Astar token and metamask

Struggling with this, thought maybe I can get support on this forum. For whatever reason, I am having an issue sending my ASTR tokens from kucoin to my metamask. I have setup the ASTR network in the custom networks. I change to that network, copy my wallet address, then withdraw the coins from kucoin and it comes back with “incorrect withdrawal address”

Kucoin does not support evm withdrawal. Please withdraw to polkadot.js

Looks like it’s native Astar withdrawals from Kucoin bro. The best way would be to use a Polkadot.js wallet. Then use the Astar portal to see your balance. You can stake or convert it to ERC20 if you like…

Thanks, yes I figured it out. I sent to my dot wallet and was able to stake in dapps astar site