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CoinEasy: Simplifying Web3 and Crypto Education


CoinEasy is a Web3 education social app designed to make the crypto world accessible and engaging for everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Project Overview: Astar CoinEasy Education Mobile App


Our mission is to simplify Web3 and cryptocurrencies by providing comprehensive education, fostering a vibrant community, and ensuring a secure environment for users to engage and learn.


Led by a group of blockchain experts, developers, and educators, our team is dedicated to creating an intuitive and enriching Web3 experience. More details are available on our deck.


We prioritize user security using the Lit Protocol and Ceramic network, with our security practices validated by regular audits from reputable third-party firms.

Past Performance & Milestones

  • Launched the Easy Edu initiative for comprehensive Web3 education.
  • Built a vibrant and engaging community platform.
  • Formed strategic partnerships within the Web3 ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Onboarding & Wallet Solutions:

  • Simple Web3 Access: Use your Apple or Google accounts for easy entry into Web3, combined with the ability to effortlessly create EVM-compatible wallets. This integration ensures a seamless transition for users new to Web3, allowing them to manage and export their wallets to popular services like MetaMask with ease.

  • Robust Data Protection: Ceramic network ensures top-tier security and data protection for all users.

  • Community Creation: Leverage NFTs or tokens to establish exclusive, token-gated communities, fostering niche interactions and engagements.

  • Social Engagement: Dive into real-time discussions, share insights, and earn rewards through active participation in our dynamic community.

  • Educational Content: With the Easy Edu feature, stay ahead of crypto trends, demystify complex Web3 technologies, and smoothly navigate the digital ecosystem.


We’re excited about the upcoming launch of the Astar token-gated community, Membership Dynamic NFTs (where users can upgrade their NFTs based on their activity, have tiers, and even create their own token-gated communities), and a Points Token system (which can be used to purchase Web3 products such as other tokens, cold wallets, and tickets to various Web3 conferences), all leveraging Astar’s zkEVM technology for innovative user engagement and rewards.

dApp Staking Rewards

Staking rewards will be reinvested into the platform to develop new features and enhance services, with a portion shared directly with the community to encourage engagement and participation.

Learn More

CoinEasy Web3 Education Social Mobile App :iphone:

:iphone:iOS | :iphone:Android

CoinEasy Community:

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CoinEasy offers a gateway to the Web3 world, emphasizing security, education, and community. Our platform is designed to empower users with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the digital economy confidently.


It looks very interesting. Can I ask you some more questions?

  1. There are many different Web3 projects available right now. How does your project compare to others in terms of advantages and disadvantages?

  2. How does the project generate revenue and expenses?

  3. Can you provide some details about the project’s past performance and milestones in terms of numbers?


Thank you for your interest.

Our project stands out in the Web3 space by aligning with Astar’s focus on the Korean market and leveraging our local expertise in South Korea. This positions us to significantly aid Astar’s expansion and strengthen its presence in Korea.


  • Local Insight: Deep understanding of the Korean market to tailor Web3 solutions effectively.
  • Strategic Partnership: Aligned with Astar’s goals, enhancing its expansion into Korea.
  • Community Engagement: Strong local community building for better adoption and support.

Revenue and Milestones:

Revenue comes from service fees, partnerships, and community initiatives, with expenses in development, marketing, and operations. Key milestones include platform launch, partnership development, and user base growth, indicating a positive trend in adoption and engagement.

Past Performance and Milestones:

We’ve successfully launched our platform, formed key partnerships in Korea’s Web3 ecosystem, and seen substantial growth in user base and community engagement. Our indicators suggest a strong increase in user adoption and activity, demonstrating our project’s positive impact.

Our approach is to leverage our local market knowledge and Astar’s objectives to foster Web3 adoption and secure Astar’s position in the Korean market.


Hello @CoinEasy,

Thank you for your interest in Astar and our dApp staking mechanism.

May I ask if you already have an existing product on Astar network that we could try out?


Everyone in the forum will vote according to their own criteria, but while the extent to which the project is well-established is a given, what I’m personally most curious about is whether there is any contribution or value accrual to the network itself.

  1. I assume that the interactions happening in the app will not be on-chain. Do you have a roadmap for creating transactions using the Astar network beyond the issuance and status changes of NFTs? Have you set any goals for this?

  2. Personally, I also think that, not only for Astar but also on other networks, there should be more focus on on-chain guides and educational platforms for beginners rather than content focused on in-depth information and trends for advanced users. If you get listed on DApp staking, do you plan to prepare more or periodic guides and educational content, especially for Astar?


Thank you, @Gaius_sama,

We plan to collaborate with Beyondclub on the roadmap we mentioned, but in the meantime, you can try our app. We provide Web3 wallet login for users: :iphone:iOS | :iphone:Android


Thank you @Earl,

Regarding on-chain interactions, while the initial phases of our app will fully utilize on-chain transactions beyond NFT issuance, status updates and points system. we are actively exploring ways to integrate more on-chain activities. Our roadmap includes plans to expand the use of the Astar network by exploring features such as token-based transactions, staking mechanisms, and on-chain governance aspects for community-driven decisions.

As for educational content, we wholeheartedly agree with the need for more beginner-focused guides and resources. Education is a cornerstone of our project, and we aim to demystify Web3 and blockchain technology for a wider audience. If we are listed for DApp staking, we are committed to developing and regularly updating a curriculum of educational content specifically tailored to the Astar network.

This will include:

  • Beginner Guides: Easy-to-understand introductions to blockchain and Astar, helping new users navigate the ecosystem.

  • Periodic Updates: Keeping the community up-to-date with Astar’s latest developments and features.

  • Web3 On-Chain Content: Offering insights and practical knowledge through on-chain activities and content, contributing to the Astar network’s growth and user empowerment.

Our goal is to not only contribute to the Astar network through increased transaction volume and engagement but also to enhance the overall ecosystem by empowering users with knowledge and tools for informed participation.


Hello CoinEasy! I think finding ways to simplify the use of web3 is always nice, but I would like to know in more detail how many chains the project will deploy on, or if it’s only going to focus on the Astar ecosystem (parachain/L2). Thanks.


Appreciated with your answers. Let’s make a great things together =)


Glad to see all Qs answered fast with lot of info. Thank you!


Hello! @defiguy, Thank you for your interest in CoinEasy’s mission to simplify Web3 usage. Our application is crafted to enrich the Astar ecosystem and also to link it with other blockchain networks. By allowing users to scan their wallets from different chains, we enable a smooth flow of data and assets into the Astar ecosystem. This interoperability plays a key role in:

  1. Diversifying Resources: By integrating with multiple chains, we bring a wealth of resources and assets into the Astar ecosystem, enriching it with a wider range of functionalities and opportunities.
  2. Attracting Users: This cross-chain functionality makes Astar more accessible to users from different blockchain backgrounds, significantly boosting user engagement and adoption within the Astar ecosystem.
  3. Increasing Brand Awareness: As users from other chains interact with the Astar ecosystem through CoinEasy, the visibility and recognition of Astar as a versatile and user-friendly platform grow, enhancing its position in the broader blockchain landscape.

Our commitment to bridging various blockchain networks with Astar not only aligns with our goal to simplify Web3 but also strategically positions Astar for greater adoption, collaboration, and innovation. This approach benefits all stakeholders by fostering a more interconnected and dynamic blockchain ecosystem.


Thank you for your respond and questions. Let’s make a great things together! :blush:


Thank you for your response and validation!


That’s a interesting dApp, but how can you guys increase value to the Astar Network community? What outputs are you guys aiming for?


Thank you for your interest in our dApp! @pitcoin777

We’re committed to delivering value to the Astar Network community in several key ways:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: By simplifying the user interface and experience, we aim to make it easier for both newcomers and seasoned users to engage with Astar’s ecosystem, thereby broadening its user base.
  2. Community Engagement: Through interactive features and community-driven initiatives, we plan to foster a more vibrant and engaged Astar community, encouraging collaboration and innovation.
  3. Cross-Chain Interoperability: By facilitating seamless interactions between Astar and other blockchains, we intend to bring new assets and functionalities to the Astar Network, enhancing its utility and appeal.
  4. Educational Content: We’re focused on providing educational resources tailored to the Astar Network, helping users understand its unique features and capabilities, which in turn drives more informed and active participation.

Our ultimate goal is to not only increase the transaction volume within the Astar ecosystem but also to enrich the community with knowledge, tools, and opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Thank you very much for the proposal! I have the following comments:

  1. What is the plan for community creation, are you going to build on any social media like discord, tg or twitter? if so, could you please share
  2. For the educational content, is that related to Astar and any plan for what type of content do you plan to provide? I am curious about what it will bring to Astar eco
  3. For the roadmap, do you have timeline and also more details, like what type of Points token system, and what type of dynamic NFT?

Hi CoinEasy team,

I still remember the AMA with us some time ago, glad to see your application!

In order to cast my vote for ecosystem growth, it would be great to see some of your inputs for the following questions:

  1. These days, one of the most hyped social platform would be WarpCast and It would be great if you can benchmark and get some comparison and feedback out of it, because they also provide one-click login, free handles (or with a small price), no gas fees, token-gated community, and so on, if I am not mistaken.

  2. Launching was on September 2023, and now the number of users seem to gradually increase, which is really good. Do you have such number for Astar Network at this moment? If not, do you have any specific target number of users at a certain time frame, for example, at the end of 2024 or so with Astar Network?

  3. I was curious if there is any Astar-related community engagement in advance to this proposal. I remember the AMA mentioned above and liked it. So it would be great if you can stress out such and more if any to help the community know CoinEasy better :slight_smile:

  4. Glad to see that you have three different Sign-up options: Google, Apple (from iOS), and wallet connect. Except for the wallet connect, would you need to store any wallet-related information somewhere?

  5. Can the app also be provided in another language than Korean? On top of it, please share any strategy if you plan to expand CoinEasy global.

  6. At the left-most menu :house: , it seems all the tweets/posts in different languages are visible, would it be categorized later or so?

  7. As one of your features is token-gated community, so it would be great if you can elaborate more on it along on the app (or dApp).

Please let me know if further elaboration is necessary.



Thank you for your interest, @DrCAO!

Here’s a concise overview:

Community Creation:

We’ll leverage the CoinEasy App’s features category for Astar Network and additionally create token-gated communities for token and NFT holders in Astar, fostering discussions and updates.

Educational Content:

We’ll provide educational content on the Astar ecosystem, including introductory guides, technical deep dives, and updates, presented through articles, infographics, tutorials and etc.

Roadmap Details:

  • Timeline: Our 12-month roadmap encompasses community development, content rollout, and feature launches.
  • Points Token System: A reward system for community engagement, allowing tokens to be swapped for physical goods, other tokens, and event participation.
  • Dynamic NFTs: These will change in appearance, for example, becoming more elaborate as users write and share experiences or insights about Astar. They will offer exclusive access to token-gated communities and evolve based on user interaction within our ecosystem.

Our goal is to enhance the Astar community through engagement, education, and innovative features.

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Hello @pithecus,

Thank you for your interest!

Here’s a concise summary:

Comparison with WarpCast and While WarpCast charges users $5 per month, CoinEasy remains free, aiming to attract native Web3 users with a focus on education and unique features tailored to the Astar ecosystem.

User Growth: We’re actively growing our user base within the Astar Network and plan to achieve significant growth by the end of 2024, with detailed goals to be outlined soon.

Community Engagement: Our engagement with the Astar community includes AMAs and social media interactions, and we’re committed to further deepening these connections.

Privacy and Sign-up Options: Using Lit Protocol, we ensure minimal data storage for Google and Apple sign-ups and provide secure wallet connections without storing sensitive information, facilitating easy management and export to services like MetaMask.

Global Expansion: Currently available in English and Korean, CoinEasy will introduce more languages to enhance global accessibility, supported by localized content and international partnerships.

Content Categorization: We’ve implemented filters to improve content navigation, allowing users to personalize their feed according to their preferences.

Token-Gated Communities: Our app features exclusive communities for token and NFT holders, providing special content and interactive opportunities within the Astar ecosystem.

Feel free to reach out for more information or clarification.

Best regards, CoinEasy Team

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