Error on claiming eras

I get the following error:
astar “1010: Invalid Transaction: Inability to pay some fees , e.g. account balance too low”

First time seeing this. I’ve been able to claim seamlessly in the past.
Do I need DOT or unbonded ASTAR to pay the transaction fee here?

Do you have any unstacked ASTR left? Because you have to keep some ASTR in your balance to pay the fees :slight_smile:


I would recommend always keeping 2-5 ASTR to pay fees.

If you need a ping please DM your wallet address on Discord or Telegram and I can send you some.

-pitcoin.spacelabs.astr#3857 (discord username)
-pitcoin777 (telegram username)

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Thanks, I was down to 0.15 ASTR. I’ve unbonded a couple more.