ASTR blocked token claim (Parachain)

I have a problem with claiming my ASTARs. When I try from the Astar app to unlock my vesting tokens. I have 1.699 in EVM and when I go to unlock I get the options of transaction speed and it charges me the fastest one 0.00093525 ASTR. But no matter what speed I choose, I always get an error: "You do not have enough tokens to pay the transaction fee "From polkadot it doesn’t let me either, it says that I am missing Fees, but in any youtube video this problem appears.

From Polkadot.js, in the ASTAR account, my ASTRs appear.
When I try to unlock them I get the message “Fees of 42.0041 milli ASTR will be applied to the submission”. The YouTubers who posted their videos two years ago, told me not to move anything in that window, and that’s what I have done and it tells me that I have no balance to make the transaction. But I have DOTs too, and they are not blocked, what should I do?

Help! Thanks!

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To Unlock ASTR you need to have ASTR to pay transaction fees. If you use Polkadot.js then you must have ASTR at Polkadot.js wallet to pay non-MM wallet fees.

If you have ASTR at MM then transfer it to Polkadot.js wallet (Native) :

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