BSC - SDN/Astar Bridge -- Builder Program Application

Project Overview

This project is a bridge connecting the Astar/Shiden network(based on Substrate) and the Binance Smart Chain ( based on Ethereum ), and the improvement of the bridge method.

The bridge enables transferring and receiving assets using the chain bridge for the two blockchains.

More precisely this bridge will maintain 1:1 pegging of the assets cross-chain.

In addition, we research several methods for a bridge to figure out the pros and cons in each mehotd and improve it.

What we Do in the Bridge


  • Develop a bridge between Astar/Shiden and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Research bridge methods, and figure out the problems of each method.
  • Solve the problems of the methods and improve it.


Stir operates validator nodes or candidate nodes in sereral blockchain such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Symbol, and so.


  • Cameong (Founder) @cameong
    • Founder of Stir
    • Linux ;10 years + experience
    • Python
    • DevOps
      • AWS / GCP / Data center operation on premise
    • Validator of several chains
  • Shunsuke (Developer / Architect )
    • Software / Cloud Platform Engineer
    • Linux / Go / Python / AWS
    • Ethereum blockchain game development experience
  • wshino (Developer / Architect )
    • Developer of startrail
    • Ethereum, hardhat, thegraph, gnosis safe contract, torus,
    • Infrastructure, k8s, docker, consul,
    • Backend, typescript, nestjs, ethers.js, golang, rust, actix, mysql, postgresql
  • Realtakahashi (Developer)
    • Linux / AWS / Rust / Go / Solidity / JAVA / C
    • Software Engineer
    • Corda Certified Developer
    • Astar Network Official Ambassador
  • Knagato (Developer)
    • SQL / JavaScript / Scala / Solidity / Rust / Python / Erlang
    • Bitcoin / Ethereum / Polkadot / Flow
    • Data Science / Distributed Computing
    • Publish 4 books about bigdata and blockchain

Shiden - BSC Bridge and its improvement Roadmap

Total Grant Amount: $60 k
Total Term: ~ 6 months

Phase 1

Term: 3 months

Full-Time Equivalent: 4
Grant Amount: $30 k

  • Investigate and compare bridge methods between EVM compatible network and SDN.

    • ChainBridge, Anyswap, TokenBridge, Hop , connext, SnowBridge, Celler
  • Find out current problems of each methods.

  • Build SDN-BSC bridge in one bridge method.

    • Transfer token from BSC to SDN
    • Transfer token from SDN to BSC
    • Performance test


  • Documentation
  • Publish the Bridge contract
  • UI ( via metamask or polkadot.js )


Full-Time Equivalent: 4
Grant Amount: $30 k
Term: 3 months

  • Solve some problems in the bridge method found in phase1.
  • Improve SDN-BSC bridge built in phase1.
    • Performance comparison with that of phase 1.


  • Documentation
  • Publish the contract
  • Build system and nodes

Future Plans

  • Performance test for improved bridges
  • Application to other chains.

Thank you for your submission. @cameong We are interested in the Binance Bridge. Could you add the grant amount (USD) in your post for each milestone?

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Thank you for your quick reaponse, @sota .

We’d like to receive a grant equal to $30 k per milestone; total grant amount would be $60 k.

The contents bove ware added to the proposal.


Thank you! This makes sense a lot to me. At milestone2, would it be possible to polish the UI of milestone1?

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At milestone2, would it be possible to polish the UI of milestone1?

Of course, we’d do it.

At the end of milestone1, we’ll point out issues found in the development and acctual usage.
At milestone2, we’ll work on solving the issues and improving the UI/UX, as well.

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Thanks a lot for your proposal.
We are interested in this bridge. Could you share your vision of the bridge you want to build compared to those you mentioned in ‘Phase 1’? Currently we can transfer assets from BSC to Shiden with AnySwap.


Thank you for your comments.
According to our research so far, Chain-bridge-core is most likely to be applied to the implementation of our proposal.
In our local development, the assets transfer using Chain-bridge-core between BSC and Shiden has several challenges, so we think it worth working.

Various methods have been made public to transfer assets, and each method has its feature and original implementation.
We think it is important to improve and stabilize an ecosystem, and coexistence of various token transfer methods , such as AnySwap , Chain-Bridge-core, and so, would be helpful for it.


@Core @Ambassadors is there any comment?

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I can see that this is more like optimizing the existing bridge solutions. Perhaps split the grant into:

Phase 1: $20k (Investigation)
Phase 2: $40k (Optimization)

Because to me, the critical part here is the ability to optimize.


Thank you for your comments and the idea.

First I planned to focuse on the investigatation,
but according to our preliminary survey, we noticed the implementation at least one bridge is important as same as the investigation.

So we’d like to execute both the investigation of various bridge methods and implementation using chain-bridge-core at the first milestone.

Our team has five experienced members, and I think 3 months is enough a period to achieve them.


@cameong what do you think about @moonme’s suggestion here?


Thank you for the proposal. For me this looks great if you can really work hard and deliver the milestones as planned.


Sorry for the late reply, @sota .

I discussed @moonme 's suggestion with teamates, and finally we agreed with the suggestion.
As he mentioned, we think the critical part is the optimization as well.

So how about changing the period and grant in each phase as below?

Phase 1: $20k (Investigation) in approx. 2 months
Phase 2: $40k (Optimization) in approx. 4 months

Investigation in Phase 1 would include document research, code reading, and minimum developments and implementations for Phase 2.


Thank you for your reply. @moonme do you have any other topics? If all look good, I would like to start a poll.


I am ok. We can start a poll.

BSC - SDN/Astar Bridge Poll
  • Yes
  • No

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@cameong can you please create a group on Telegram with us to keep updated regarding developments. Thanks!

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@Maarten @sota Sorry for the late reply, I noticed the latest message right now.

We made a survey for SDN and BSC Bridge including the regulations related to the bridge.
We also made a Bridge on testnet and the tutorial for it.
Althogh it took more time than we expected, please read and check the document, and try the bridge.