Astar Blockchain Node Service – UCG Proposal

Dear Astar community, a pleasure to be here. This is CloudNavi, a partner of Alibaba Cloud and registered in Tokyo, Japan. We would like to apply for the Astar UCG dApp Staking listing.

Project overview and goals
We provide a high performance and highly reliable blockchain node service(BNS)deployed on Alibaba cloud’s large-scale edge infrastructure.

Our Mission
Our service allows developers in the Astar community to access BNS-provided RPC services for blockchain queries, transactions, and other related operations without the need to deploy a local full node. As a result, developers are freed from the cost of maintaining their own full nodes and can focus more on their core business.

Technical solution
Our solution not only provides basic blockchain node service capabilities but also possesses the following key technical capabilities:

  1. Base on Alibaba Cloud global infrastructure, we provide high performance and highly reliable blockchain node services on edge infrastructure and edge networks.
    Currently, Alibaba Cloud has over 3200+ edge nodes (IDCs) worldwide, coupled with a high-quality edge network with a network quality SLA of 99.9%. Relay on the infrastructure capabilities, including edge-to-edge acceleration and cloud-to-edge acceleration, which enabling us to deliver high-performance and highly reliable blockchain node services globally, tailored to the specific needs of our users.

  1. Through our intelligent scheduling system, we can provide a single domain name service that supports global traffic with nearby access
    Through our intelligent scheduling system, we leverage visitors’ information such as their geographical location and internet service provider, along with factors like resource availability and service quality of the blockchain network itself, to return the most suitable IP address for our customers and provide optimal service.

  1. By relying on real-time perception and intelligent analysis of the blockchain network topology, we ensure high availability and service quality.
    Real-time perception of the blockchain network topology allows us to analyze the overall node status by considering factors such as the health of full nodes, network link quality, and block height. This enables us to promptly remove unavailable nodes, ensuring high availability and quality of service.

  1. Leveraging ESK’s(edge serverless k8s)rapid deployment and elastic scalability capabilities, we achieve second-level delivery of service computing power on a global scale.
    When customers have demand for blockchain node services in new countries/regions or require higher resource capacity for their services, we can leverage the platform capabilities of ESK (edge serverless k8s) to achieve rapid deployment and scaling of services, enabling second-level delivery of computing power.


Milestone 1 (Feb 2024): Development of scheduling system
Development, testing, and launch of scheduler and load balancing system.

Milestone 2 (Mar 2024): Edge node deployment
Distributed deployment and testing will be completed at edge nodes such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Milestone 3 (Apr 2024): Astar support and service release.

Introduction of Cloud Navi

Cloud Navi is an Elite Partner of Alibaba Cloud International. The company’s main business is providing web3 solutions such as RPC, staking service based on Alibaba Cloud’s strong global infrastructure.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Impressive proposal! Your partnership with Alibaba Cloud and the deployment of a reliable blockchain node service on their edge infrastructure for the Astar community is promising. The technical capabilities and milestones outlined show a solid plan.

How do you address regulatory compliance, especially concerning data privacy and blockchain-related regulations, across various regions given your global service reach?

Infrastructure for nodes provides more decentralization.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. will you create or do you already have a custom dashboard that will provide general node conceivability information?

  2. Will you set up an alarm system to prevent a node downtime and thus avoid slash?

  3. In addition to your work, what additional objectives will you accomplish to strengthen the Astar network?

Thank you!

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It’s good to see you here.

Is it legally problematic for us that you have access to data on the geographical location of individuals?

We support decentralisation and you have a useful solution. But what are the potential risks of this solution?


Thanks for your proposal and for taking your time to elaborate on your services.

It would be nice to see your project on Astar ecosystem as soon as possible.

All the very best.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest and questions above.

  1. Yes. In our product planning, we have a dashboard function. We will initially launch basic RPC services and documents. Our dashboard function will be included in our half-year milestone.

  2. Yes we will have those functions. Our service adopts high-availability design, and we also have a commitment to our users regarding the downtime opportunity.

  3. We will have a developer community for the Astar community and regularly hold relevant activities, such as hackathons, to attract more developers to participate in the Astar community.

Hope above makes a good explanation about the service.

Thank you!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the comments and question. We provide RPC service based on the Astar network. It is compliant with every local government regulation regarding data privacy. For the RPC service, we will not process or store any enduser’s data. And we will make sure to comply with local government regulation where RPC service is provided.

Thank you ~

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your comments. We will provide the RPC service to Astar ecosystem as soon as possible. Hope it helps the community.

Thank you so much for the great proposal! Overall, it is good to have more RPC service, and for the partnership with Alibaba Cloud, could you please describe more details? do you mean you are using the Alibaba Cloud or other type of partnership, any link for this type of partnership would be helpful.

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your questions. It matters a lot.

We actually provide the RPC service to developers in the Astar community and allow them to access the services for blockchain queries, transactions and other related operations without the need to deploy a local full node. However, we are only doing request and response but not processing and storing any enduser’s data. That ensures the regulatory compliance.

Thank you!

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Love to see these development focused proposals , I will support Your proposal :grin: :handshake:


Thanks a lot for your interests and question. We are actually Alibaba Cloud’s global elite technology partner. We develop RPC services based on Alibaba Cloud’s global infrastructure.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud has over 3200+ edge nodes (IDCs) worldwide, coupled with a high-quality edge network with a network quality SLA of 99.9%.

For the detailed information of partnership type, you can actually refer to the below link on your demand:

There is a brief introduction of how the technology partner runs.

Hope above answers your question. Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your comments and interest. Hope it helps the community.

Thank you~

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The partnership between CloudNavi and Alibaba Cloud, is an impressive endeavor for sure.

Hi there, thanks for your comments~

Thank you very much for raising this proposal, I’m very happy to see interest and proposition of RPC services in Asian region which is the part we currently need the most.

I’ll happily support this proposal and looking forward to test RPC services.

2 question on my side:

  • Do you well intended to deploy archive nodes? Because pruned full nodes behind RPC would not serve requests on historical data correctly.
  • Will you have a public endpoint that we can add to Astar portal or will it be only individual endpoints based on API key?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest and questions.

Here is the response to your questions.

  1. The current plan is to give the priority to the full node, and the archive node will also be planned to be online later.

  2. We do have public endpoint and also for each of developers, there will be an API key for them.

Hope it answers your questions.

Thank you!

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List CloudNavi in dApp Staking and to join the UCG Program
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  • No
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Voted aye!
So excited to see you guys on UCG!!

Thank you for your explanation; I understand now. I will vote yes!!

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