Parachain Auction - Kusama

Starting this new thread around Kusama Parachain. We all know that Kusama is a canary network of Polkadot. It will have parachain auction starting in few weeks. If it is determined that a project does not have enough DOT’s to be on polkadot parachain, they can be on Kusama parachain with 10th of the cost right now. Kusama is not a test network. It is fully functional separate network just as polkadot vut have faster governance with same security as polkadot. Did the team here considered Kusama?


I would like to write my opinion. First, I think it still takes 2-3 months to start the Kusama Auction. The Polkadot community has to do the following tasks.

  1. Determine the Parachain auction mechanism (How many Parachains? What is the date? How long does it take?)
  2. Kusama auction has to be announced a month earlier than the actual date since many people need to unbound the KSM to join the auction.
  3. Actual auction

And second, the Kusama doesn’t have the same security to Polkadot. I think 1/5-1/10 security.

The details are not announced yet. We need to consider whether we will participate in Kusama or not after the Web3 Foundation’s announcement. Here are 2 possible options.

  • Launch the canary net and connect Kusama
  • Skip the kusama auction since if you connect Plasm to Kusama, Plasm can’t be the first Polkadot parachain.

Kusama KSM tokens are only bonded for 7 days not like DOT which are 28 days.

Secondly, you should not assume the security is 1/5 or 1/10 as that will be incorrect. Kusama has same security as Polkadot.

I agree that web3 will announce the dates. First will be kusama as it is faster vs polkadot. I cannot attach pic here but i sent a pic in the telegram which confirms what I am saying

I see. Thank you for letting me know. I still don’t think that Kusama has the same security to Polkadot. Could you tell me the reason?

I have reached out to a contact at W3F to get an answer

Participating the Polkadot auction is a better choice.

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Obviously become Polkadot parachain is the most important objective of Plasm Network.

But I want also to suggest to take in consideration to launch also a canary network of Plasm (I don’t know his possible name) in order to try to become also a Kusama parachain.
At the genesis the Plasm Canary network will share the same code of Plasm Mainnet and also the same holders (1:1 ratio) and so the same supply.

After the genesis the two chains will evolved differently (for the first months maybe the same code could be used).

This is could be helpful to test 3rd lockdrop before in Plasm canary and then use this experience to conduct the 3rd lockdrop in Plasm Mainnet!!!


Thats a great way to use canary network. Kusama is faster governance 7 days vs Polkadot 28 days. It will have the parachain auction begin in weeks vs polkadot in months.

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BUT participating in the two auctions is not dispersive?

We don’t have a plan to make a canary network of Plasm Network because having 2 different networks is tough to manage. Even 1 network is tough. 2 networks are the same at the first point but they will be more and more different.