ChainChaser - dApp Staking Proposal

Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m Takahiro, founder at ChainForce, Inc. Our first product, ChainChaser was released in December 2023. ChainChaser would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview

About: We are ChainForce Inc. a Japanese company. We have developed a new product called “ChainChaser”. ChainChaser aggregates NFTs sales, gas prices, etc. for Japanese by simply registering wallets and contracts.

Problem & Solution: Most Japanese companies that sell NFTs need to export token movement histories from Subscan or other sources (e.g. csv files) or scrape marketplace sales histories to get sales data, convert the currency and time zone to Japan, and then aggregate the sales. This is a completely non-essential and terribly boring task, but in fact, in many companies, it takes up valuable time of the blockchain engineer.ChainChaser automates all of this and frees them from these tasks. Also, sites such as Etherscan are esoteric websites for those who are not familiar with blockchain. ChainChaser, however, presents information in a way that is easy to understand for those not familiar with the blockchain. ChainChaser also allows users to easily link the data to freee, an accounting service widely used by Japanese companies.

Getting started: All you need to do is register your wallet and contracts to be aggregated, and ChainChaser will automatically aggregate the data. To apply for use, please visit this page or contact me.

Our Mission

We analyze, organize, and visualize blockchain data for all people and unlock the blockchain as easy as 1-2-3.


Our service does not require you to connect a wallet or store a private key.

Future roadmap

We will initially acquire users in Japan and then expand to other countries.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

  • Product development (50%)
  • Marketing Activities (50%)



Thank you for the proposal. I would like to ask a few additional questions.

  1. Who are the direct and indirect competitors of the project?

  2. Where do the income and expenses of the project come from and what are the details?


Thanks for your comment.

  1. We think that tax calculation services for crypto and NFT transactions and NFT issuance management services are potential competitors.

  2. We receive a monthly fee from the users of this service. System maintenance and development costs account for most of the expenditures. Expenditures for marketing activities are also planned in the future.

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Hi, @taka1001, thank you for the proposal and the interest in joining our program!

I would love to understand more about the problem your product seeks to solve. I have little knowledge of the Japanese market, but I am a blockchain developer so I understand how abstract it is to interact with data from the browser.

With that in mind, how does your product make it easier to read the data? The images you provide are not very clear, also, one of the updates to EtherScan, will allow downloading data from a chain in a .csv format.

Hi, Juminstock! Thank you for the comment.

Since the csv file obtained from Etherscan, etc. contains only cryptocurrency or dollar price information, it must be converted to Japanese yen. To do this, we need to bring in daily Japanese yen rate data from somewhere.
Also, if you sell several NFT collections or have sales going into several wallets, aggregating these in an Excel or spreadsheet is laborious.
And these tasks can only be done by people who are familiar with blockchain and English, but in many cases such people are busy and high labor costs.

ChainChaser does all this automatically and displays it in a way that even those not familiar with blockchain can understand.


Thank you so much for your response =)

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Congratulations on the launch of ChainChaser, Takahiro! It’s exciting to see innovations like yours making blockchain more accessible. My question is, how do you plan to ensure the security and privacy of user data while aggregating and visualizing blockchain information through ChainChaser?

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Thank you, Matt!
ChainChaser runs on Amazon Web services (AWS). The data and aggregate results of the acquired transactions are stored on AWS for each project.
Only users who have permission of that project can access the data. Not just any user can access the data.

Thank you for the proposal and your interest in joining on dApp staking. I have only one doubt: why use centralized storage for sensitive information when we could, for instance, leverage native Web 3 storage and the Polkadot parachain, Crust Network? This would keep the data more secure and readily available.


Thanks for your answer, @taka1001!

Now I can perfectly understand the problem that your product solves, it is quite specific so I see a good solution. Like my colleague, @Matt had one last doubt about the data security issue, but it has been solved.

Thanks again for the clarity and I would be interested to see this project in operation.

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Think you for your comment, @Disruptor1 !
The reasons for selecting the centralized storage are that development and maintenance are easier than decentralized storage. Of course, if it is better to use decentralized storage in the future we will do so.

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Interesting project for people who are not familiar with blockchain. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will people be able to track (see) the assets they own in their wallets once they connect to your platform? Many times people forget what assets they have in their wallets.

  2. Will there be a specific format when downloading the information, ie: Assets, Amount, Chains.

  3. Will there be a feature for those who are taxed in their respective countries? Thank you.

Thank you for your comment, @Vangardem !

  1. Partially, yes. There is the feature to display the current cryptocurrency balance (native currency and major ERC-20 token) by type and users can view a list of cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals as well as NFT transfers. However there is no feature to list the NFTs that exist in the wallet. If the need for this feature is strong enough we will add it.

  2. There are two formats: aggregate results and transaction listings. The former is the total amount of deposits, total amount of withdrawals, and total amount of Gas for the wallet address and the amount of deposits (= sales) for each NFT (contract address).
    The latter is basic transaction information, but the time zone is converted to JST and Japanese yen information is added.

  3. ChainChaser does not have the feature, but for Japan, it can link to Freee, a well-known accounting system in Japan, to send data.


Thanks very much Taka1001 for applying!
Looking forward to see you listed on dApp Staking!

ChainChaser dApp Staking Application
  • Yes
  • No
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As far as I know It’s not that common to find Japanese people who speak English.
Having tools that allow easier and more immediate access to information can only benefit Astar and interested users. I find that ChainChaser can give a big hand by also attracting Japanese users. I vote YES


It’s quite reasonable. Astar Network can serve as a good harbour for NFT projects. Thanks to our user-friendly approach without jeopardising wallet security, I vote ‘YES’.

But can you specify what exactly you will use the reward distributions for?


Thank you for your vote, @MrKarahanli-Emre !
No specifics have been determined at this time as to what the reward will be used for. For product development use, it will likely be to pay for system maintenance or to pay engineers. For marketing activities, it will be used for something to let everyone know about ChainChaser.

With the new dApp staking v3, we are moving to a better system. However, if you still share your expenses regularly (at regular intervals), it may help us to trust you more in your next job. Welcome to our ecosystem

Would like to see what the project have got to offer to the Astar community. I voted AYE.