Astar meetups in Venezuela 🇻🇪

Hello Astar community!

My name is Ezio Rojas, I am a candidate for Astar Network ambassador in Latin America. I am an active member of the Polkadot ecosystem in the region and since months ago Astar Network caught my attention among all the projects that have emerged in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Technical Ambassador Carlos Rodriguez (@Juminstock) was the one who introduced me to this great Astar community in greater depth, and that is why together we want to present this idea to you.

Why Venezuela?

Venezuela is a country with a huge adoption of the crypto ecosystem. Due to the country’s economic woes, the nation has turned to the use of crypto assets to reserve the value of its money. That is why we propose to hold 2 meetups (one in Valencia and one in Caracas) where we will show attendees about Astar and its advantages so they start using our products and services.

The activities we’ll do

Most of the attendees are users who manage crypto assets and wallets, they are more dedicated to cryptocurrency exchange than to development, so we will focus on teaching them the tools we have in Astar for that use. The activities we will do:

  1. Two meetups, one in each main city (Valencia and Caracas).

  2. Teach the attendees about Astar zkEVM, how to configure our network in their wallets and how to use the bridges.

  3. Explain the Yoki Origins campaign and how to get them to add new users to the network.

  4. Show them the Astar ecosystem and our networks so that they can use all our tools that are of interest to them.

  5. Show them the dApp staking V3 to start staking in our network and how to move the ASTR token.

With these activities and topics we seek to add active users in our network who use our tools and can provide value to the ASTR token.

Each of the meetups will consist of one and a half to two hours of content, where we will explain all the content about Astar. We will have an approximate participation of 30 to 50 people. We will provide attendees with refreshments, stickers and an active dynamic to start using the ASTR token. The main idea is to explain each topic in an understandable way for the attendees and to connect with those new users of our network.

Why we want to do this event?

Venezuela is a country that uses crypto assets day after day and is currently part of the top 5 countries that use cryptocurrencies the most, which speaks of a large and growing adoption. That is why we plan to boost its adoption by educating citizens about Astar and its products. This will allow Astar to grow and expand throughout Venezuela, while new users will use our token and participate in our events such as the Yoki Origins campaign.

The value we’ll bring to Astar

Astar would be among the first protocols to provide events in Venezuela, which translates into early adoption. In addition, with the meetups we will provide, users will become more educated in the use of cryptoassets, which will create brand recognition. Finally, we will have an active dynamic during the meetups for attendees to use the ASTR token. More Astar adoption, more Astar use, more Astar expansion.

The budget

With all the effort to reduce costs and attend the event with the right expenses, we managed to establish these, which are the lowest costs achieved:

Total Amount in USD: 1347 USD
Total Amount in ASTR: 10135.4 ASTR

Drive with the respective budgets:

We’ve tried to allocate the minimum amount for the entire trip, and in case we spend less than budgeted, we will communicate it.

Dates proposed for the meetups:

Valencia: May 3
Caracas: May 6

Astar’s presence in countries such as Venezuela is very important, due to the adoption of crypto in this country and because of Astar’s main goal: to become a fully decentralized network and expand worldwide.

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Charlotte Sweet and Coffee - La Viña


New Astar IRL event! This time, in Venezuela, a country that has a growing adoption of cryptocurrencies compared to other Latin American countries and Brazil.

Together with the great Ezio @EzioRed, former community manager of Parity technologies for latin america, we want to make these two events to boost the adoption of Astar, Astar zkEVM and the Yoki Origins campaign in this country that is adopting a lot the cryptocurrency theme being the third country that trades the most in blockchain.

Delighted that we can bring to the whole city of Valencia and Caracas the theme of Astar zkEVM and the famous Yoki Origins!


Hey! Thanks for the proposal.

What of the outcomes do you expect from the event?
How many users are you intend to onboard?
How much each possible new user will cost?

Most part of the topics could be delivered by videos tutorials on YouTube instead of personal presentation, IMO technical topics and dev focused events would be more productive and a smart Treasury spending way.

Hello Ezio, it’s a pleasure to greet you in the forum. I’m glad to read this proposal, and I give you my symbolic support hehe. I believe it’s an opportunity, considering the fertile ground of Venezuela because there are many people educated in blockchain usability. There’s a lot of ground to cover in development, and events are the gateway. If the event happens, and I hope it does, let me know so I can invite my friends. Just in the last photo, Lunaticanto appears, who is an excellent blockchain content creator; she’ll surely be interested in getting to know Astar. :rocket:

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This looks like a fun event! I’d like to ask a few more questions to get a better understanding.

  1. What is the target number of users for this event?

  2. What are the channels and methods for promoting this event?

Hi, @pitcoin777! Thanks for your questions.

Mainly, we hope to incorporate new active users into the Astar network, users that will help Astar expand and incorporate new users in turn. As I mentioned before, Venezuela is a country with a growing adoption of crypto, so it would be a smart decision to educate them to use Astar for their transactions.

For each event, we plan to have a minimum attendance of 20 people, statistically speaking, we plan for half of them to become active users.

Taking into account the expenses mentioned in the proposal, we can estimate that obtaining each potential user has a cost of $USD 24.

These two planned spaces cannot be simply converted to YouTube videos, we are talking about two learning spaces where, besides teaching about Astar, we will solve live doubts and connect with people who do not know us, aligning this with our goal of adding active users, bringing the presence of Astar is a vital point for new users to trust us and start using our services.

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Really thank you so much for your support in our proposal, Audi! As you mentioned, Venezuela is a fertile ground.

Your friends are invited, of course! :grin:

Great questions, bro!

For both events, we are looking for a minimum attendance of 40 people (20 for each event), however, within the costs is planned the promotion of the invitation to reach more people, we can make this event a success!

The planned channels for the promotion are Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok, especially TikTok because the Venezuelan population is a high consumer of this platform. The creation of eye-catching graphic pieces is contemplated within the budget.

Hi Pitcoin! Thanks for your interest in the proposal.

Let me answer your questions.

What of the outcomes do you expect from the event?

We expect various results.

  1. To increase the knowledge and understanding about Astar in the Venezuelan Web3 community, so that they can learn about all the qualities that Astar offers to the end-user. I particularly believe that Venezuela is one of the regions with the highest number of End-Users, so it is a good place to be.

  2. To provide a networking space for people linked to the Web3 ecosystem.

  3. To start with a first step to develop a solid Astar community in Venezuela.

How many users are you intend to onboard?

In a direct way, we would be thinking of reaching 40-50 users between the two proposed meetups.

How much each possible new user will cost?

Measuring the exact cost per user is a complex job, because in addition to the users we expect to reach directly, we also estimate to have a reach through ads and publications in social networks, which would bring users indirectly, so it is difficult to measure it.
It is also important to mention that this would be the first time that something is done about Astar in Venezuela, so that impact will also be present, although again, it is difficult to measure.


Thank you very much Audi for your support in the proposal!

We believe that Venezuela can be a great place for Astar, so we will be working on that!

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@Juminstock has already demonstrated that it knows how to organize successful events. I am glad to know he continue with new candidate(s).
And the amount requested is very reasonable.
Very good job, I support this proposal.

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Bro, So cool!!! Appreciated with your feedback. Thanks a lot =)

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Great initiative!!
This event will enhance the presence of Astar Network in Venezuela. I support this initiative.


I appreciate your support, GuiGou! We will do our best, as always :saluting_face:

Thank you so much, buddy!

Hey @Gaius_sama G!, can we open the voting? If we want to hold the event the date is quite close and there is a lot of logistical work to be done, @EzioRed and I would be grateful if we can get it started :pray:

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Thanks for the proposal.
All the question I had regarding the numbers were already answered.
I agree with @GuiGou that @Juminstock has already proved that these events were succesful.

Looking forward to see what you guys can achieve and love the reports after these workshops on these events.


Amount requested: 10135.4 ASTR

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Hey Ezio!

Great proposal. Latin America has a growing crypto community.

Apart from the user community, how would you get young developers to actually build and deploy on Astar Network?



As already stated, I am in favour of this proposal and hope to see a report on the achivements!