Decentraland Events

Building a decentraland hub for events, dapps, marketing, community and giveaways.

Decentraland is a metaverse (Virtual reality) game built on ethereum. You can buy virtual LAND and build anything on top of it with Javascript and Typescript. It’s basically like a runescape, minecraft or WOW but with metamask transactions built into the game!

How does astar get involved?
Within the 3d environment you can send metadata through metamask, allowing for L2 transactions through astar or acting as a bridge for eth users to convert to astar.

Here is a quick example I built to show some potential.

I have many ideas for what can be built and would love to do an event to show them all.

Reasons that metaverse is better than a traditional website.

  • More fun
  • More community focused
  • More 3d

Personally, I build events in decentraland and I know the potential that this astar/dcl project could be. Also I run the unofficial astar chat so y’all know me!

I normally charge $10k for an event:
NFT digital wearables ($4k)
POAPs… ($0)
Designer for wearables ($500)
Me ($2k)
LAND space ($2k)
Start testing an NFT bridge to shiden (16hr * $50 = $800)
Will use rest of funds for a giveaway

Here is a link for my last event:

Any questions?


This can be an interesting marketing effort for Shiden/Astar.

Do you have a demo video? Can you upload on youtube aand share the link here?

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Here you are kind sir!



I am thinking that we can add more things e.g. educational materials. Also, don’t you think it would be great if can partner with the current projects that are building on Shiden to add more stuff, to make the event more happening?

We can create a chat group, present this idea to them and hope to work something out. This way, we can attract more people to join the event.

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I think this is a really innovative idea. We can do some press about the event afterwards too. I was wondering if we could Auction off some NFT’s for charity at the event?

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Yes exactly…
My plan was to integrate some astar dapps and make everything opensource on github so that people can contribute!

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Could definitely get some NFTs going…
Anyone that has a polkapet maybe gets private access or something…
The possibilities are truely endless!

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I’m including this post in this thread for easy of reference.

@ERC20s Can you update/edit the first post and add all the details/milestone in there?

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Metaversing Shiden/Astar sounds like the way to go! We are open to supporting and providing any form of assistance we can… Let’s make Shiden/Astar great together!


Would love to have you guys onboard!
Github is open if you’re bored :grin:

I have applied to the decentraland DAO to get more end-users hacking and marketing as well.

Decentraland currently uses matic but there is not a lot of NFT infrastructure being built on matic.
Astar needs integrations, NFTs and monetary value. Decentraland is a $5b marketcap with one of the biggest portfolio of NFTs in the game.
This is what we both need 100%!


I like this idea, also it can attract more developers from Ethereum to Astar as Decentraland popular project on Ethereum.

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@Maarten @sota @shnshkw

What do you guys think of doing this event? To me, I will let him to it.

For $10k, do you want to give this a go? We can pay in SDN tokens. This guy participated in our ETH Lockdrop. 700 ETH for 1000 days if I am not mistaken. He still holds all of this SDN so even if we pay in SDN, likely he will hold.


It looks interesting to me.
I was a producer of My Crypto Heroes, so I know well about Decentraland. We had a collaboration event 2 years ago haha.

I need to know the strategy of how you attract them, and measurable key indicators(number of participants? viewers?)


the HODL is strong here!


I played My Crypto Heroes when it came out!
Normally a 6 hr event will range from 500-2,000 unique ethereum addresses depending on the scale.
We attract them with NFTs. Then they learn about why Astar is the best while having some music or live streams?
I was thinking that once the event is live then maybe we can host a decentraland/shiden hackathon?
A team of 10 devs could easily spend a year in this 3d world…


It would be similar to polygons pad…
But we can do better with opensource code!



oh wow. i love it much


An astar/dcl hackathon would be BIG!
Lots of potential and a cool place to meet and talk code…


Wow, looks amazing! Just FYI, the Astar community is going to co-host a community event on November 30th with PolkaWorld and several other Polkadot parachain projects including Acala, Parallel and Zenlink.

Would love to have you join the preparations! Maybe we could give Decentraland a try through the PolkaWorld event. Maybe we could see how it is going first then consider the next!

Here is a picture of the venue on Decentraland, puppies pictures will be replaced with Astar posters soon!