Astar Pass benefits?

Hi, I registered for Astr paas, and also have staked couple grand worth Astar on dApp staking.

Do i need to do anything else or register any place else or astar paas has been synced with my account ?
I will receive Astar paas benefits automatically in future right?
Which wallet shall i receive future rewards in regarding Astr paaas?

There is no definite benefits for registering AstarPass. AstarPass is just a way to pair your native and evm wallets.

How can AstarPass be used?

For instance, we had the DOT festival 2 months ago. Users were participating with their evm wallets and they were asked to register for AstarPass to pair their native wallets. After the campaign ended, we distributed ASTR tokens to the native wallets that were paired with the participating evm wallets.

Another potential use case:

You are dApp staking with the native wallet. The dApp that you are staking on decides to airdrop their tokens to those who are staking. Since you have paired the native wallet with an evm wallet, the airdrop can be sent to your evm wallet.

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