Polkadot Safari Proposal

Dear Community,

I want to appreciate the Astar team for the amazing job they’re doing across the globe. Astar Network is growing rapidly and will soon become a house hold name in the Polkadot ecosystem and web3 in general.

Polkadot Safari conference will take place in Kenya, east Africa from 30th March-1st April 2023. This is going to be the biggest Polkadot ecosystem event and the first of its kind in Africa.

Astar Network will have a strong presence at the event as some team members and three ambassadors from the region will be there live to represent the project. We intend to leverage the opportunity to grow our community and spread the word to target the robust developer community in the region. To make that happen, we shall distribute some brand materials like t-shirts and other gift items like: jotter, pen and stickers. Below is the breakdown of the cost:

  • 100 pcs of t-shirts- @ $15/1 - $1500
  • 100 pcs of jotter- @ $1/1 - $100
  • 500 pcs of pen- @ $0.1/1- $50
  • 500 pcs of stickers @$0.1/1 -$50

Total cost- $1700 - ASTR 27,419.35

We used EMA 7 $0.062 -14/03/23

We propose a funding in ASTR token to enable us carry out the task (Within 7 working days)

Astar Account: bHV6Vkb16HrFCUgKYgheJfFtwgQchxAURuSvVKtj3pAawRg





Swag is life, Polkadot Safari is a big event with a lot of potential, I support the proposal!



As discussed in the previous other proposal, there can be a few options;

Advance funding:

  1. Provide quotations from vendors
  2. Get funding.
  3. Return the excess funds if any.
  4. Provide event report.

Reimbursement post event:

  1. Provide receipts and event report
  2. Get paid in Astar

Need to consider +1 or +2% for fiat conversion rate compensation.

Let’s discuss again.


Hi Toga,

Thanks for your feedback. I shall get the quotation and attach it here.

Of course there will be a comprehensive post event report.

It can be really game changer if we can spread the word about Astar Network like this. Really like the idea, however it needs to be transparent and reviewed! :v::tada:

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That’s great Chris. Let’s make the African Astar community bigger and bigger.
I 100% support your proposal by the conditions proposed by @moonme.

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Great idea!! This will also bring more visibility of the network at the Event! How do you plan to give out these?? Would suggest having a booth setup at the event as well with roll up banners or tear drop banner
Thanks Chris

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Here is the quotation:


@moonme @0xRamz @bLd759


Thanks for your feedback Brian.

To answer your question, there will be a booth for parachains according the team

Looking forward to seeing you IRL at the conference.

Thanks. We shall open the vote for this proposal.

Approve the use of Community Fund
  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for the transparancy Chris, and also the quotation. I voted Yes, the price proposed is very make sense for me.

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Thanks, Chris! I voted yes.
Good luck with the event I really want it to get successful.
Let’s make the Kenyan community bigger.

Also, thanks for the quotation. Seems fair.

Let’s go!

“Don’t trust, verify”.

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Thanks for your support. We appreciate that!

Thanks bro. We appreciate your support!

Thank you Chris, great initiative! Also your community growth is awesome. Keep up the good work! :v:

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Thanks for your support Matt!

Just my 2 cents:
$15 for a t-shirt is very expensive. Even in Europe, the prices are lower. At my print shop, it’s around 11 euro and the last one in Croatia was 7.5 euros per T-shirt. Also not sure if we need that much swag at the event.

Could you share here the .pdf of the quotation with the original currency?


Seriously speaking, the prices are a bit expensive.

great, I would support it!