BlockScout – Builders Program Application

Project Overview

This proposal is to set up, host and maintain a customized Premium version of BlockScout block explorer for Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar (prev-Plasm) Network and define the terms of collaboration in marketing.

About Blockscout

BlockScout is an invaluable open-source tool for exploring, confirming, and inspecting transactions on any EVM blockchain. It is the only non-proprietary, fully-featured, and open-source block explorer available today. Many projects are modifying BlockScout and using it for their own chains and hosted versions of BlockScout allow anyone to inspect transactions and confirm their authenticity.

Block explorer is community-driven, written in the Elixir programming language, and open to everyone to contribute to its code, use or improve it.

It supports multiple token standards, including the most popular ones: ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155.

Blockscout provides a full-featured API, real-time transaction tracking, and user-friendly UI. Users can use it to read and verify Solidity smart contracts and access pre-existing contracts to fast-track development. Contract method calls and logs are decoded, making all information easily accessible. Bootstrap interface is easily customizable for users to deploy BlockScout instances on their networks quickly.

It is already the block explorer of choice for many large blockchain projects, including xDai, Ethereum Classic, SKALE, NEAR (Aurora), Avalanche, Celo, POA, and many others.

Features of BlockScout:

  • EVM chains support
  • Blockchain data
  • View blocks
  • View accounts (balance, transactions, transfers, tokens, history)
  • View contracts
  • View tokens (view token contract, view token instance, token transfers, token holders)
  • View receipts
    View transactions
  • View internal transactions
  • View logs
  • View uncles
  • Block Reorganizations
  • ERC-20 token support
  • ERC-721 token support
  • ERC-1155 token support
  • Contract Verification
  • Sourcify support
  • Query Contract
  • Real-time UI, infinite scrolls for data views
  • Public labels
  • API
  • GraphQL
  • Download data as CSV

Clients Supported:

  • OpenEthereum
  • Nethermind
  • Geth
  • Erigon
  • Besu
  • Ganache
  • Substrate

An entire BlockScout release history is accessible on the forum


BlockScout team consists of well-experienced developers and a product manager. Victor Baranov, who has been working on the product for three years, leads the development team, which consists of another two developers. Ulyana Skladchikova is the product manager.

Team Website

BlockScout block explorer currently doesn’t have a dedicated website. If you want to learn more about it, please visit the documentation located here:


Extensive BlockScout documentation covering its use cases, features, and freshly updated roadmap can be found at


You can find the BlockScout’s public repository here: BlockScout · GitHub

Project Details


The goal of this proposal is to provide Premium features for the Shiden, Shibuya, and Astar Network instances of BlockScout block explorer and define the terms of collaboration in marketing.

Technical Deliverables

The scope of this project:

  • Setup BlockScout instances for Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar (prev-Plasm) Network on BlockScout’s premises
  • Rebranding of BlockScout to follow the Astar Network brand guidelines.
  • Hosting services for the Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar Network
    (for a period of 1 year with an option to extend)
  • Hosting at blockscout.con (for a period of 1 year with an option to extend)
  • Extension of service can be compensated with Blockscout’s dApp Staking income
  • Premium feature set that includes ERC-1155 Support, Support of parachains, Advanced CSV Exports
  • Priority Support and Priority Updates
  • Support for the end-users of the explorer. Support will be managed via Gitter and/or Discord chats.

Some examples of Premium instances of Blockscout:


  • Join announcement upon launch
  • Listing at
  • Joint marketing and promotional activities to announce updates, events, and mutually educate Astar and BlockScout communities on BlockScout functionality and Astar Network offerings.

Execution Timeline

Start time

If this grant submission is successful, the team is ready to start working on Premium Features for the Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar Network (starting from the Shiden Network) immediately.

Total Estimated Duration

Phase One (Preparations) – 2 weeks

  • Design the visual customization. Astar Network shall provide BlockScout with branding materials for delivering customized versions. Joint work with Astar’s design team would be preferable at this step.
  • BlockScout team will collaborate with Astar Network engineering team to define the optimal architecture of the BlockScout deployment for each of the instances: Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar Network

Phase Two – 1 week

  • Implementation of the customization. At this stage BlockScout pages will be customized to fit the look and feel of the Shiden Network, Shibuya Network, and Astar Network brands.

Phase Three – 2 weeks

  • Deployment

Phase Four – 1 week

  • Troubleshooting and adjustments

Phase Five

  • Delivering upcoming updates and patches including Multi-file Contract Source Code Verification with Hardhat and Truffle

Funding & Disbursement

  • The amount to be funded from the company to the grantee is $150,000 (USD) of crypto currency with Shiden also known as $SDN which will be paid in two tranches (30% prepayment and 70% payment on deployment, end of Phase 4).
  • BlockScout application will be listed for dApp staking at Astar dApp store portal
  • Extension of service can be compensated with Blockscout’s dApp Staking income at a yearly rate equal to $100K/year to cover operation costs including hosting and maintenance.

Future Plans​

In the near future, Blockscout will have such long-awaited features as My Account, Smart Search, better views for NFTs, multiple UX improvements and optimizations for the main pages, as well as BlockScout for Rollups. We will list some of the key upcoming features below. To see the complete roadmap, please visit: Roadmap - BlockScout

  • Multi-file Contract Source Code Verification with Hardhat and Truffle
  • EIP-1559 Support
  • My Account Functionality
  • Search Enhancements
  • Deployment Improvements
  • Rollup Support
  • Ethereum Mainnet BlockScout Instance
  • NFT View Interface
  • Block/Address Detail Page Improvements
  • Data Sorting/Filtering
  • Data Storage Optimization
  • Overall Performance Enhancements

Thanks for creating your proposal!
Great project with a must-needed EVM explorer.


How about:
10% prepayment
90% after Phase 4

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Thanks for this proposal, Astar definitely needs an EVM explorer and BlockScout is a great one.

Could you please provide more details about grant coverage, especially in term of infrastructure and the SLA BlockScout would be engaged to?

My main concerns about it are:

  • uptime
  • performances: on the Ethereum chain, BlockScout can be especially slow and issues some “Internal server error”

Thank you!


Great proposal. I like the EVM feature and the fact that it supports ERC20, ERC721 and ERC 1155.

Thank you.


@bLd759 Thank you!
BlockScout core team is constantly working on the performance improvements. We will soon release an updated BlockScout for Ethereum Mainnet instance which helped to optimize performance significantly.

Regarding the downtime, it usually takes ~30 sec to update the instance, but we are working on the blue-green deployment which will decrease upgrade downtime.

Internal server error may have various root causes. We will monitor 500 errors and troubleshoot in each case.


Thanks for your reply.
Could you please detail the infrastructure part?
Did you think about SLA you will be engaged to?

Blockscout Builders Program
  • Yes
  • No

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Great, contract verification it’s really necessary