AstarStats - Charts & Analytics tool -


AstarStats - The first statistic & visualize tool on Astar Network BlockChain.

Project goals

We are committed to visualize and support Astar Network’s financial trading opportunities, TVL etc.


  • Aggregation and visualization of data inscribed in Astar Network’s Blockchain

    Daily TX Count
    Cumulative TX Count
    Daily Gas Used
    Daily (or monthly) Unique Contracts Deployed
    Daily (or monthly) Unique Contracts Developers
    Daily Active Addresses
    Monthly Active Addresses
    Daily active Wallet

  • Smart contract visualization

  • Profit and loss visualization

  • Whale movement linked to twitter

  • and more…


We are an anonymous team with more than 6+ years of development experience in the analytics industry.

Founder E

experience in a data science and analytics business over 6+ years.
AWS, python, HTML, CSS, design

Lead Developer P

experience in a data business on IoT stats monitoring service.
back-end, front-end, AWS, C / C++ , python



We are still under development. Some code are messy so keep them private now.
If you need check the code, we’ll invite you to the repos.

We’ve completed to build MVP.


Great to see the stats of our network!
Would love to use the dashboard to see the growth of our network.


Thank you!!
We are going to build charts of MAW & TVL. Please keep your eyes on us and wait a bit.


As a visual person, it is always been great to see an interface like this! After your code has been finished, please present your working MVP so we could give inputs :+1:

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Please share the MVP version, so we can start the voting :slight_smile:

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This is MVP of AstarStats.

We will continue and improve it and build many following the roadmap.


Hope more and more details coming up

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Joining Builder’s program
  • Yes
  • No

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Very intuitive and easy to use. I love seeing Astar’s stats grow. Interesting option to click to screenshot the graph. I am looking forward to see more from roadmap.


I think in the case of the voting the result is obvious, of course I have voted YES. Could you say where are you based?

We opened Discord, sir.
looking forward to announce update, communicate with user, and so on

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