Bware Labs - Builders Program Application

I’m Flavian, CEO of Bware Labs. It’s a real honor for us to be among the applicants for the Astar Builders Program. Let me highlight the main details about our company

About Bware Labs

The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and it consists of 17 team members with software engineering and business backgrounds. More details about our team members can be found on our official website.

The team is structured in 4 directions:

  • Dev Ops;
  • Backend Engineers;
  • Frontend Engineers;
  • Business Development;


We have vast experience with Node Operations and Staking, as a part of the team worked for Ankr in 2020.

At the end of 2020, Bware Labs was formed with 5 co-founders and we’ve grown to 17 team members, as of today.

The company is focusing on two main directions: API Services and Blockchain Validators.


We have great experience in Tendermint based blockchains (Osmosis, Sifchain, Secret) as well as in other L1 / L2 blockchains (Polygon / Elrond / Avalanche / Casper) and Substrate based blockchains (Moonriver / Astar). We are also involved in highly technical Indexer setups like The Graph.

A list of the projects that we validate for can be found on our official website, in the validator section.

API Services

This is our main product, and its main purpose is to help developers, dApps and exchanges to directly interact with the blockchain using our exposed APIs.

Our MVP of the Bware Labs API Platform is already live here:

At the moment the service is centralized and free to use, meaning that Bware Labs are the only ones that run the Blockchains nodes which are the foundation of the platform, but the ultimate goal is for third-party node operators to be able to add their nodes into the platform.

Earlier this year we added support to Dusty Network into our platform, to show our support for the projects that we believe in:


We have two proposals for this application:

  • provide a node infrastructure on Shiden for the Graph Integration;
  • add support for Shiden and Dusty Network on the Bware Labs API Platform

The Graph Shiden Milestone Requirements

  • Research and development for integration with the Graph team;
  • Ensure a 99% uptime for the provided API Node Infrastructure;
  • Ensure that the provided API will have a minimum of 150 requests/second;

Shiden, and Dusty Network Support on Bware Labs API Platform

  • Expose RPC and Websockets APIs on Bware Labs API Platform
  • Rate-limit for 25 requests/second per generated API endpoint for any user as a free tier;
  • Follow-up and update any new client version that’s recommended by the Astar team in a maximum time frame of 48 hours;

Grant proposal

For the Shiden and Dusty support on the Bware Labs API Platform, we are proposing an 8000$ grant that will be paid on a quarterly basis (8000$ per quarter, 2666$ per month) - the payment will happen at the end of the quarter. This mechanism is to ensure that the provided service is at the desired level throughout the whole quarter.

For The Graph Shiden Support, we are proposing a 10500$ grant - the payment will happen at the end of the quarter. After the next quarter, we will proceed with dApp staking or an additional grant.


  • Deliver Shiden support on the Bware Labs API Platform, no later than 3 weeks after Shiden is officially released.
  • Deliver Shiden Infrastructure to the Graph team, no later than 2 weeks after Shiden gets officially released with ETH RPC availability.

Thanks a lot for the work that you already did for us! Highly appreciate this.
Big fan of the project.

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Very nice to have an API in place within three weeks of Shiden’s release!
I for one will be rooting for the team!

good job,holding on grown uping !!!

Thank you for your submission and sorry for being late to reply here. Let’s conduct a poll from Monday to Friday next week. Meanwhile, please ask any questions to Bware Labs @Coreman and @Ambassadors :slight_smile:

As discussed, this grant proposal looks good for me. Since we have dApp staking and fund projects from the protocol itself. This proposal for the next 3 months makes sense a lot.

FYI. Currently, Shiden’s valuation is around $300M-400M, 50% of the10% infration, which means $15-$20M SDN will be distributed to developers. Therefore, Bware Labs can earn more than a grant after 3 months if the community members love the implementation :slight_smile:


@sota I am quite sure that mentioning me is a mistake. I am proud of this ofc, but I am not active enough to be mentioned here :slight_smile:

Sorry it is my bad lol. @Core is the correct tag.

I pretty much dont have any q’s for them. Since I’ve already research Bware by the time they post here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Standard Protocol is willing to test out graph integration

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