Books about defi in Astar

Hi @MacZam, what a great organic contribution! Highly interested in reading the book! If you are looking for it to be translated in Korean, please feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

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How wonderful to feel the support of Astar’s colleagues.

I will send to each one, in NFTBook Astar DeFi in Spanish and to those who send me their email I will send a draft in English and in their language for review.

I am honored that it can be written in other languages.

Thank you very much


Astar Network colleagues, first of all I want to thank all those who have supported me in this initiative.

When a person really wants to contribute to education, 'can do classes and write a book.

I am not DEV, so this is my way of contributing.

I have written Astar Defi to teach all the people who want to learn. I don’t make money with this.

I always thought about Latam, I even organized an online DeFi course where 80 people from 9 countries enrolled. That course needed a support and that’s why I wrote the book.

I am happy with the support received and that there is interest in translating it into other languages, Italian, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese. I will send you by email, a draft in English, a copy in your language for your review.

I will also send you an NFTBook in Spanish for you to keep. I believe it is the first DeFi book in NFT format in the World and the first Astar book. I salute who has supported me in creating the NFTBooks.

Last week the book was taught at a large Chilean university. On May 10th I have a presentation at another Chilean University, a big one with 20,000 students.

I believe that in June or July it will be presented in a University in Northern Chile and then in the South. I will bring as a gift some physical copies, others as NFT.

I will present a new product the NFTBOOK card, a card that has the key to a wallet with the book. In the next few days I will share some pictures.

I will share a video of some physical copies that I gave away at events at universities and colleges in Chile.

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening.

Best regards.



Really a great initiative and the cover is very nice.
Did you have a numeric version or can you share here the table of contents?

Maybe you should fix this typo :slight_smile:

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thank you, corrected already.

My English is not good yet

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already requested. will review soon as i already got the access


Thanks, I requested the access as well :slight_smile:


Super happy to read these initiatives :handshake: Thanks @MacZam for Your efforts! :clap: I have requested the access as well :grinning:


Thank you a lot for your contribution. I appreciated with your effort =)


There will be those who say that it is not necessary because the paper is already obsolete or that it is on the pad… Not under a pine tree at 12 noon, not even in an institution where the use of cell phones is prohibited, this is a bad idea.
I don’t want a copy now, because I have a screen, a cell phone and I’m not in a pine forest. Otherwise it would be a very good thing. Paper would only be surpassed by fireproof paper. Getting into the nft thing would be something more good than very good.
Thank you.


Thank you

is already an NFT


Already read and translate part 1 of the book and i see many of QR code that refer to videos, but unfortunately the videos are in latin. Are you planning to make an english version? If the videos made in english, i can help make cc in Indonesia for the video. So the book can come with QR, or is it okay for me to cut the QR part?


Thank you very much.

I can add English subtitles to the videos and then we can work on the Indonesian subtitles if you like.


This Friday I participated in a presentation at the University of Santiago de Chile, I share the video with you.

People like books.

It can be a support in your events in other places.


Awesome!!! Thank you a lot for your support. =)

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As a generator of the Meblillo network, the problem I encounter is strictly the opposite. If it comes, I see several ways to facilitate its achievement. As a developer and native Spanish, I find a small gap in the use of English as a basic language. Although being Spanish forces me to settle for programming and learning in English (OBVIOUS). The fact of collaborating on translations of anything into Spanish is something that I really like. I leave this memo as a person or project interested in translations from any other language into Spanish, as long as it is produced with its change to base English. My application is not strictly translation, but it is not an impediment as long as I have guidance and help to undertake the deadlines and margins in terms of debugging.
The book can help greatly by spreading the word. My dapp could help with translation.
If meblillo is a softawe learning resource…I WOULD BE PROUD UNTIL I COMPLETE THAT ASPECT
I look forward to working with polkador and astar and the ecosystem in general.
Thank you.

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DeFi needs to be easier to use for everyone to get involved. AI managing our DeFi investments might be the future, but for now, education is key. We need clear learning materials that explain both the upsides and downsides of DeFi. Textbooks are good and appreciate your ideia @MacZam , but short and informative video tutorials could be another great way to learn.