Astar Web3 Domains - Builders Program Application

Project Overview:

Astar Web3 Domains

Your Perfect NFT Domains
Journey into the world of Web3 - Buy once use forever

Replace crypto addresses with your name

To send crypto, all you need to know is the recipient’s NFT domain. Send any other crypto with just one domain. No more worrying about sending to the wrong address.

One-time registration fee, No renewal fees

The NFT domain is not leased. Buy a domain with a one-time registration fee and never have to worry about renewal again. Domains are stored in your wallet, just like cryptocurrency. Only you can control it.


NFT Avatar

Easily set your picture as your avatar. Show anywhere supported NFT Avatar

Profile Page

Use your landing page to display your favorite content & multi social channel


Unlimited Subdomains as long as you own the main domain name

Custom Data

Store a variety of custom data records that can be expanded later.


SDK integrates with third-party platforms like wallets, dapps, defi …

Cross Chain

Support transfer NFT Domains between different blockchain platforms.

Many Top Level Domain

Manage multiple TLDs on one Smart Contract, helping to expand NFT Domains later.

NFT Domains integration

Integrate the NFT Domains into your project to make your DAPP and Web3.0 websites more user-friendly and provide a better user experience. This will make your decentralized application more differentiated.



  • Launch Website & Building Twitter Community
  • Deploy Smart Contract on AstarNetworkEVM Testnet & Mainnet
  • Open Pre-sale and Public Sale
  • Join Astar & Shiden Builders Program


  • List on NFT Makerplace TofuNft
  • Build SDK integrates for third-party platforms: wallet, dapp, defi …
  • Launch new website with many functions: Set NFT Avatar, Profile Page, SubDomain …


  • Update Smart Contract V2: Voucher, Reward, Referral link
  • Launch Astar Domains DAO’s Governance: Poll, Forum, Communities
  • $AWD Token Airdrop for Holder


  • Stake & Farm $AWD Programs
  • List $AWD on Crypto Exchanges
  • Support Cross Chain: Moonbeam, Celo, Oasis …


Q: What is blockchain domains?

A: A blockchain domain is an asset on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your web address and wallet using smart contracts. This is a useful step in your crypto journey.

Q: Can I transfer my blockchain domains?

A: It’s correct. The domains in the blockchain are ERC721 compliant NFTs, you can transfer it using an ERC721 enabled wallet.

Q: Does Astar Domains blockchain domains compatible with ICANN traditional domains?

A: No. Astar Domains blockchain domains are built using blockchain technology, It can help you to launch distributed web which traditional domains cannot do.

Q: How to connect metamask wallet and transfer ASTR?

A: Connect Metamask
How to send ASTR/SDN from Polkadot.js to MetaMask

Q: Can Astar Domains be traded on NFT exchange?

A: Yes, Astar Domains may be traded on NFT marketplaces TofuNFT in the soon

Q: How much does it cost to register?

A: Currently, subscription costs are set at the following rate:
5 characters or more
4 characters
3 characters
2 characters
The characters 2 and 3 and 4 are priced as ‘premium’ to reflect the small number of these names available.

Thank you!


I can add that Tezos has also something like Decentralized Web like, maybe the idea will be helpful.

Thanks! Astar Domain will be the same

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Thank you for voting for us. Looking forward to the “Approved Proposal” status update. Thanks so much @Maarten

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What will users be able to do with their web address(

Thanks @ERC20s
Users can manage their domains, setup NFT Avatar, create subdomains, view NFT collections…

When can I mint a name without needing to be on the whitelist?

Pls update about project on twitter:

for a better understanding, can you make a comparison table with the existing ENS? and show advantages and disadvantages between projects

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Yes! It is good idea, we will update soon. Thanks so much

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The application is approved and let me close this topic.