Astar Network x Side Partnership Proposal

Hi BlondReminder team,

Glad to see your participation and your application here :slight_smile: .

I am not sure you have seen or talked to the Callback project, but it’d be nicer if you two projects can talk to each other. The NFT-related goals can be shared, and ideally both can get some synergy out of it? :star_struck:

In the meantime, let me send you a message on X so that I also can try out your project :slight_smile:
My profile is spmlaihm on X.



  1. How does Side’s Web3 Page Builder differ from traditional platforms like Linktree?
  2. Could you elaborate on the specific features included in the custom pages offered to Astar Network?

Thanks for it. It looks like Good


  1. Differences from Linktree:
  • Web3 Focus: Side’s Web3 Page Builder is tailored explicitly for web3 projects, offering specialized features and functionalities that cater specifically to the blockchain ecosystem. This focus distinguishes us from Linktree, which lacks the nuanced features required for the intricacies of the web3 space.
  • Enhanced Web3 Features: Unlike Linktree’s conventional design and limited functionalities, Side provides a comprehensive suite of web3-specific tools. These include token swap options, detailed project social links, integrated project videos, advanced analytics, and potentially, token charting (in case of marketplace listings). This specialized toolkit is designed to significantly boost user experience and foster improved engagement within the web3 community.
  • User Interface and Experience: Side prioritizes an intuitive and visually appealing UI/UX design, ensuring that the created pages exhibit modern aesthetics while seamlessly integrating powerful web3 functionalities. This enhances the overall presentation and interactivity for users, surpassing the standard interface offered by Linktree.
  1. Specific Features for Astar Network:
  • Project Social Links: Integration of various social links pertinent to the Astar Network project, fostering community engagement across multiple platforms.
  • Project Video: Ability to incorporate videos showcasing the Astar Network’s initiatives, providing a dynamic and engaging visual medium for communication.
  • Token Swap Option: Offering a token swap feature (where applicable) within the custom page, enabling users to access and engage with the token directly.
  • Potential Chart Integration: Subject to marketplace listings, the inclusion of token charting to display real-time token performance and data visualization.

These features collectively empower the Astar Network to create a bespoke web3 page, allowing for an immersive and interactive experience for its community members. By leveraging Side’s Web3 Page Builder, Astar Network can effectively showcase its projects, engage with its audience, and enhance its visibility within the web3 ecosystem.


Firstly thanks for your answer. Your detailed explanation highlights the unique advantages of Side’s Web3 Page Builder for the Astar Network, offering a tailored and comprehensive solution. The focus on specialized features, enhanced web3 tools, and a user-friendly interface sets Side apart from Linktree. The integration of project-specific elements like social links, videos, token swap options, and potential charting further emphasizes the platform’s suitability for Astar Network’s needs. It’s clear that this collaboration will elevate the Astar Network’s online presence and engagement within the web3 community. Well done!

I am supporting.

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Thank you for your support and trust in Side.
This collaboration signifies an exciting opportunity for both Side and the Astar Network to synergize and drive innovation within the web3 landscape. We’re truly grateful for your support and look forward to forging ahead with this partnership to empower the Astar Network and its community with cutting-edge tools and an immersive web3 experience.

We’re excited about the journey ahead!

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I appreciate you making a proposal openly with the community, and I can see a lot of utility for your platform for the ecosystem in general. The page looks great btw, thanks for creating this.

Thinking beyond just a retweet, are you interested in working with projects and teams of the ecosystem, too?



Certainly! Your support and positive feedback mean a lot to us. We’re thrilled that you appreciate the proposal and see the potential utility our platform brings to the ecosystem.

Absolutely, our interest extends far beyond a mere retweet. We’re deeply invested in collaborating and working closely with projects and teams within the ecosystem. Our goal is to offer comprehensive support and innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each project or team.

Thank you for reaching out, Jerad. We’re genuinely looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and contribute positively to the ecosystem.

Best regards,

That’s a great web2 feature IMO.
I didn’t get the benefits it can bring to the Astar Network ecosystem - transactions, users, and so on… Could you explain a bit more.

I like your product, though.

Thank you for your positive feedback and interest in Side’s platform! Regarding the benefits our platform can bring to the Astar Network ecosystem, let me delve deeper into how our web3-centric features can contribute:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: By utilizing Side’s Web3 Page Builder, the Astar Network can create dynamic and engaging pages tailored specifically for their community. This could lead to increased user interaction, longer session durations, and improved retention rates as users explore and engage with the unique content and functionalities provided.
  2. Increased Visibility and Awareness: A well-crafted web3 page via Side can serve as a powerful tool for the Astar Network to showcase its projects, updates, and community initiatives. This heightened visibility can attract new users, investors, and enthusiasts to the Astar Network ecosystem, bolstering its reach and influence within the web3 landscape.
  3. Facilitated Transactions and Token Adoption: Integrating web3 functionalities such as token swap options or token-specific pages into the Astar Network’s web3 page can facilitate seamless transactions and enhance the adoption of the network’s tokens. This streamlined process encourages user engagement and participation in token-related activities, potentially contributing to increased transactions and token usage.

We’re delighted that you appreciate our product, and we’re excited about the potential collaboration to enhance the Astar Network’s web3 presence and engagement. If you have any specific features or functionalities in mind that you’d like to explore further, please let us know. We’re here to support and collaborate to maximize the benefits for the Astar Network.