DappRadar dApp Staking Proposal

Hello, Astar community. I am Rimas, head of chain relations at DappRadar and our team wants to become a part of the dApp staking program.


DappRadar acts as a dapp discovery portal for blockchain users, provides insights for investors and analysts, and educates visitors about vital blockchains. DappRadar has supported the usage of the Astar Network by means of:

  • Integrating Astar and Shiden on DappRadar so that dapp data is on-chain, meaning it is accurate and transparent
  • Exposed Astar and Shiden and their associated dapps to hundreds of thousands of users
  • Onboarded and educated users on blockchain basics and the benefits of Astar and Shiden, specifically through articles and industry reports

DappRadar is, by all objective measures, the world’s biggest dapp store. It has been building and evolving for six years and acts as a hub for all aspects of blockchain and dapp adoption. Even within the recent bear market, the website attracts an average of 820,000 visitors per month. It attracts an average of 1.5 million monthly users in favourable market conditions. Due to the website’s aggressive bot filtering (as much as 60% of requests to the website can be blocked in a given month), we can confidently say that these visitors are real people. An average of 90% of monthly visitors log in using their wallets, pointing to a blockchain-educated audience.


Is to expand on Astar support on DappRadar by integrating more data, highlighting its performance and continuing to support Astar development, enabling the Astar community to:

  • Discover, compare and check more Astar dapps by integrating zkEVM mainnet
  • Measure in-depth mainnet dapp metrics (e.g. UAW, token volumes, transaction count) to enable research and discovery
  • Compare dapp performance with other chains
  • Allowing each dapp to get listed and have its own page for more information and in-depth data

Additionally, we aim to bring more DappRadar users to Astar’s ecosystem. Our community consists users from over 55 different chains with various dapp interests. When the new chain is integrated, we always promote it through our internal channels (blog, media mentions, newsletter, etc) to bring as much interest as possible. Afterwards, we do regular mentions on dapps and highlight important stories about the chain to keep bringing new users the Astar ecosystem.


  • We have integrated Astar and Shiden on DappRadar, allowing any dapp builder to submit their applications on DappRadar
  • Currently tracking over 70 dapps on Astar and Shiden
  • We have been focusing on data tracking and now support over 55 blockchains, tracking more than 450,000 smart contracts and listing over 15,000 dapps
  • DappRadar has a well-trusted brand in the industry, which leads to around 35,000 monthly mentions across the globe on various channels
  • Our X channel recently surpassed 200,000 followers and continues to grow together with Discord and Telegram


All the rewards will be used to continue the development of Astar and Shiden networks on DappRadar by providing more integrations. The initial step will include the following:

  1. Integrating Astar zkEVM on DappRadar
  2. Organizing an announcement campaign to promote the integration, which includes the following:
  • Announcement article publication on DappRadar’s blog and its promotion on the X channel
  • Additional X mentions during the launch week to attract more DappRadar users
  • X Spaces event organised together with the Astar team or/and interested dapp builders
  • DappRadar weekly newsletter mention
  1. Covering existing and future infrastructure expenses for all Astar ecosystem chains

However, we also have plans to extend the integration and include more additions for the entire Astar ecosystem, which will be covered by collected rewards:

  1. Integrating NFTs trading metrics (number of traders, trading volume, number of traders, etc) for Astar chains
  2. Integrating DeFi TVL tracking
  3. Regular reporting about Astar ecosystem growth and reports distribution across partner channels
  4. Regular developer marketing to bring more builders to Astar
  5. Regular marketing campaigns for Astar dapp developers (banners, articles, social media posts, AMAs, joint events, etc)



I’m glad to have been working with Rimas and the dAppRadar team for some time now
We’re about to unveil something exciting with the Astar zkEVM launch & DappRadar :shushing_face:

Fully support the proposal!!


It’s great to see a project like DappRadar coming to Astar Network.

Will DappRadar also track projects on the WASM/ink side?
Thank you for your attention.

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I really like dApp radar too, with the stats, AMAs and stuff. Got one question:

How do you plan to ensure ongoing engagement and promotion beyond the initial integration?

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Hey guys. Thanks for the proposal.

As I understood, you want to marketing Astar with dApp Staking rewards which is pretty nice from a popular portal and really can bring a lot of attention to Astar.

But there are some metrics that I want to understand better how do you guys plan to execute it? What are the KPI’s? What is regular?

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Nice ! I love to see Dapp radar applying to Astar dApp staking :smile:
So far I may ask only one question , will Dapp Radar track Astar WASM ecosistem ?

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It is a great honor that dAppRadar is interested in collaborating with us. Can I ask you a few more questions?

  1. What are your team’s targets, in terms of number of people, transactions, or anything else? Do you have any ideas on how to attract people? I understand that users now have a wider range of options to choose from.

  2. What are dAppRadar’s expectations for this collaboration in the next 1-2 years?

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Thank you for the kind words. The current focus is to track the zkEVM side. However, if there is interest and support from the Astar community, we are happy to investigate the possibility of integrating WASM.

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Great to see our fan here. At DappRadar, our commitment is to ensure ongoing support and engagement for all our partner chains. We include all integrated chains in our regular content (articles, social media posts, reports, AMAs), as well as supporting them with services such as quests.

All integrated chains benefit from new products and services on the site, and therefore, by extension, our supporting communication for these. We are also happy to work with the Astar community on co-marketing activities on Astar-led initiatives.

Additionally, we plan to use part the part of staking rewards to promote Astar and dapps building on it through our paid promotion services like banner advertising.


Good questions. When it comes to more standard promotion, we have costs for services we provide. Therefore, we could use staking rewards to cover the costs. For example, if a placement costs $1,000, then we use the rewards to cover the cost (potentially even adding a discount for more support). Now for the marketing plan, I will be straightforward here - there is no plan yet. Currently, the main focus is the integration and afterwards with enough support, we will open up other areas. The big challenge will be communication. As we will have a pool of ASTR tokens, we will want to make sure that the way we use it brings the most value to the Astar community. One idea that comes in mind is doing what I am doing now is bringing our ideas to the forum. However, as there is DappRadar DAO, we could use it to encourage more DAO to DAO collaboration.

As for the word regular in the proposal, as mentioned in my previous answer, we include chains we support in our regular content. We also include partner chains in non regular content and special reports wherever relevant. Or goal is to give as complete a picture of integrated chains and their ecosystems as possible.


As this question was already raised, I will share the same answer. The current focus is to track zkEVM side. However, if there is interest and support from the Astar community, we are happy to investigate the possibility of integrating WASM.


Cool thank you for your answers!

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Thank you for applying for dApp Staking.
I’ve been a user of DappRadar for a long time, so I’m very pleased!

This is a great idea! If a service with the influence of DappRadar promotes Astar Network, I think the presence of Astar Network will increase.
It would be great if we could do the promotion together with the mainnet launch of Astar zkEVM!

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DappRadar is one of the best applications I’ve seen in the market, its excellent UX plus its good format for listing projects, make me definitely approve of their proposal.

Personally, both as a user, as a developer and as a product, I see them as an excellent platform, I support the proposal for inclusion in our program!

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Glad to see a proposal from DappRadar!
DappRadar is certainly one of the dApps that I consistently use.

  • From the upcoming dApp staking v3, dApps also need to be more active to attract the stakers/voters, so I was wondering if you have something in mind or consider anything to invite more voters on DappRadar?

  • Would there be any plan to expand $RADAR on either Astar zkEVM or Astar EVM? It could allow those who have $ASTR to swap for $RADAR and potentially to subscribe the pro membership :slight_smile:

hi DappRadar team, great to see your proposal! as an Astar team member and a dApp Radar user, i see a number of benefits of your inclusion in dApp Staking, and i fully support this.

and as some of the community members already mentioned, i am also looking forward to the potential integration of Wasm in the future!

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Our own goals are not defined in such terms. Our primary aims are to drive knowledge, education, and adoption throughout all our partner chains, all on an equal footing, and in as transparent and industry positive manner as possible. What that means for Astar in practical terms is to bring all aspects of the ecosystem to the attention of our audience, whether that is simply through discovery via our multiple rankings, our several branches of content, or engagement through our newly launched (and rapidly evolving!) quests platform.

We are lucky to be a site that pays host to a worldwide audience that bridges the gap from complete novice to diehard chain enthusiasts. We understand that several of our partners are more well known to the public at large, which drives a lot of the underlying interest of both extremes and we want to allow as many chains as possible to take advantage of this spotlight for the health of the industry. The dApp staking covers the commercial reality that this goal comes with engineering and maintenance costs associated with it, especially in terms of transparency (all of the data on DappRadar is taken directly from the blockchain and we do not rely on APIs except in very specific instances).

While it is hard to ascribe a general trend - all chains are individual - on average, even the smallest chains integrated on DappRadar see benefits to their ecosystems. If you’ll forgive the anonymized data (which I hope you’ll understand the need for), I have given three examples of integrations from Q3 2023 as an example of how DappRadar has helped grow user growth on individual chains. All three chains are very different stages of maturity, and all three deployed their own communities to interact in very different (from minimal to maximum).

Please note: these numbers reflect a bear market, and were launched before our new quest system. The numbers only cover Q3 2023.

Chain 1

Avg. monthly dapp views: 2,700

Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 385

Chain 2

Avg. monthly dapp views: 37,500

Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 26,500

Chain 3

Avg. monthly dapp views: 75,000

Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 57,000

I would also like to draw attention to all of the above answer being focused on end users. By being part of the DappRadar ecosystem, obviously Astar benefits on a similar level of exposure to developers and service providers as well!

Finally, in terms of expectations: our focus will be on expanding further onto Astar’s ecosystem wherever we can. That could be by adding more data points tracked, or by supporting WASM (which we can already see there is demand for). This would be coupled with expansions to our support to Astar in line with our other chain partners (across any new reports, marketing activities, or products the team will build in 2024 and beyond). The support we receive from the Astar community through dapp staking, will be essential in allowing us to execute this.


We already have the launch campaign for the launch of zkEVM planned out, a primary goal of which is to attract more stakers and voters. Prior to that, we also have communication plans associated with passing the vote, centered on using the sharing of the news to draw more awareness and throughout not just the Astar community, but also the wider DappRadar community as a whole.

In general, we see dApp staking as a great initiative to support projects and want to use it in a way that will enable us to support both the Astar and DappRadar communities. As I’ve mentioned some other answers, we are able to utilize several services across content (e.g. articles) and product (e.g. quests) to attract users, as well as educate about initiatives such as dApp staking (as well as why they should pick DappRadar! :grinning:).

Concurrently, we are enacting several initiatives with the purpose of growing our DAO. Our hope is that in the near future the DappRadar DAO will set the direction for everything we do at DappRadar. Attracting more participants to our DAO and encouraging more DAO-to-DAO communication through ideas such as yours are therefore extremely appealing. I will pass them on internally!


Hello dapprader. I am really happy to see you on Here. Unfortunatly We Don’t have WASM contract integration on dapp rader.

I already mentioned this problem @sota and @Maarten. If We can add WASM contracts on dapp rader Definetly this proposal will be more affective. Please add this integration on your roadmap. I will support you on this Side for integration if you need anything :heart::raised_hands:t3::blush:

I am really ready to stake my Astr on your dapp staking program if you will integrate Wasm Side. :v:t3:

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Thanks for your answer. I think it’s great to bring idea and debates to the community, but also I do think having a master plan to follow up is something Astar Community wants - even if it is in the early stage.

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