Books about defi in Astar

I will visit schools and Universities in Latam, starting in Chile where I will talk about Polkadot, Astar, NFT and DeFi.
Focus, web2 users.

What do you think about a proposal to give away digital books, physical books and NFT books?


Thank you for your post!
It’s very interesting. At least, I would like to read your book, and if it’s good, I even thought about helping with the Japanese translation.


I am not a writer, but I decided to write the book as a support for web2 users to decide to enter web3.
Finally it is a strategy to support a more friendly onboarding to web3.

This book is thought as a complement for the course “DeFi in Polkadot”, the first version was already done in January and 80 people from 9 countries, among others, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain,…and finally 15 out of 80 students passed the final exam.
In the course all the protocols described in the book were studied, plus others from the Polkadot ecosystem.

I would just like your feedback to incorporate it in my idea of giving books as a gift.

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You’ve been doing a tremendous job for the Polkadot and Astar ecosystem, my friend Mac. I’d definitely like to see more impressions of your edits!


Such an interesting topic, a broad topic brings into a specific network. DEFI itself is interesting to discuss, but with too specified into ASTR and DEFI, it’s a tremendous job IMO.
Same here with @tksarah !
Will help to translate it into Indonesian, and if it’s good, will try to publish it to a public publisher.


Thank you very much for your comments.

That’s right. DeFi protocols can be used in many chains and with much greater liquidity.

DeFi protocols are very similar if we look at different chains, but I have chosen Astar because of my proximity to this network and Polkadot.

There is little literature on these topics, so I have decided to write. I think it will be five books in three years, this is the first one, my pilot.

It is already available on Amazon in digital and physical version and also on in NFT version. Only in Spanish, but I will work this year on an English version.


It’s a good initiative!
It would be good to give away NFT that allow users to read the book, just an idea. I’ll read the book later.


It’s a great initiative from Mac, superb content about Astar DeFi!


Hi, could you please check if the Indonesian translation is good or bad.

Can I send you an example to some email?

Thank you for sharing the idea, I would like to read your book, this would be super useful for the eco, I would like to support the idea to give away digital books, physical books and nft!

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Every time I go to a Meet up, I bring a printed book and leave it on the table. Everyone looks at it and it attracts attention. They ask about Astar and that’s how I start the conversation. It’s a great way to attract attention.

Thank you. I will prepare a first proposal to finance and give away books in Chile-South America, in Spanish.

The next stage would be to translate into English and replicate the initiative.

Then other languages.

That’s super cool, man!
Why don’t you go to the dApps protocol treasury and ask them for a grant?
You are doing a huge market over the Web2 and IRL. You deserve some compensations for doing such a marketing campaign for those DeFi dApps. Have talked with them?

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I have tried to contact them but without success.
I think I am alone.

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