CheersLand-Builders Program Application

I’m Peter Lim, Technical Partner of CheersLand. It’s great honor for me to apply Builders program of shiden/aster network. Let me introduce our project shortly.

Project Overview

CheersLand is dedicated to building an expandable GameFi universe where anyone can monetize their gaming experiences and social networks.

CheersLand has a complete product matrix and commercial closed-loop design, which provides gamified usage scenarios for crypto token holders without payment, composed of multi-game combinations, Ranking List, Initial Gaming Offering (IGO), NFT Market and Multi-asset Staking Platform.

The Play to Earn mode is adopted by some projects and caused enthusiastic response and commercial success in GameFi. In cheersLand, the Play to Earn mode is also adopted and optimized to be more suitable for ecological development.

Users are allowed to stake their tokens in the Staking Pool Contract developed by CheersLand or directly invite their friends through the exclusive link generated by CheersLand to earn Health Point(HP), the universal ticket for the CheersLand Multi-game Platform and used in the games of CheersLand.

All players who got rankings in the games will be rewarded every week. The weekly prizes are including but not limited to multi-asset airdrops of the sponsors, in-game items, revenue from regular business of CheersLand, such as IGO and NFT Market, etc…

CheersLand has launched the first classic game, Crypto Pirates, deployed on Binance Smart Chain and the feasibility of its business model has been verified while still in early access. Within two days of its launch, the game had accumulated more than 300 players.

In addition to Crypto Pirates, other games based on CheersLand will adopt the same business model and mechanism, which will help players earn continuous passive income.

We’d like to build a multi-game platform based on the Aster ecosystem and deploy Crypto Pirates as the first classic game to allow users to play the game using Aster, and support users to stake their tokens or directly invite friends to earn HPs and rewards without payment.

Project Screen


  • Peter Lim - Team Leader and Blockchain Developer
  • Joesph Cheung - Product Manager and Designer
  • Janna Ding - Head of Growth and User Experience Designer
  • Kerstin Darick - Full-stack Developer and Design Engineer

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Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 3month

Milestone 1

  • Deployed CheersLand smart contract with ink! for Aster, features including all logic related to the game, Invitation Mechanism, Multi-asset Staking.
  • Support for optional aster wallet links

Milestone 2

  • Deployed classic game named Crypto Pirates for Aster
  • Players’ performance statistics and ranking interface for for Aster

Milestone 3

  • Multi-asset Staking Platform(Web UI)
  • The second classic games named Click Click

Future Plans

  • Security Audit: We will audit the Staking and Invitation Contract code and the fronted code before launching and using the platform.
  • Optimization of business model: Other business segments of CheersLand will be linked with the multi-game platform. The gamified launchpad for startups is named Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) in CheersLand, which is currently under development and expected to be launched at the end of the month. NFT Market for trading in-game items based on CheersLand will be launched next quarter. We will share the updates of development here. At that time, we will connect these two segments with the multi-game platform to better integrate the businesses.
  • Regular Running: Eventually, we hope to hold the weekly tournament and run CheersLand Multi-game Platform on a regular basis and create commercial revenue for the platform. We will invite projects in the Shiden/Aster ecosystem to list their tokens on the multi-asset staking pallet and allow the token holders to stake tokens and earn HPs to play games in the multi-game platform.
  • Classic games are launched one after another: After the stable operation of Crypto Pirates, we will work with the developer community to develop and release other classic games on CheersLand Multi-game Platform, and deploy them on Aster to provide more gamified token use cases for web3 ecological users.

Thanks for your proposal. This application looks good to me!

Did you have an intro call with @Maarten or @moonme? If not, please schedule a call with them. Thanks.

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I would love to meet them to get to know them and the project.

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I like the project and the team, but I think it’s better suited for Shiden Network at this stage rather than Astar as there seems to be lots of work to do on development, as well as community growth to get it to better quality. The revenue from Shiden Network dApp Staking would surely help speed up the process.


come on,cheers with sdn astar

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider your suggestion deeply.

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CheersLand-Builders Program Application
  • Yes
  • No

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This can only start when WASM is available on our parachain.



For me this will be a temporary no, the following points have to be improved

  • Proposal is to deploy smart contracts in Ink! but I can see nothing about ink! on the Github
  • A 1st POC can easily be deployed on Shiden EVM before applying
  • Actual audit is very limited
  • The project you are about to build on is Astar not “Aster”
  • Only BSC is mentioned in the whitepaper, nothing about Astar

With the 2 first points being taken care of, I will happily vote yes next time.

Thanks for taking this into account.


Thanks a lot for your reply, we will take care of them.

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