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Hello guys,

I’m Flavian CEO of Bware Labs. We would like to apply Bware Labs in dApp Staking Program.

Let me highlight the main details about our company and our involvement in the Astar Ecosystem.

Current State

We have more than 1 year since we got involved in the Astar Ecosystem, and we have delivered our first product in July, when we added support to Dusty Network in our platform:

We have released in March 2022 where we are providing custom RPC and WSS endpoints for Astar, Shiden and Shibuya. The infrastructure is now spread out in 3 clusters and the incoming traffic is Geo-load balanced over three regions: North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

More information on how to obtain a custom RPC/WSS endpoint can be found in the Astar documentation: Blast (BwareLabs) - Astar & Shiden documentation

We are also running collators for Shiden/Astar and Shibuya:

Future Astar Support

We will release a public API feature on Blast, and the public API Websocket can be included on polkadotJs and Astar Portal, as an alternative for current providers.

For Builders that want to run subgraphs on Astar, we will offer them support on our infrastructure to run them, and also assist them in the deployment process.

We will provide node support to Subscan and BlockScout explorer, either through Blast or by running dedicated solutions for them.

About Bware Labs

Bware Labs provides an interface between Blockchain APIs consumers and node providers with integrated payment options and verified reliability, all embedded within the platform and protocol service.

The company is focusing on two main directions: API Services and Blockchain Validators.


We support some of the hottest projects of the moment in an effort to sustain their network growth and bring our contribution to a decentralized world.

Also, we have great experience in Tendermint based blockchains (Sifchain, Umee, Axelar, Agoric) as well as in other L1 / L2 blockchains (Polygon / Elrond / Avalanche / Casper) and Substrate based blockchains (Moonbeam / Astar). We are also involved in highly technical Indexer setups like The Graph

A list of the projects that we validate for can be found here:

API Services

The main purpose for our API Platform is solving Web3 reliability and performance issues by efficiently employing the resources of hundreds of third party node providers combined with a state-of-the-art API platform and an improved user experience.

Our API Platform BLAST is already live:

We hope you will support us with accepting this application.

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Hi Flavian,

Glad to see your application and thank you for providing great services and supports to Astar and its community.

I vote YES !

Hopefully look forward to the project on the dApp staking!