Call vector exceeds limit error with Ledger

I have been able to claim my staking rewards with my Ledger using Polkadot.js in the past and recently I received this error when trying to claim my rewards. It has consistently given me this error for a few weeks now. I’m trying to claim my rewards before v3 of Astar’s staking hits and they are lost for ever. Any suggestions or has anyone else had this issue?

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Please check this post. Nothing will be lost, however you should claim your own rewards.

Was this done via Astar Portal?
If yes, it might be a bug where it simply puts up too many claim reward calls into a single batch. Ledger has limited memory and if the limit is exceeded, I guess it will print an error like this one.


Hello @Zeddtastic !
If I remember correctly, that issue was happening when there was a lot of eras to claim, and the re-stake option was turned on. (for the reasons Dino mentioned)
Can you check on the portal is that option toggled on?
(if it is, try toggling it off, and then claiming again)


Hi @Zeddtastic,

Please also refer to this documentation on how to use Ledger on the Astar Portal and make sure that Ledger toggle on the Portal is enabled.


Ty Dino, that appears to have been the case. I was able to manually collect my eras one at a time. Now I am just having an issue where my stake to Arthswap seems to have disappeared and I can see my rewards but not claim them. The old contract ID 0xE915D2393a08a00c5A463053edD31bAe2199b9e7 that I originally use gives the “dappsStaking.NotStakedContract” error when I try to claim it manually as does the new contract ID 0xc5b016c5597d298fe9ed22922ce290a048aa5b75. My wallet and the “Assets” page on shows the total amount including what I had staked to Arthswap months ago but the “dApp Staking” page only shows what I have staked with Community Treasury and when I click the “My dApps” on this page it only shows Community Treasury and no longer shows Arthswap. Any thoughts or advice?

Please check the forum for discussion about Arthswap.
TL;DR - they were unregistered a few weeks ago. If you’re getting that message, it means you’ve claimed all possible rewards for staking on them.

Hello @Zeddtastic,

Please consult these guides as you will need to claim your rewards and withdraw your funds using the Polkadot.js interface:

Contract address: 0xE915D2393a08a00c5A463053edD31bAe2199b9e7

tyvm for the reply! I used that address and got the message “Dapp staking not opperated contract”. When I use the new contract I get the message “Dapp staking not staked contract”. My dApp Staking page on shows that I still have rewards to claim and I only staked to Community Treasury, which I claimed the rewards for and Arthswap. The amount I staked to Arthswap still shows up in my wallet but when I try to stake it to something else it’s not available. “MydApps” next to “My Rewards” only shows Community Treasury now and not Arthswap. Not sure what to do from here. Sorry if I’m doing something boneheaded but the Astar ecosystem is new to me.

Hi @Zeddtastic,

Please join the Astar Discord and open a ticket in the #support channel, it will be easier to help you from there.

tyvm @Gaius_sama ! Will do!