Archisinal - Empowering the Creator Economy Using ink! NFTs


Dear Astar community, a pleasure to be here. My name is Tom Humber, Founder of Archisinal Technologies. Archisinal would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview

Archisinal (ar-kis-in-al) is a community-driven ecosystem that fosters the creator economy for design professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. By leveraging the immutable and transparent nature of Astar’s blockchain infrastructure, Archisinal provides a platform for secure and transparent data transfer, and for design professionals to have access to a creator economy and a global workforce.

Archisinal aims to become the ‘go-to platform’ for architects and designers to accrue tokens by easily creating and selling unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets. Tailored to the specific needs of architects and engineers, Archisinal provides a platform for design professionals to; grow their profile, market their creations, and connect with investors and potential clients around the world.

By leveraging smart contract functionality, architects will be provided with a platform to showcase and sell their designs as unique digital assets and earn royalties from secondary sales. With its search functionality and clean user interface, it will also provide a smoother user journey for architecture enthusiasts to discover and purchase designs that interest them.

Archisinal represents a compelling opportunity to showcase the ink! ecosystem and bring a significant user volume from the AEC industry to Astar. The platform’s deployment on Astar not only highlights the scalability, interoperability, and security features of ink! and Polkadot but also offers a gateway to introduce these sectors to the broader benefits of innovative features such as staking and reward mechanisms. The strategic use of ink! and Polkadot’s advanced blockchain infrastructure in Archisinal serves as a unique opportunity to market the ink! ecosystem’s capabilities while simultaneously capitalising on the untapped potential of the vast AEC market.

Our Mission:

It is widely accepted that the AEC industry needs digital transformation, and Archisinal is committed to exploring the opportunities for driving efficiency and productivity in the sector. Our strategy is to target the next generation of innovators and leaders in the space. By challenging the younger generation to reimagine how architecture can leverage the creator economy to create an environment of self-sovereignty, a space for a future innovation in a decentralised AEC space can be forged.

Goldman Sachs estimates the global creator economy could reach half-a-trillion dollars by 2027. As the original creators, architects and engineers should be given access to a transparent environment where designs can be transferred in a secure manner and royalties can be generated from future sales.

By integrating the core principles of web3 and blockchain technology, Archisinal aims to set a new benchmark in how architectural and construction designs are handled as a commodity and introduce a creator economy for designers to accrue tokens passively from the work they produce and mint on-chain.

Team members:

Tom Humber - During his tenure in the construction industry, Tom has gained extensive experience working closely with architects, engineers, and other professionals in the field. As a Quantity Surveyor and Cost Consultant, he has collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to deliver successful projects for contractors, developers, and boutique consultancies. This hands-on experience has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges faced by the industry. Through these collaborations, Tom has also built an extensive network of industry professionals, further demonstrating his ability to forge strong working relationships and contribute to team success.

Currently serving as the Special Projects Lead at Parity Technologies, Tom has successfully transitioned his career from the construction industry to the world of Web3. His background in both traditional industries and emerging technologies, along with his adaptability and ability to excel in diverse environments, make him a valuable asset for spearheading innovation in a large-market sector which is yet to fully embrace the benefits of blockchain technology.

Tim Hodgson - Tim is a Chartered Accountant with 10 years of experience in the finance industry, working within Big 6 audit firms, large media multinationals and scale-up AI fintechs. After working on a variety of Web3 consultancy roles part-time, Tim made the pivot to a full-time Web3 role. Since then, he has garnered experience in asset management, token vesting and blockchain accounting.

Danylo Semirazov - blockchain developer. 9+ years in IT, worked in financial, networking and security domains. 3+ yeas in web3. Master degree in Information Security. Contributions to Polkadot ecosystem: core developer of OpenBrush contracts- ink! smart contracts library, CTO at Asylum space - metaverse NFT standards (supported by W3F Grants Program), participated in developing DEX and lending platform in ink! from scratch, contributed to substrate and ink! repositories (upgradable contracts), speaker at Polkadot Decoded and WASM conference. Co-founder of Evolute- web3 game studio. Tech stack: Rust, Substrate, Solidity, C#, Java, JS, web3.js, polkadot.js, Typescript, React.js, Node.js

Artem Smolyarenko - UI/UX designer with over 3 years experience. He specializes in brand development in all aspects and have an excellent understanding of typography, color psychology, as well as grid, web and mobile principles. Artem worked on different types of products with startups and corporate teams from around the world. Skills: UI/UX design, product design, web and mobile app design. Tech stack & tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD.

Khushal Kruplani- Community and Marketing Manager with extensive experience in growing communities organically. Originally from an eSports background, Khushal will manage and moderate all the Archisinal socials.

Safina Dahou - Creative & Community Lead with background in Developer Relations and NFT community growth. Ahead of the platform launch, Safina will be focussing on producing a series of ‘artist spotlight’ content that profiles with large followings can reshare to their audiences.

Past Performance & Milestones:

  • Keynote speaker at Construction Blockchain Consortium 2023 (Berlin)
  • In conversation with University College London re: smart legal contracts in construction
  • Milestone 1 of ink!ubator program complete (M2 due for completion mid-January)
  • Active members of CBC and Building Blocks collaborations
  • Active members of the BIM Heroes Coordinators Summit
  • Whitepaper and Litepaper available at
  • Pitched to Parity C-Suite and Polimec Ambassadors throughout Q4 2023

Future roadmap:

  • Testnet launch scheduled for January 2023
  • Working closely with Polimec ahead of token sale next year
  • Appearance on Polimec EarlyBirds podcast in December
  • In talks to present product to ArchiDAO cohort
  • Post-MVP technical development to integrate Creator Staking and a SaaS model for business

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

Business Development (40%)

Marketing Activities (40%)

Community (20%)

We have applied for funding from the Web3 Foundation Decentralized Futures. Read our proposal here.

Thank you and we welcome your feedback!


Here are the basic links to our product and communities:


All in for this team – they’ve got my vote!
Having worked with them in the ink!ubator, I’ve seen how talented and goal-oriented Tom and his team are. It’s great to see such innovative groups in the dAppStaking program, which is perfect for team!!

A big thank you to the Archisinal team for mentioning Astar in your recent talks. This helps our community a lot.

The project Archisinal is working on is impressive. They’re using blockchain to change how architects and designers work, which is a big step for the AEC industry! Specially, because the team has an expertise in both fields

I’m looking forward to the mainnet launch and future updates. Your project is a big move forward for Architecture industry

Keep up the great work, Archisinal team!!


Hello Tom and Archisinal Technologies team,

Impressive proposal for Archisinal’s integration with Astar dApp Staking! The concept of bringing the creator economy to the AEC industry is intriguing. Two quick questions:

  1. How does Archisinal plan to overcome potential resistance to blockchain adoption in the conservative AEC sector? Any strategies for onboarding professionals unfamiliar with web3?

  2. The allocation of 40% to Business Development is substantial. Can you provide specifics on the initiatives planned and how you aim to forge partnerships within the AEC industry?


I am quite intrigued and happy about the proposal, it is the first time I see such a proposal in the blockchain ecosystem, oriented to architects and engineers, Fascinating!

Reading their past milestones gives me a lot of hope and I see that they have support from the core team for having participated in ink!ubator, so they have a prosperous future.

I have no doubt about it, success is what I wish you and I hope to see you soon deployed in our main network.


Thanks for the support @Juminstock - we are happy to be here and committed to pushing the value of Astar to a new industry.

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Hello @tom_archisinal ,
Your proposal is really well documented and your past developments seem to be a success.
Glad to see you here!
Need more time to read everything but all lights seems to be green.


Hey @Matt,

Thanks for the response and the questions. See below answers to the questions:

How does Archisinal plan to overcome potential resistance to blockchain adoption in the conservative AEC sector? Any strategies for onboarding professionals unfamiliar with web3?

Archisinal, recognizing the conservative nature of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector and potential resistance to adopting blockchain and web3 technologies, has developed several strategies to facilitate the onboarding of professionals:

  1. Educational Initiatives: Archisinal aims to educate its target audience about the benefits of blockchain technology in construction. This involves developing insightful content, such as blog posts, ebooks, and case studies, to demystify blockchain and its applications in the AEC industry. We are also launching an architecture competition ahead of the launch (more detail on this in the answer to the second question).

  2. Engagement Through Social Media and Online Platforms: The platform plans to utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. These platforms will be used to share informative content, success stories, and updates about Archisinal’s features and opportunities, targeting younger demographics and professionals. Our marketing team have instructions to have a visible presence where web3 and AEC communities reside. This will involve engagement in conversation on posts outside of our main channels to demonstrate commitment to educating and onboarding new users.

  3. Partnering with Academia: Archisinal is working with academic institutions like the the Construction Blockchain Consortium, UCL and high-profile AI archietcts to refine its go-to-market and launch strategies. This collaboration also helps in integrating the latest research and educational resources into the platform.

  4. Direct Outreach and Networking: The strategy includes direct interaction with businesses in the AEC sector through LinkedIn and other professional networks. Hosting webinars and Q&A sessions with industry experts is also part of the plan to provide insights into market trends and requirements.

  5. Demonstrating Practical Use Cases: By showcasing successful implementations and real-world applications of its platform, Archisinal can illustrate the practical benefits of blockchain in the AEC industry. This includes highlighting its features like secure and efficient data transfer, next gen marketing, and the opportunity for designers to generate royalties.

  6. Collaborations and Endorsements: Collaborating with well-known architects and practices for limited edition drops and endorsements helps validate Archisinal’s platform in the professional sphere, demonstrating its practical utility and benefits.

89 User-Friendly Interface and Support: Ensuring the platform is user-friendly and accessible for those without prior blockchain experience is essential. This includes providing comprehensive customer support and educational resources to aid user onboarding.

The allocation of 40% to Business Development is substantial. Can you provide specifics on the initiatives planned and how you aim to forge partnerships within the AEC industry?

Of course. Over and above the initiatives listed above to drive user adoption, the Archisinal architecture competition will be the lynchpin of our GTM strategy.

Archisinal’s competition, strategically designed to generate interest and buzz around its full launch, represents a multifaceted approach to community engagement and market penetration in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. This competition is structured in two primary verticals: the Influencer Launch and the Grassroots Launch.

1. Influencer Launch:

  • Objective: Partnering with renowned architects with significant social media followings to mint their work in a collection. This aims to leverage their influence to attract attention and credibility to Archisinal.

  • Strategy: By showcasing these prominent figures’ work on the platform, Archisinal taps into their fanbase, creating an initial user base and establishing its reputation as a high-quality, professional platform.

2. Grassroots Launch:

  • Objective: Mass outreach to junior designers, including students, encouraging them to join Archisinal’s Discord, engage with its social media platforms, and participate in the competition.

  • Methodology: The entry process is designed to be accessible and engaging. Participants are required to:

a) Join the Archisinal Discord community.

b) Create a profile on the Archisinal platform (connect Astar native wallet).

c) Mint their entry on-chain, facilitated by a clear demo video.

d) Hold a nominal amount of ARCH/ASTR tokens, or a maiden NFT (which can be exchanged for tokens upon ICO, if the token launch hasn’t occurred).

Incentive: The prize, significantly more generous than traditional web2 competitions, will be awarded in ARCH tokens, incentivizing participation and introducing young architects to the platform’s MVP. A portion of the BD staking rewards will be allocated to prize pools for participants.

Judging and Engagement:

  • A panel of five judges, esteemed figures in the architecture community, will be established. These judges will also release their own collections on Archisinal at launch, adding prestige and credibility to the competition. We have agreement from 3 high-profile designers to push this. We hope to agree the final 2 in the coming weeks.

  • The competition will be promoted through direct outreach to architecture schools and universities, encouraging sign-ups and fostering early-stage engagement with the platform.

Marketing and Partnership Initiatives:

  • Outreach: Targeting architecture-focused platforms like ArchDaily, Dezeen, and Architectural Review for paid advertisements, and leveraging social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord for widespread communication.

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with architecture firms, offering them free use of the platform for three months in exchange for partnership, alongside other mutually beneficial arrangements.

  • Content Creation: Partnering with influencers and creating ‘artist spotlights’ series to promote both the partnerships and the designers. This content will be shared across the influencers’ platforms, amplifying reach.

Community Building:

  • Mailing List Development: Building a mailing list for retail and architect audiences, incentivizing students with NFTs in exchange for contact information during university visits.

  • Token Strategy: Involving the AEC community through token-related incentives, such as holding a certain amount of ASTR/ARCH tokens or an NFT, to encourage early adoption and community investment.

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to reach out again if you have follow ups.

Tom - Founder

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I am really excited to see this great product on our dApp Staking list. I’ve been reading about the founders and they are Parity people, great!

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A real world use case of blockchains/crypto. Excited to see how this develops! I’ve worked with Tom before at Parity, confident in his team’s ability to deliver.


Excellent presentation I have a few questions:

  1. In terms of adoption, can you give us any clues as to your potential customers or users, i.e. a projection of how many architectural professionals you plan to bring onto the platform? This is a niche product and I would like to know about this detail, because the idea of bringing web3 to the masses fascinates me.

On the other hand:

  1. Will you have an onboarding program for users? Generally, many of your customers will not be familiar with web3, and educational support is key, Thank you.

I would like to see what the team have got to offer to the Astar community.


Do you guys already have people using your products?
What are the outputs expected?
Any plans to develop on EVM side?

We are delisting a dApp because ink! is in early stages and it may take too long to deploy dApps… that’s why I am concerned about ink! ocused… maybe looking to zkEVM should be something to consider.


Thank you very much for the proposal! It seems you spend all the funds on the marketing, community, BD, but there is no development part, I think it is not the initial plan for this dApp staking program, so I would like to hear some more insights.

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The project looks very interesting. Could you please answer a few questions for me?

  1. Where does the project’s revenue and expenses come from? How are they generated?

  2. Who are the project’s direct and indirect competitors?

  3. I understand that there are many projects working on Web3 or SocialFi that have not been successful. How is your team dealing with this situation?

Voted YES :handshake:
I’m curious to see the next updates from the Archisinal team in 2024


Interesting concept and something new to the blockchain world. Looking forward to your future development.


Thanks @Juminstock - appreciate the feedback.

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