D8A - dApp Staking Application


D8A.com helps users send/receive data through blockchain.

Project Overview:

D8A.com can be used to send encrypted blockchain information/transactions via a URL.

Create a transaction on https://d8a.com/tx

Send the link to your friends for them to sign.

Currently we support a few different polkadot networks but we want to focus solely on Ethereum, Astar zkEVM, Astar native and Polkadot.;


Build a platform for non-technical users to interact with blockchains.;


Until now everything has been built by me (butter). However, this month I’ve hired an old friend (bingo) and I want to hire 2-3 more skilled developers to help me scale the project.;


Is something I take very seriously. I have a very secure setup with basically zero financial risk.;

Past Performance & Milestones:

Recently we’ve been rebuilding the project from scratch.

New website layout with dual login.

Communicating with AI about the D8A platform or blockchain in general.

Started to integrate one of our metaverse games in to the website directly to keep users engaged.


Currently we’re working on launching the new website layout. Which will include:


Adding new parameters so that users can do things like creating tokens, use quickswap to swap/pool assets, bridging networks, etc.
This will be a great platform to bring new people in to our ecosystem.


Currently the AI is just trained on the D8A platform but we want to fine-tune on the Astar docs/blockchain to handle questions on any project in the Astar ecosystem. This can also be used for a telegram/discord bot.


Integrate some card games directly into the website. The tokens will be free to earn by completing tasks. And players can use their points to buy astar NFTs (Avoiding gambling with real money…). Tournaments soon. + more.


Don’t want to give away all my secrets but I’ve hired someone to build some EVM/INK! smart contracts.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

Rewards pay for developers and servers.


Current website: https://D8A.com

Twitter: @D8Acom

Discord: D8A

Telegram: @D8Acom

Github: @D8A

Appreciate the follows and support!

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Hey Butter,

Is this somekind of adding text msg via tx? Where only each sender / receiver is the one that can view the message?

Honestly I’m more interested on the game side haha

So yeah, one of the new features would allow sending messages between users like you say. :+1:

Currently the signed message is only visible between me and the user… I used this feature in decentraland to link a polkadot address with an ethereum address.

So I generated a secret hash based on the users ethereum public key then asked the user to sign a message with the hash with their polkadot address. Thus confirming that they have access to both the polkadot and ethereum address.

Hopefully people come for the games and stay for the tech haha

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Hi, thanks for the proposal.

I took a look at the product and for me it wasn’t clear what you want to do with this product.
To exchange text messages on-chain, do you issue a URL and send it to the person you want to send it to? The UX is a long way to go to receive a URL and open that page to sign it.Also, I don’t understand the need to send a message on-chain all the way to the URL because the text is in the URL.

I think we can meet the request to inscribe text on the on-chain…

Yo, you!

Currently you can’t send a text message to someone on the D8A platform but you will be able to in the v2.

How it would work on the new platform.
“Hey I sent you a message via D8A. https://D8A.com/messages/?network=astar&From=0x123MyAddress
Here you will be able to sign a transaction that proves ownership of the To address and you can review the message.

This can be done on-chain as well but that would require tx fees.

The current product has a few use-cases. I normally use it to send a kind of invoice between me and my developers. It speeds up conversation and saves a lot of time.

“Hey you owe me $5… Here’s the link
-*Clicks link. Sends the transaction in 3 clicks :sunglasses: *-
“OK done!”

Sorry for any confusion. :heart:

I see what you mean.
I understand, thank you!

Hello, buddy! Thanks for your proposal.

I find interesting the way to implement the sending of messages, it is a bit confusing your proposal in the fact that you show us in the demo the sending of messages but in the comments it says that it is not yet enabled, however I understand it.

I am working on something similar, using inscriptions.

I want to understand, why combine your app with on-chain games? I mean, they are two different things, aren’t they? What is really your goal with this union?

I understand the confusion.
The live website at D8A.com was deployed in November 2023 (v1).
Since then we have done a lot of updates and we still have a lot more to do. (current version/v1.5)
Once everything is ready we will launch v2.

To clarify:
Project Overview is v1. (and works)
Past Performance includes v1.5
Roadmap is v2

v1 is a way to send a basic transaction or sign a message. The only person who can see the message is the admin and the user.

When souleater asked if he can send a text message via a tx. Technically yes you can do that now between the admin and the user. But I think he means sending/receiving messages from peer to peer which is v2.

Hope that clears it up.

I’m glad you’re all excited about the future of D8A as well! :laughing:


Thank you for applying.
Could you tell me in what situation D8A is used?

Imagine I ask you to send me 100 Astar now.

You would need to:
Find the URL for the portal.
Go to the portal.
Connect your wallet.
Set the network.
Find the assets page.
Choose the currency.
Find the transfer symbol.
Find my address.
Copy and paste accurately.
Enter the value.
Double check.
Confirm in wallet.

D8A simplifies this process.

So with D8A all you have to do is:
Click link
Connect wallet
Send tx

No copy and pasting.
No sending to wrong address.
No disputes about what network to use or value.

D8A saves time and can simplify blockchain for newcomers! :+1:


This proposal for D8A.com 4 outlines a clear plan to expand the platform’s features and user engagement. The focus on Ethereum, Astar, and Polkadot networks, along with AI integration and gaming elements, indicates a thoughtful approach to growth.

Question: How will transaction security be maintained as new features like token creation and network bridging are introduced?

That’s a good question.
Answer: Lots of testing! :laughing:

For token creation it would require us to have a template of a basic ERC20.
Where the user can change the name and value.
Then we compile on the backend and give the user the bytecode to deploy.

Function: bridgeAsset(uint32 destinationNetwork,address destinationAddress,uint256 amount,address token,bool forceUpdateGlobalExitRoot,bytes permitData).
We would probably copy the method used in the astar portal and stay up to date.

Once it’s completed I would be happy to adhere to some audits and pen testing as well. :+1:

When souleater asked if he can send a text message via a tx. Technically yes you can do that now between the admin and the user. But I think he means sending/receiving messages from peer to peer which is v2.

Correct :smiley:

Btw Butter, just an idea, if you could this cross chain sure it would be great.

Thank you for explaining in detail, I appreciate it!

Exactly! This is a very specific and important use case. Make this with account abstraction would be very interesting :smiley:

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Thanks for all the explanations. Sounds like an intresting use-case I have not heard before. The invoice idea seems great for projects as you say.

  1. Any more use-cases coming to mind?

  2. Will the invoice be only mapped to 1 address and if the link gets to another person trying to sign it, it will not work?

Pleasure is all mine. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now. Keeps me busy :construction_worker_man:

  1. It will be good for all blockchain interactions. Hopefully it will work well with dapp staking as well. :+1:
  2. The links will be for anyone to see. They can be privately sent or publicly announced. It’s useful that the same link can be accessed by multiple people as well. I don’t think private links will be useful because any private information would be in the link itself. But I will think about it.