO sir Sota.


where it is announced

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Follow our socials or keep your eye on this forum.

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Keep up the great work guys. Can’t wait to stake my KSM for your project.

Really awesome, the wait is exciting