What Happened Next: Astar Sign Witch

Hello Community,

Do you remember this project?

With tireless effort, the project has made remarkable strides, culminating in the recent release of its manga volume. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my signed copy!

In addition, a promotional video has been launched, narrated by one of Japan’s most distinguished voice actors.

To the project team, please continue to highlight our advancements and upcoming plans!


The narrator of this PV is Yui Ishikawa, who is famous for her role as Mikasa in Attack on Titan.
Great job!


Yes, that’s right! I also love her role as Violet Evergarden!


Wow! Awesome, I’m a fan of Japanese anime! That voice is awesome, mainly because I enjoyed watching Attack on titan :smiley:

I like that a project of this caliber is on dApp Staking, I didn’t know that until today. when will we see what they’re up to? :eyes:


Wow! I really like the job they are doing, but I feel there are a lack of communication with Astar community… People do not know what is going on and the future plans.

Team, please get us updated!!! @endore


I totally agree with you! We need updates :sweat_smile:


I contacted the team on Discord🚀


Thank you for contacting us, tksarah.
I will follow up and get back to you as soon as possible.


Hello tksarah and everyone, this is endore.

Thank you for contacting us.

Also, I didn’t share enough progress to the Astar community, sorry everyone.
I’m going to write a long post about it now.

Also, this text is machine translated from Japanese to English.
If there are any strange nuances, please let endore know, there is a high possibility that it is not the correct intention.

Below is the thread where I previously applied for dAppStaking, but it is difficult to add information as replies are not showing up.

・AstarSignWitch dAppStaking application thread: Astar Sign Witch - dApp Staking Application

Therefore, I would like to borrow this thread to send out information.

If there are any problems, please let me know.

This post is a summary of AstarSignWitch’s activities, not the whole story.

However, it is long as it contains about a year’s worth of information, thank you in advance.

As shared by tksarah, Astar SignWitch has successfully serialized and published a comic book.

Place of serialization

Nico Nico Manga: https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/comic/64087

Comicwalker: SignWitch -サインウィッチ- 無料漫画詳細 - 無料コミック カドコミ(コミックウォーカー)

Book publication

Kadokawa: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/322309001283/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4046832444

Special Thanks

"Astar"SignWitch is also mentioned!

The reason for the serialization is that it won a manga award.

I entered and won the Kumaneko Cup 2022.

The outline of the Bearcat Cup: 賞金総額250万円!『異世界おじさん』や『見える子ちゃん』でおなじみのアパンダ編集部とニコニコ漫画が漫画賞「熊猫杯2023」を開催! | KADOKAWA

The work at the time of winning the prize: https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/comic/59805

Announcement of the award: https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg673805

Winning the manga award led to prize money and serialization of the manga.

KADOKAWA’s SignWitch campaign page mentions that they are using AstarNetwork and has a link to AstarNetwork.

SignWitch campaign page: Amazonギフトカードやサイン本、NFTイラストが当たる!『SignWitch -サインウィッチ-』プレゼントキャンペーン実施中 | KADOKAWA

The following is a quotation.

● The publishing chain for the prize “SignWitch - SignWitch” NFT illustration will be Astar Network. In order to receive the prize, you will need to have an EVM-compatible Wallet address ready. Please refer to the official Astar Network website for details on how to use Astar Network.

In addition, we are connecting Cody Muro of Astar BizDev with KADOKAWA for this opportunity.

Cody Muro: https://twitter.com/codymuro3

KADOKAWA: https://twitter.com/kadokawa_san

This is the status of achievement and future goals as stated in the postscript to the thread where we previously applied for dAppStaking.

Q. How will you use the dApp Staking rewards?

A1. I would like to hire an assistant for a manga series, but the manuscript fee alone will not cover the cost.

→We have contracted with “Manga Background Studio Atsu,” which is involved in famous manga productions, and are working on manga serialization.

Manga Background Studio Atsu: https://twitter.com/link_papa
Note: 漫画背景ギルド「スタジオ🐶アッツー」スタッフ募集中|「ヘタ漫」アッツー

Signwitch is listed here!

Studio Azzo’s credits include: Naruto, Death Note, Shaman King, Rookies, Bleach, Hunter✕Hunter, and others.

We would be happy to continue to have more assistants and would appreciate your support.

Our original goal was to update once every two weeks and publish four books per year.

Currently, we update once a month and publish two books per year.

Currently, team members Endore and De are also working as assistants, which makes it difficult for them to do anything else.

For example, as shown in the AstarSignWitch PV, we are short on manpower and funds for game production.

AstarSignWitchPV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzJqpMPCrKc

If dAppStakingV3 continues to receive support and generate a certain amount of cash flow, we would like to set up a system in which the manga series and game production are carried out in parallel.

This is not a commitment, but we have both the execution and production skills to make creative work, as our track record below demonstrates.

Please, we would be happy to have your help.

A2. We will use your creativity for music and illustrations. works that extend the world view of the Witch.

→This one has been executed.

Achievements of music we have produced

・Main theme “When you wish upon a curse”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOJiJGDVbDs

This will be the main theme of AstarSignWitch.

People involved in the production

dama: https://twitter.com/damahysk

GURIWORKS: https://twitter.com/guriworks

Main song “Arisis”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omSzZcr0Su4

It will be the main song of AstarSignWitch.

It is distributed by Karaoke JOYSOUND.

Distributed at: https://twitter.com/ggendore/status/1597869417698033664

It is distributed on various distribution platforms.

Distributed at: アリシス by Astar Sign Witch | Eggs Pass


Yuraume P: https://twitter.com/y_urame

HASU: https://twitter.com/tako0980

HASU’s well-known work “Megumi no hito / Houjou Marin cover”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGgnJ0XKGN4

De: https://twitter.com/auau5555

Vtuber Akatsukiruki has contributed a song.
I sang this song with Vtuber Akatsuki Kuruki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKMv0y4kmyA

BGM for work “Secret study with a witch”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmcsby8uQSw

Achievements of Illustrations Created

Illustrations created by the management team
12 types + α.

h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1610229609886371840/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1612766199816781825/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1615873501638066177/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1617839758746570759/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1620376355081707522/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1622913062670897154/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1625449784449576966/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1627986499835658245/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1630523208473677825/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1633059926196240385/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1635596634363928576/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1638133351927119874/photo/1

Discord Stamp

h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1552277625221124098/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1581545183430475780/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/takaaki_tabei/status/1534905850502221824/photo/1

Available to anyone who subscribes to Astar SignWitch’s Discord.

Discord: https://discord.zz/dVpmR6Kvnm

People involved in the production

sakochi: SNS is currently deleted.

norio: https://twitter.com/noriozi1

Free standing pictures

We have created 13 kinds of free standing pictures.

Anyone can use them.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/AstarSignWitch/status/1716049254282891465/photo/1

Distribution location: AstarSignWitch さんのイラスト一覧 - ニコニコ静画 (イラスト)

People involved in the production

Yumenoeru: https://twitter.com/ELL86078140

De: https://twitter.com/auau5555

Fan Art

This is really encouraging, thank you.

Sorry I couldn’t list them all.

h ttps://twitter.com/domono18/status/1530431371839418368/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/domono18/status/1523311875911348224/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/domono18/status/1528255668213338112/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/domono18/status/1557423102497529856/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/hipain/status/1524080972613840897/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/notomotonario/status/1726135299150082219/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/noriozil/status/1557278777616760832/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/noriozil/status/1541804747447242752/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/noriozil/status/1531959241090932738/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/noriozil/status/1534160843742789633/photo/1
h ttps://twitter.com/noriozil/status/1520914332934377472/photo/1

A3. We will promote the manga as the main content and use it to promote the manga as needed.

→This one has been executed.

In cooperation with KADOKAWA, we created a PV for SignWitch featuring well-known voice actress Yui Ishikawa.

It was created with the cooperation of KADOKAWA, WebComicApanda, MediaFactory, and various others.

SignWitch PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyOeeAr3UAM

KADOKAWA Anime: https://www.youtube.com/@KADOKAWAanime

KADOKAWA Anime has over 2.59 million registered users.

The PV of SignWitch posted on the channel achieved 96,000 views in two days.

People involved in the production

KADOKAWA: https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/

Yui Ishikawa: Yui Ishikawa - Wikipedia

Achievements: Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan), YoRHa No.2 Type B (Nier: Automata), Toki Asuma (Blue Archive), Clorinde (Genshin Impact), Violet Evergarden ( Violet Evergarden)

A4. We would like to create English and other translated versions, especially for foreign holders.

→We are sorry, but we have decided that it is difficult to implement this.

The reason for this is that we receive a fee for the manuscript and do not retain the right to translate and publish it ourselves.

Instead, we are releasing rough drafts of the manga, called “names,” on our Discord channel for WitchNFT holders, which are not usually made public.

We also try to make our illustrations and music as non-verbal as possible, so that non-Japanese speakers can enjoy the creative process.

The following is a quote from Astar SignWitch dAppStaking.

Astar SignWitch dAppStaking: https://portal.astar.network/astar/dapp-staking/dapp?dapp=0x7b2152e51130439374672af463b735a59a47ea85

dAppStaking Overview


Astar Sign Witch is a PFP NFT project that we are developing on Astar Network.

Currently, we are mainly working on a manga series on Web Comic Appanda.

Our dAppStaking rewards are used to pay for expanding the awareness of Astar and Witch.

We are planning to give away NFT and real goods to NFT holders and dApp Stakers.

dAppStaking rewards are used to pay for expanding the awareness of Astar and Witch. We are planning to give away NFT and real goods to NFT holders and dApp Stakers.

We do not give back profits directly as in the Touhou project or SCP, but rather by expanding the number of IPs that can be used freely.

As a first step to give back to NFT holders, we are giving away a signed copy of the book and real goods for free.

Creative is here.

All AstarSignWitch products are produced by the Founder, endore.
I would be very happy if you would continue to support AstarSignWitch.

Best wishes for the convergence of Web2 and Web3, and for the growth of AstarNetwork.


Thank you for posting us lots of articles.
We will support your activities, please let us share about update.

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Thank you for your update @endore. Do you have plan launch also on Astar zkEVM?


I would obviously like to enter zkEVM if the opportunity arises.

The team’s creative abilities are improving, so we think we can deliver something even better.

We were initially planning to participate in the zkEVM launch gacha.

Due to Astar’s wishes, we had to cancel our participation once.
We had an additional opportunity to participate, but at that time we had no time to meet the deadline and had to turn down the project.

Creative-related projects are sometimes not released to the world even when they are created and provided to dApps.

(This happens in any industry, regardless of Web2Web3, so I don’t think it’s a problem.)

Therefore, pre-launch declarations are difficult, but post-launch declarations are possible.

For now, I can say that we will help promote HAHAcoin, which was started by a member of Astar Degens.
This is also something I have not yet announced on social networking sites, so I am honestly very unsure if I should say this first in this forum…

Also, since we are a group of creators, not a group of technologists, we are not willing to increase our own on-chain activities, which would only pull money out of the Astar ecosystem.
For example, if the interest rate is attractive in DeFi, it will be from Fiat to Crypt, but I think you are all currently completing all your entertainment in Fiat, and we feel it is very difficult to bring people to Crypt with entertainment.
The volume of NFT transactions does not increase amazingly even with comic book serialization and monographs.

In order to avoid relying solely on the Astar ecosystem, AstarSignWitch would like to first create cash flow with the manga, and then provide creativity (not necessarily for free) to other Astar dApps, etc.


One of the first collections found on Astar that I still own :slight_smile: I’m happy to see the progress and activity.
I believe that another way to increase visibility and encourage staking on Astarwitch is to use dApps that allow you to target Japan and Line users :slight_smile:
Glad to support You in Your future plans :saluting_face:


Thank you for your support!

And thanks for the great dApps introduction.
That is a wonderful use of the line.
I am once again strongly hoping to be able to do some sort of on-chain activity by 2024.

I look forward to working with you in the future.
Of course, if you have any questions about Witch, you can always ask.


This is amazing! We need more projects like this in Astar, plus they are an OG NFT project and have kept building!

Congrats guys! And please share your progress to the community!


I am very fascinated with what they have done and are doing. I reiterate what a fan I am of anime :sweat_smile:. I like that you have it in your sights to participate in Astar zkEVM. Keep the Yoki Origins campaign very much in mind, you would be a perfect fit for it.

Congratulations for such a great job! I’m going to subscribe.


WOW! You guys are doing really great… Congratulations team!

I am super excited if Astar Sign Witch become a game in the near future.


Thank you for the update!

This is a challenging issue indeed.
If you can create a good synergy between on-chain (Astar) and off-chain (comics), I think it would enhance the presence of Sign Witch. I can’t come up with a good idea right away, but please let me cooperate as a member of the Astar community.


Many thanks for this update @endore and keep building!


What’s a nice update. I’m looking forward to seeing any great things from yours. Thank you so much =)