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AstarFarm - Builders Project Application Track

Project Overview

Astar Farm is a defi & gamefi Dapps developed on dAppstaking of Astar network.

Users can stake ASTR on Astar Farm to sow fields and grow crops. Growing crops can be harvested and sold for ASTR.

In addition to the normal staking reward, we are achieving a high dividend by returning the dAppstaking reward on the development side to the user.


Astar Farm is developed and operated by the Japanese company CryptoGames inc.


Stats/Past Performance

Track Record


Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone1: α

Estimated End Date: 2022-05
In the α version, the game function is very simple because it is in the early stage of development. Future versions will add more player controllable content.

The alpha version is expected to last 1-2 months, the exact time will be informed when it is decided.

In the Alpha version, each person can stake 2000 ASTR. for every stake 500 ASTR you get one seed. If you stake 2000ASTR, you get 4 seeds. You can plant 4 seeds on the same plot of land or on each of the four plots. You can plant more than one seed per plot.

Milestone2: β

Estimated End Date: (This should be within 1 months after delivering milestone1)
Add more player controllable content. (Please refer to gitbook where we will announce about future updates.)

Milestone3: production

Estimated End Date: (This should be within 1 months after delivering milestone2)
Add more player controllable content. (Please refer to gitbook where we will announce about future updates.)

Future Plans


One of the most anticipating projects these days😊
Just one question, if insects eat the crop, then users lose 100% rewards and they gain nothing while their ASTR is locked for 21 days?
I’m worried that 20% chances to lose crops === 20%+@ risk to lose your game users.
Any othe options to give reimbursement to any farmers who met the insects?

  1. Is this using the dapp staking function?

  2. Where does the ASTR rewards come from?

  3. What random function do you use to allow someone to get unlucky by getting eaten by the insects?


I’m exactly asking the same question, regarding the game mechanism when their crop is infected. Since players need too stake ASTR to play the game


Looks so interested this games,can,t hep playing it

Join dApp staking
  • Yes
  • No

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One of the most anticipating projects these days😊

Thank you so much!

Just one question, if insects eat the crop, then users lose 100% rewards and they gain nothing while their ASTR is locked for 21 days?

For alpha, the answer is yes.

We intend to add more user-controllable game elements in the future, such as the ability to apply insecticide, for example. We want to build with the community, so we’d love to hear your feedback on our discord or anywhere else!

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I like the idea that for gaming user needs to stake ASTR, would be cool to have further economy regarding received seeds (plant seeds).

@pacy Could you answer on @moonme questions?

  1. Yes.

  2. Users’ staking reward, and in addition a portion of the dapp’s staking rewards will also be returned to users.That is why APY can be expected to be higher than in normal dapps staking on average.

  3. As a random function, the process is currently off-chain. We have designed it so that it can expect a higher APY than normal dapps staking on avarage, but there is currently no transparency in the information, so we would like to work with the community to decide the oracle that will be used in the future.

What is the algorithm behind the “worms” mechanics?
How is it applied to the user’s account?
User just do not get any staking rewards for locking their funds for 21 days? (that mechanics can be taken as an attempt to “steal” the staking rewards. Would that tokens be eventually burned?
And how You can “block” or “limit” the rewards - (20% off) if someone is staking on the pool with designed APY?

It is really hard to vote Yes, if there is so much detail missing in the game and staking mechanics, algos behind the game and rewards distribution, etc.

In my opinion, if we are here to vote for serious projects joining the ecosystem, the presented proposals should be also constructed with as many details as possible.
For now, as I look at this project and this presentation it looks to me like it’s in the ideation phase, and until we know more details and game mechanics I have to unfortunately vote no.


Is the mechanism of random function is going to be transparent, open source or black box? Do you have any MVP that you can show and/or Github, or all you have is the proposal?

@pacy @Hikari Could you answer on the questions?

So without dapp staking and if Astar Farm don’t get listed on the dapp store, the product won’t be able generate the rewards for the users, right?

Also, if Astar Farm gets listed on the dapp store but nobody stakes on Astar Farm, there is no rewards for the users, right?

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Hi moonme

I’m Hikari, the director of Astar Farm, and I’m in charge of the community.
Our community now has more than 10,000 people and our alpha version will have 200 whitelists (this is a risk management-based number), all of which have been distributed.
So it’s very important for us to get listed on the Dapp store.
I hope this information will give you more confidence in our project!

You did not answer my question.

If Astar Farm don’t get listed on the dapp store, will the product still be able to deliver?

A lot of products can function with/without listing on the dapp store. Can Astar Farm do the same?

But if you are merely utilizing dapp staking function and returning a portion of the dapp staking rewards to the users, this is nothing unique.

This has happened on Shiden last year and the team instructed all the dapps to remove the rewards kickback description from the dapp store because this type of reward kickback has caused the community to stake for the sake of getting the kickbacks instead of staking for the sake of wanting to support the developers.

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Sorry for not understanding your question correctly
I have confirmed that If it’s not on the Dapp store, the AstarFarm contract won’t work.
We also want to reduce the user’s aim for reward and give more importance to our game content.
So the specific percentage about Dapp staking will not be used to promote our products.

I hope I answered your question correctly, please let me know if it is not clear or if you need more details.

Thank you for answering.

So, if this vote turns out to be negative, you will not be able to launch right?

If you can’t launch, how would you address your community?

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To understand, the differences between normal dApp staking on Astar and Astar farm dApp are:

  • Higher APY then dApp staking because users who got infected won’t get rewards so more rewards for the others.
  • 20% of unlucky people will get infected and not getting rewards during the locking period (21 days) x 2 (Phase 1 & phase 2)

You are also talking about an alpha version with 200 whitelists but why you don’t deploy your smart-contract on Shibuya and integrate the dApp staking of Shibuya? You would have your alpha version, testnet rewards and an MVP for Astar users to try your game.

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Without whilisting, they can’t release and they can’t register for Defillama.

I heard they have tried in Shibuya, and if so, Hikari, please open it for community or ambassadors, or you can take a video to explain how it works.
Sooner or later, you need youtube video to register for dappstaking.

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This is basically the idea.

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Hello, thank you for your comment!
Your understanding is correct.

I know our development team is using Shibuya.
Since it’s 11PM JST, I will confirm the details with the engineers tomorrow during the day and get back to you.