Problem astar asset

I want to buy astar but I can’t because I don’t have astar, what should I do sir

astar asset metamask 0xF2cd8B4cc471654e951c581528701d4Eb3acE9De

help me


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Hey @gitt.awan21 just got to ArthSwap - dex in polkadot and Astar and swap some assets for ASTR! Have a nice day.


I can’t exchange it, sir, my gas fee doesn’t exist

Pada tanggal Rab, 10 Jan 2024 13.37, Matt via Astar Network Forum <> menulis:

Pada tanggal Rab, 10 Jan 2024 13.39, Hermawan Al-Faruq <> menulis:

Hi, @gitt.awan21! What do you mean you can’t Swap? You have enough tokens to get $ASTR. Besides, what do you want to do? I see all your tokens are in ceUSD.

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Pada tanggal Rab, 10 Jan 2024 18.56, Carlos Rodríguez via Astar Network Forum <> menulis:

You need to buy $ASTR. You can follow this guide for buy our token: Buying ASTR on a DEX | Astar Docs


Desde aquí han salido 0.051 ASTR hacia allá. Cuando puedas y si lo recuerdas, estaría encantado de que volvieran :smiley:


Thank you sir, but I still need more fuel costs to do it, 1 more time sir :pray:

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send me 1 astar, I will replace it with 100 astar as my gratitude to you sir :pray::pray:

1 ASTR sended :star2: :saluting_face: Enjoy :slight_smile:

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sending 1 astar and waiting 100 astar.
hope low wait. im not a dispenser

i did it.
if you could i need help too.
if you want we together task

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sorry I just saw it, someone else helped me first.

(Lo siento acabo de verlo, otra persona me ayudó primero. )

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