YumiSwap - Builders Program Application

Dear Astar comunity, a pleasure to be here. I’m Grantas, a CEO of YumiSwap. I would like to apply YumiSwap in Builders Program.

Project Overview

YumiSwap is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and game. It’s the best choice for projects on Astar with features including AMM, NFT, and GameFi. YumiSwap brings benefits to users not just by trading and farming but profit opportunities through NFT, GameFi and great potential new projects launching from our very own YumiPad (Launchdpad). Also, you will get free $YUMI by trade mining.

Here are the basic links of our product.
Website: https://yumiswap.com/
Docs: https://docs.yumiswap.com/
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/Ap2GF4TRrQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yumiswap

YumiSwap will basically provide following functions in Astar Network in addition to normal swap function:
・Yield Farming
・Trade Mining
・Staking Pool
In addition to above, we will keep development to add more features. For details, please see our roadmap described below.

We are sure that Astar Network would be much better to grow rapidly by having several strong, trustful Automated market maker protocol. As strong public chains have several strong, trustful AMMs, like BSC for PancakeSwap, BiSwap and MDEX, Avalanche for Trader Joe and Pangollin, Fantom Opera for SpookySwap and SpiritSwap, Solana for Orca and Serum DEX. We would like to contribute to the growth of whole Astar ecosystem by deploying useful AMM.

Project goals

To provide a smooth DeFi product in Astar Network to grow the whole Astar ecosystem. After launching, we are going to make a lot of partnerships with existing projects. As we are strong dev team, we can provide qualified product smoothly.


Ticker: YUMI
Contract Address: TBU
Chain: Astar Network
Total Tokens: 18,921,600 YUMI

LP farming reward: 11,352,960
NFT reward: 567,648
Trade mining reward: 378,432
xYUMI staking rewards: 3,784,320
dev/marketing: 1,892,160
Ecosystem (pre-minted): 946,080

Allocation of pre-minted $YUMI
Private sale: 100,000
Whitelist sale: 100,000
Public sale: 400,000
Initial liquidity: 200,000
Treasury: 146,080

Public sale will be held around early May. After 24 hours later when public sale ends, we will open farms.
We set initial marketcap smaller than other AMMs so that many Astar users can experience the growth. Furthermore, we set small allocation to dev so that all users do not have to worry about the huge dev selling. 0.05% trading fee will be used to buy back $YUMI and is rewarded to xYUMI stakers
Recently lots of project allocate huge percent of team but we don’t as we want to be fair and truly decentralized.


To be a trustful project, we’ve already passed the security audit by 3rd party audit firm.
You can see our audit report below. We understand security is always important.

Project roadmap

Q2 2022
Trading Contests-The most active traders can win massive prizes!
YumiPad- Get big launchpad bonuses on vetted & high quality projects when you are a xYUMI holder.

Q3 2022
P2E Metaverse- Follow our socials to learn about our whitelist process and how to play the game!
Partnerships - We are working to onboard high quality partners to be their source of liquidity.
NFT market place and launchpad. Trade your favorite NFTs directly at YumiSwap!

Q4 2022
Bridge - Implement Multichain bridge
Utlity - Add various useful utilities to $YUMI token

Team members

Grantas CEO
Grantas has a lot of experience as well as deep knowledge for DeFi and NFT ecosystem. He specialize in macro economics and accounting. He has good experience in launching the product such as AMMs, Lending, Yield Optimizer, NFTs etc and growth of ecosystem in BSC, AVAX and FTM.

YuMax has deep knowledge and rich experience in marketing, game creation and business development.

Yumi Mark CTO
Yumi Mark is a lead developer with more than 5 years of professional experience building scalable dApps. He also has tons of experience in blockchain engineering and good at coding as well as building a whole apps in BSC, AVAX, FTM and Cronos.

Amount of grant we request

TVL: 20M → $20,000 USD equivalent ASTR with 3 months vesting
TVL: 50M → $30,000 USD equivalent ASTR with 6 months vesting
As Fantom Opera’s grant milestone is TVL 20M for USD worth of 50k FTM, we set our KPIs as above.

What we would like to ask for

dAppStaking listing when we launch
Help networking

We would like to use some portion of dApp staking rewards to buy back $YUMI to incentivise users to use our product so YumiSwap and Astar Ecosystem can grow each other.


After finishing smart contract deploy, we are going to open our github.


Great! Thanks for your application.
We will continue the talk on Telegram to finalize everything.


Based on the discussion, update the KPIs regarding the grants.

Amount of grant we request

$10K for TVL 10M
$20K for TVL 25M
$30K for TVL 50M
$50K for TVL 100M
*by the end of 2022

Hope this KPI suits Astar team.


So clear details in this informations,good

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My pleasure to hear that.

Now swap function is live. Rest will be open 24hours later of the $YUMI public sale.

Here’s the code of our smart contract.

We aim to be a long term, decentralized and trustful AMMs. YumiSwap will contribute to increase the TVL of Astar by providing the long term beneficial functions by rewarding ecosystem contributors.

In addition to the AMM standard functions, we will provide trading competitions, lottery as well as NFT Marketplace to encourage Astar users to commit the growth of Astar ecosystem.


I like this project and the development. I feel that the ecosystem needs to push more.

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We have prepared some sneak peek for Yumi NFT.
Core team is working hard to provide good products to Astar and Yumi Community.

Stay tuned to our progress and updates

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Dear Astar councils,

There might be some misunderstanding what you think of, which is our relations between AlnairFinance.
Core team members are different but some part of dev and marketing resources are same. So official interpretation is that YumiSwap and Alnair Finance is totally a different team. But some resources like part of devs, submitter of this forum are the same. It is really common in web3.0 world that some members are working for several projects and that can also be corresponded to YumiSwap and Alnair Finance.
YumiSwap is making a big challenge to be a leading DEX in Astar Network and we do not want to be misunderstood.
The CEO of Alnair Finance is actually my friend and why we could build fast is thanks to his incubation to us.

I think council was a little confused when they asked for the relationship with Alnair and my answer was no but turns out there is a connection in some dev and marketing resource.
As the core members are different, I answered no to the question from council. We are not a subsidiary of Alnair. No capital relationship, no investments. Therefore the answer is no.
Just sharing some dev resources as well as marketing resources and Yumi team is paying for devs.


Dear Astar councils
This is Mark, lead dev of YumiSwap.
Our 3 developers have been working hard and hard daily to build the innovative DEX on Astar Network.
Today I have checked the other dexs including starswap, ags, astarswap.
they were just pancake half fork/uniswap fork.
We are proud to say that we are building YumiSwap.
For now, I’m pretty sure YumiSwap is the best in terms of features and roadmap.
In particular, Trade mining and xYUMI fee sharing are innovative features we have only.
I sincerely hope YumiSwap would get the fair vote result.
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, does that mean you are not forking any existing DEX (smart contract / back / front) and build Yumi from scratch?
If that’s the case, I would be good to highlight it.


Hi @bLd759
nice to meet you.

Everyone can compare YumiSwap and other DEXs as our main features are live now.
Our team devs have worked on several DEX development already.
Fork is not problem here.
If there is something good project, we should implement and fork fast.
We considered the features from BabySwap and MDEX, BiSwap, SpookySwap, Pancake.
In addition, we have our own roadmap.

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Can we please get your Github repo address?


Would be nice to point out what differences you have from Pancake that you are forking, so we can realize added value from Yumi.

I have explained briefly in the above comment.
and all the details can be checked through the site and docs

All the contracts added and verified in blockscout

Thanks @mark yes I’ve seen your site and doc, have to say I didn’t find my answer this is why I asked the question :wink:
I have seen contracts too. May I ask how do you work in dev team without GitHub?

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Our frontend repo is private
we can change the solidity contract into public