CANDY GIRL - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar Community,

I am Ayu and a Community Manager of CANDY GIRL, an NFT project on Astar Network. We would like to share more about our progress and introduce CANDY GIRL to the community. Also, we are now seeking community members to support our project and participate in the dApp Staking program so that we can promote further development and build a stronger community on Astar.

Project Overview

CANDY GIRL is an NFT fine art collection by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano on Astar, which offers many utilities and holder benefits beyond the PFP project.

Our mission is to develop CANDY GIRL as a global entertainment project that brings together art, music, story, fashion, food, and digital art. We will work with NFT holders to create an ecosystem where CANDY GIRL can flourish in both the real and digital worlds.

Who is Yoshitaka Amano?

Born in 1952 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan and joined the animation production company Tatsunoko Productions where he worked on numerous character designs, including “Yatterman”, "The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee”, and “Neo-Human Casshern” when he was 15. After becoming independent, he was in charge of the logo and image illustrations for the “Final Fantasy” series, and his worldview became widely known. He was nominated for the Hugo Award and received the Eisner Award. His fine art series have been acclaimed in New York, London, and Paris, and he has held numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad.

Core Team

Candy Girl is made up of members of TWIN PLANET, an “IP platformer” that develops a wide range of entertainment businesses based on intellectual property, and other members who are passionate about the Astar ecosystem. Astar founder, Sota Watanabe and core Astar members also support the team as advisors.

This team has extensive experience in IP business, commercialization, promotion development, media and event development, and community promotion.

  • Fukuyama l VP of Twin Planet, Founder

  • Naruya | Twin Planet, Team Member

  • Himeno | Twin Planet, Team Member

  • Murayama | Twin Planet, Team Member, PM

  • Mika | Twin Planet, Team Member, Community Manager

  • Masa | PM, Advisor

  • Ayu | Community Manager

    Twin Planet:
    TWIN PLANET Co., LTD. is an “IP platformer” that develops a wide range of businesses in the entertainment field based on Intellectual Property. We consider not only characters, but also “people, things, and events” as IP. We maximize the value of original IP, joint IP, and influential IP by utilizing our “planning” and “creative” skills to create a buzz. We provide services in a variety of forms, including productization, promotion, and media and event development.

Past Performance

It is an early-stage project that was launched just a few months ago and currently has over 5,000 candy lovers participating. It is also Astar’s first collaboration with Twin Planet and fine artwork by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano.

We launched our first NFT collection on December 3, 2022, at 2000 ASTR in Presale and 3000 ASTR in Public sale and 2,222 of the total supply was sold out within 48 hours, and did our art reveal on December 14, 2022. The most popular of the seven artworks in the auction also sold for 321,000 ASTR ($12,500 at the time).

Past collaboration with major companies

  • In 2016, collaboration with “Discover Tokyo,” a Tokyo pop culture close-up event held at the Mitsukoshi Ginza store. About 50 items and 200 types of “CANDY GIRL” items were sold exclusively at the Mitsukoshi Ginza store.

  • In 2017, “CANDY GIRL” was used as the key visual for “Tokyo Girls Collection,” and actresses and models wore kimonos with cute characters under the theme of “fashion x art,” creating a buzz.

  • KIKKA GALLERY" operated by Twin Planet participated in the “14th Shibuya Art Festival 2022 - SHIBUYA ART SCRAMBLE” and held a content planning exhibition “CANDY GIRL BY YOSHITAKA AMANO”.

    *KIKKA GALLERY" is a gallery that exhibits contemporary, colorful & pop “CANDY GIRL” by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano.


The Virtual Artist Adventure Begins:
In Q1, we’ll mainly work on music production and 3D modeling, selecting a music producer and applying for Astar dApp staking, aiming for a Q2 debut and 1st Music Release. We are currently negotiating with production companies and organizing contests for Candy holders to select candy girls to do modeling.

In Q2, we will have the debut of Candy Girls with the release of the first song and its music video. As a benefit to the holders, we will be offering limited access to the production process and the first release of the music. Also, we will renew our website to include a listing of Candy Girls.

Overseas Expansion:
In Q3, after the debut, we will increase collaborative activities with IP companies and major corporations as well as offline events related to Candy Girls. A new story of CANDY has begun, moving toward musical performances overseas and a global fashion collection.

The Adventure Continues…

In the future, we will work with NFT holders to create an ecosystem in which CANDY GIRL can be active in both the real and digital worlds as a global entertainment project, with the goal of performing musicals in the United States.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

  1. Project Development
  • Music and Video Production / 3D modeling production
  • Educational material on art and development
  • Secondary collection and all other development related to operations
  1. Broad Marketing Strategy and Campaigns
  • Collaborative activities with IP companies and major corporations
  • Collaboration with other NFT projects(AMAs / Giveaways / Airdrops)
  • Social Media Management and Content Dissemination
  1. Community / Holder Benefits
  • KIKKA Gallery Offline Event / Holder-only event or Exhibitions
  • Production of Candy goods and confectionery
  • Adding additional utility to our NFT collections.

Benefit and value to Astar Network

The dApp staking of Candy Gilr will help set a precedent and example for other Japanese IPs to follow and learn from. We plan to keep reinvesting funds earned into Candy Girl and its development.

This can also be marketed in a way that helps users understand the power of dApp staking in the web3 creators economy. We hope our venture as a major IP into dApp staking can influence many more IPs as results are seen and marketed.

This adds untapped value we haven’t seen as a legendary artist and the community around his NFT project will be helping each other in the development of the road map through passive income from dApp staking. The success of Candy Girl is also the success of Astar.




Thank you for your proposal! I would like to support this since Candy Girl is very active


Thanks @at_ayu and I want to express my full support for this proposal. Not only does this NFT project have a experience and committed team (Twin Planet) behind it, but it also has a name and founder Yoshitake Amano linked to it. His Candy Girl project will be receiving dApp staking rewards, therefore meaning he is directly benefiting from one of Astar’s core features. This can serve as a point the Astar team can highlight and it can help attract other major IPs that are looking to get into NFTs and/or create DAOs.

dApp staking can be very powerful and help legit projects create a revenue stream that keeps them developing on Astar and for its community. I think its in our best interest, and of high value, to support Yoshitaka Amano’s Candy Girl NFT with dApp staking as they continue to deliver on their roadmap items.


Strongly agree!!!

I really enjoyed this project, not only because of Mr. Sota and Mr. Amano, but more importantly because the team was very responsible. I’m sure this project will shine like a star too.


支持candy girl ,你是我最喜欢的生态项目


very good,i love candy girl


As the holder of CANDY GIRL, it is exciting to hear that the project continues to move forward. I look forward to the day when dapp showing to us :heart:




Thank you so much @at_ayu

I completely agree with you.
I am confident that Candy Girl will be a stronger project through the rewards of Astar dApp staking.

There are three reasons below.

  1. Because Amano Sensei’s drawings of Candy Girl are valuable in their own right.
  2. The project team surrounding his work is very encouraging.
  3. Most importantly, the community members who support Candy Girl are friendly and kind, led by the Mods.

That’s why I think this application is a worthwhile step!

Thank you & regards,



Great presentation @at_ayu Idea of CandyGirl is something completely new to me. I was very impressed with what team is trying to build. Music productions and musical performances with well acknowledged artists as is Mr. Amano. Also fashion modeling. I am really looking forward to how this will be played out. First 3D modeling CandyGirl has just been chosen to be the first in line.

Therefore I would also like to support as CandyGirl team keeps on delivering. Future plan is well set.


Proud to be a Candy Girl holder!


Nothing else to add , welcome to Astar dApp staking :grin: Glad to see Candy’s amazing project joining the dApp hub :partying_face:


100% in support of Candy Girl dApp Staking.

Long Live ASTAR( The King )


Really interesting project!


Thank you for the proposal. I want to support your proposal since I’m very proud to have you on Astar.

Thank you


Totally support candy girls application to dApp staking
I hope more and more IPs come to Astar


Support candy girl, everyone will continue to build the community and move towards a better future.

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I support this proposal! Nothing to add…just it seems impossible don’t have Candy Girl in the list of DApps for staking!

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I can’t vote, but my vote is here.

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