MoonFit Dapp Staking Proposal

Dear Astar community, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m Peter, BD Manager of MoonFit - we would like to apply for the Astar Dapp Staking listing and contribute to the growth of Astar Ecosystem!


MoonFit is a cross-chain social fitness app dedicated to empowering everyone to embrace an active lifestyle, stay fit, and stay healthy. We leverage Web3 and NFTs to incentivize, motivate and encourage users to engage in diverse forms of training and burn calories. Through our rewarding system and Web3 Fitness model, we aim to bring unique fitness experiences and become a sustainable model for mass adoption.

MoonFit is available on both iOS & Android, also compatible with wearable devices like Apple Watch. We are implementing Web3 Fitness, a breakthrough model that utilizes and improves both user experience and in-game economy, solving the problem of motivation and project sustainability at the same time.

- User Experience:

To solve the problem of motivation, MoonFit allows users to:

  • Join any sport, at their flexible speed, schedule & frequency.

    Instead of forcing users to run at the same speed every day, which can lead to unexpected injuries, MoonFit lets users choose the sport they want to earn, the pace they want to move and an option to reserve energy for the next day. With those options, MoonFit’s users customize their training schedule and stay healthy at the same time as earning tokens.

  • Enjoy social-related features and diverse incentives/rewards forms.

    In MoonFit, we applied a diverse rewards system, where users can earn not only monetary rewards but also other Web3 rewards like NFTs, Whitelist or rewards from our partners, to Real-life items (Merchandise) & Social Rewards.

In MoonFit, we believe that Social Connections are the best motivation for training. Therefore we are creating a place where users can have new experiences, friendships, connections and social engagements such as: sharing content/activities, joining a club, challenging a friend, etc. Gamification in games will reduce pain, make training more fun, and motivate users.

  • In-game Economy

MoonFit is not another “Ponzi” Move-to-earn, we focus on features that can attract cash flows from outside and a different tokenomics reducing inflation risks: Running Clan, MoonShop, Land Rental, Marathon, etc.

MoonFit generates revenue through:

  • Tax from in-app transactions and activities
  • NFT Sales/Mint
  • MoonShop - In-app marketplace revenue, including the sale of in-game items, NFTs, real-life merchandise, fitness related items, etc. Users can order merchandise the same as the MoonItem they got in the mobile app (shirt, hoodie, cap, sneaker). They even can order merchandises that are worn by their Beast & Beauty.
  • Running Clan: Clan owners pay to build their fitness communities, in return they can earn more rewards in the clan and decide how the rewards will be distributed among clan members. This model also works for companies and businesses, they can create their own clans in MoonFit to promote employees’ training spirit and wellness programs and increase their brand awareness.
  • Land rental/Advertising, providing discounts, rewards and privileges to users who visit local businesses on the MoonFit Universe
  • Virtual Marathon/Competition event: Users can hold NFTs, have special badge or buy tickets to participate

MoonFit’s 1 token model focuses on 1 governance token - $MFG and 1 in-app utility token - $MFR (non-exchangeable). For more info about MoonFit’s tokenomics, please visit here.

This is to make sure MoonFit has diverse features and utilities that mitigate inflation risks and attract various cash flows, long-term sustainability.


Improving User Experience via Key Launches:

  • Jul 2022: 2 months after initiating MoonFit project - Our first-ever public version for testing!
  • Oct 2022: Leaderboard; Running Clan
  • Nov 2022: Integrate WalletConnect on mobile app to support MetaMask
  • Dec 2022: Incentivized Testnet #1 Released; Deposit & Withdraw $GLMR and Moonbeast NFT
  • Jan 2023: Daily Quests; Lucky Wheel; Weekly Raffle; Clan Management

  • Mar 2023: Monthly Training Recap
  • Apr 2023: User Referral; In-app NFT Minting;
  • May 2023: Badges System
  • June 2023: Apple Watch Integration

  • August 2023: Cross-chain Interoperability with Astar Network; Reward Exchange

For more details about our product updates and changelog, please go to: Changelog / Updates - MoonFit White Paper

In-progress Features:

  • Social Feed - Sharing content/activities and connect with other fitness lovers:

As MoonFit becomes a cross-chain social fitness app, we want to give our users a decentralized social platform where they can share their own activities, content, training tips and connect with other MoonFit ethusiasts, giving each other more motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that social connections are one of the most important sources of motivation, therefore, we aim to offer MoonFit users more ways to stay healthy and earn rewards from their training and interactions between users.

More activities from the social feed will be executed on-chain, encouraging more Web3 adoption and transparency in reward distribution. This feature is already in progress and expected to release in the upcoming months!

  • Integration with CyberConnect V3: Multi-chain Interoperability CyberAccount, Decentralized Social Protocol

MoonFit will leverage on the technology of CyberConnect, the biggest decentralized social network protocol, to develop more social connections/interactions as well as cross-chain interoperability in MoonFit app. We are working closely with CyberConnect to integrate with their CyberAccount and CyberConnect V3, expecting to release in the next 2-3 months.

  • PvP/Duel mode
  • More wearable devices integration

And more to come.


  • 16K+ Total Users
  • 1000+ Daily Active Users
  • 200K+ running sessions
  • 600K+ KM in total running distance
  • 50M+ calories burned
  • Total Marketplace volume: 140K+ $GLMR (Ranked #2 in Moonbeam ecosystem)
  • Total MarketCap (Beauty & Beast + Mint Pass): ~1.1M $GLMRs

MoonFit Beast and Beauty NFT Collection ranking #1 in Moonbeam NFT Collection on TofuNFT:

MoonFit Beast and Beauty NFT All-Time Trading Volume ranking #2 in Moonbeam NFTScan:

Total NFTs minted: 2600+

Round 1: 500 NFTs - Sold out in under 30 minutes!

Round 2: 1500 NFTs - First 1000 NFTs sold out in under 20 minutes!

We built an awesome community!

Loved by global users!


Astar Friends

Astar Degens: The biggest community-based VC DAO in Astar Network

Mones: a leading P2E MMORPG Mobile game on Astar Network with 1M+ downloads of their traditional version - CeresM

ArtZero: Number 1 Ink!-based NFT Marketplace on Aleph Zero and Astar Network

Algem: Native liquid staking DeFi dApp on top of Astar Network offering various ways for ASTR users and holders to earn more - Top #2 TVL in Astar Ecosystem with $11M Total Value Locked.

AstridDAO: No.1 Stablecoin on Astar Network and Polkadot - Top #3 TVL in Astar Ecosystem with $4.5M Total Value Locked

Starfish Finance: Leading Entertainment-Fi in Web3 & piloting the Multichain Gamified DeFi playground - on Astar Network with $1.4M TVL.

Looking to connect more Astar friends!

Cross-chain Friends & Partners

CyberConnect: Web3’s earliest decentralized social network and the biggest platform with 327K Monthly Active wallets, 887K CyberProfiles, conducting 7.3M+ transactions.

Trend3 (powered by ReadON): Trend3, powered by ReadON, is a Content-as-a-service that provides business clients with content solutions for long-term user engagement & retention.

HashKey DID: a decentralized identity project with more than 1.1 million DID users.

Subspace Network: a layer zero protocol and an infrastructure layer for the Web3 ecosystems. Backed by Pantera, Coinbase Ventures,, D1 Ventures, Web3 Foundation…

Bit.Country: a Metaverse as a Service Platform. Backed by Animoca Brands, DFG, Web3 Foundation, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator…

and many others.

Furthermore, we are connecting with the traditional training communities leaders who have an open mind and are not afraid of change. We already had our partners as Professional athletes:

Abdell: a marathon runner and hold records in different country run, Membership in the Global Council of Sports Science

Maxim 2: Professional gym-er and Nutrition expert

Alex: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the USA


Astar Network is one of the most potential ecosystem in the space with a hard-working team and an ecosystem of passionate builders who always support each other to grow as a whole, which we appreciate a lot. MoonFit would love to join Astar ecosystem and contribute to its growth by spearheading Astar brand awareness and user base across our cross-chain connections and ecosystems. MoonFit’s grand vision is to become the first ever cross-chain social fitness app, adding more SocialFi utilities and value for Astar ecosystem & Astar users as a Dapp with unique model and Web3 fitness features.

MoonFit’s cross-chain interoperability with Astar Network involves these following key features and utilities:

  • MoonFit Beauty & Beast NFT Collection deployed on Astar Network, cross-chain NFT withdrawals will lock MoonFit NFTs from Moonbeam Network and deploy new ones on Astar Network.
  • Opening the deposit/withdrawal and usage of $ASTR and MoonFit’s Astar NFTs in MoonFit app
  • Mint MoonFit Beauty & Beast NFTs using $ASTR in the mobile app - available on both IOS & Android.
  • Opening a new Reward Exchange pool: Convert users’ in-app earnings to $ASTR
  • MoonFit NFTs can be cross-chain withdrawn from Moonbeam Network to Astar Network with all functionalities & stats.

MoonFit adds value to the Astar ecosystem in several ways:

  • Brand Awareness & User Base:

Astar Network will become the first blockchain that MoonFit expands to, in the vision of turning into the first cross-chain social fitness app. We have, in progress, the product integration with CyberConnect, utilizing the cross-chain interoperability of CyberAccount and bringing MoonFit existence across different blockchains (OP BNB, Base, ZK-EVM ecosystems, etc). As a project deeply connected and partnered with leading projects and communities in Astar Network, our growth will be beneficial to Astar ecosystem in terms of brand awareness and growth opportunities. As we grow our user base and branding with our upcoming plans, more and more people will be educated about Astar Network and onboarded to the ecosystem.

With the launch of MoonFit Beauty & Beast NFTs on Astar Network and the deposit and usage of $ASTR in MoonFit app, we will educate our current user base of 16K+ users and our upcoming potential tens of thousands users gained from upcoming CyberConnect integration and other cross-chain initiatives about Astar and onboard them to the ecosystem.

This would become a huge win for Astar Ecosystem, as CyberConnect, over the last 11 months, has 1.3M unique wallets executing 14.7M on-chain transactions on the CyberConnect protocol. Over 2,400 verified organizations use their CyberProfiles to build a Web3-native audience, including CoinMarketCap, PoolTogether, Maverick, and more. As of April 2023, CyberConnect’s flagship social network platform, Link3, has 940k monthly active users.

  • More utilities and holders for $ASTR

As we open in MoonFit app the deposit and usage of $ASTR as well as a new Reward Exchange Pool: Convert users’ in-app earnings to $ASTR, we will increase more use cases and more holders for $ASTR. In details, more users will receive $ASTR as rewards from MoonFit app and become $ASTR holders as MoonFit applies more $ASTR utilities and keeps educating users about Astar Network. This also aligns with our purpose of encouraging a healthy lifestyle and more training activities, in which users can only earn $ASTR from actually using MoonFit app, not simple click-to-earn.

  • Increased transactions on Astar Network: Mint NFTs, staking on Astar Dapp Staking…

Users are now able to mint MoonFit Beauty & Beast NFTs in MoonFit app using $ASTR. We will have special advantages and rewards for anyone who stake for MoonFit Dapp Staking, encouraging more users to join Astar Network and create on-chain transactions. More details can be found in the Dapp Staking Reward Usage part below.

Furthermore, this initiative aims to bridge NFTs seamlessly between Moonbeam Network and Astar Network, bringing together two strong and growing communities. This not only marks the first cross-chain NFT connected contracts use case between Moonbeam and Astar, but also paves the way for NFT Dapps on Polkadot to develop cross-chain interoperability across parachains.

Dapp Staking Reward Usage:

  • 20% Rewards for Stakers
  • 30% Rewards for NFT holders & Users
  • 30% Product Development
  • 20% Marketing

For Stakers: We will allocate 20% of Dapp Staking Reward to anyone who stake for MoonFit. It means that besides their base APR from Astar Staking, they will receive an additional amount of $ASTR rewards from MoonFit, distribution is on monthly basis.

For MoonFit NFT Holders & Users: 30% of Dapp Staking Reward will be allocated to our Reward Pool as incentives, allowing MoonFit users to exchange their in-app earnings into $ASTR. This will be done via our Reward Exchange feature, happening weekly. MoonFit is available and open to everyone, users are not required to own a MoonFit NFT to get started and earn with MoonFit. This also aligns with our purpose of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle with incentives, users can only receive their rewards if they use MoonFit app, or participate in our campaigns which always encouraged users to do more exercise.

For Product Development: 30% of Dapp Staking Reward will be spent on product development to increase Astar brand awareness and more important interactions between MoonFit app and Astar Network. There are several features that are already completed such as Astar Reward Exchange, Deposit/usage of $ASTR in MoonFit app and cross-chain NFT deposit/withdrawals. With new features set to release in upcoming months such as Social Feed, PvP/Duel mode, Marketplace, etc, we also expect to create more use cases and importance for $ASTR in MoonFit app. More details:

  • Promote Astar Dapp Staking in MoonFit app: we will develop a permanent feature and mechanism in MoonFit app to encourage users to stake for MoonFit in Astar Dapp Staking and receive exclusive perks such as additional tokens, NFTs, in-app reward boost, badges, etc. This can onboard a lot of new users to Astar Network, as any non-native Astar users use MoonFit app will be encouraged to do this and create more transactions as well as interact more with Astar Network.

  • $ASTR as a payment token in MoonFit’s in-app marketplace: Besides other in-app activities mentioned above, users will also be encouraged to spend $ASTR to trade in our in-app marketplace, in terms of NFTs, in-game items, merchandise and many others.

  • Astar-themed background: There will be Astar-themed backgrounds for post-training recap and images that users can share to our social feed as well as other social media platform like X, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will increase Astar brand awareness across different social media platforms.

For Marketing: 20% of Dapp Staking Reward will be distributed via marketing campaigns, activities and events to promote and increase brand awareness of Astar Network. We plan to work closely with leading projects and communities in and out of Astar ecosystem to create more traction and co-marketing activities to grow MoonFit and Astar ecosystem in general.

There will be in-app banners & images promoting Astar Network, Dapp Staking and so on. We will also create more educational materials, content, videos, graphics about Astar Network across our app and community channels.


Milestone #1: Cross-chain interoperability with Astar Network; Deposit & Usage of $ASTR in MoonFit app; Mint MoonFit NFTs with $ASTR; Astar Reward Exchange - Done!

Milestone #2: Promote Dapp Staking in MoonFit app; Add Astar-themed background.

Milestone #3: Add $ASTR to MoonFit’s in-app marketplace.

In numbers:

  • Reach 300,000 $ASTR staked at MoonFit Dapp Staking in 2 months.
  • Reach 1,000,000 $ASTR staked at MoonFit Dapp Staking in 6 months.
  • Reach 3,000,000 $ASTR staked at MoonFit Dapp Staking in 18 months.


Our team comprises 13 members with years of experience in many fields from software development, blockchain engineering, and design, who work tirelessly to make MoonFit come true and promote an active lifestyle. All the team are full-time and working in-house.

MoonFit is incubated by SubWallet, we have great advisors with more than a decade of experience in Software Development and Entrepreneurship. They are founders of SubWallet - the pioneer Web3 extension wallet in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

Founder - Jack Nguyen

Jack is a Top 1% Graduate of Bachelor of Science, Computer Science at Vietnam National University. With notable achievements including being the first runner-up in S.M.A.C Challenge and UET Hackathon, as well as being an IBM Certified Solution Designer, Jack’s passion for technology is evident. For over 8 years, Jack has been a valuable contributor at Merchize - Top1 POD platform in Vietnam, significantly contributing to various software products and businesses. Previously serving as the Chief Product Officer of Merchize, a successful Web2 enterprise, Jack spearheaded the fulfillment of over 10 million merchandise orders across 190+ countries in three years.

Marketing Manager - Steve Tran

Former Marketing Specialist at VinFast, #7 Automakers in the world with market cap of $64B USD, Steve gained the capability through his valuable contribution to 23 Creative VN being Deputy Director & eSports Manager. Steve has invested in Crypto since 2017, gaining much experience and knowledge through several ups & downs of the market.

Business Development Executive - Peter

Experienced in Blockchain Project Manager, Research & BD - Peter have shown remarkable achievements with previous projects, one of them being the Top #5 Subnet in Avalanche ecosystem, working with top projects in terms of all kinds. Peter have also been an active supporter of Polkadot in Vietnam and South East Asian region, promoting and hosting several Polkadot-based events in connecting builders, VCs and retail users. Been in the crypto market for 3+ years, Peter started out as a core & early contributor to building a community which is the Top #1 in Vietnam, doing educational videos on Youtube.

Moreover, we have other members and experienced advisors that you can have a closer look at in our whitepaper.

Looking forward to questions from Astar fam, thank you very much!

You can check out our works on Astar at MoonFit GitHub: MoonFitApp · GitHub


Thanks for the proposal. What are the milestones of Astar implementations and your commitments? I am afraid that the reward is used for Moonbeam’s development. It has to be for Astar.


I didn’t have the chance to test the dApp in Moonbeam but from I can see and hear, the dApp seems to be very good.
I have a concern about Dapp Staking Reward Usage.

Distribute 40% rewards seems too high to me and it is not in the spirit of dAppStaking.
Indeed the stakers already receive rewards and the developer rewards should be used for building and communication, not to attract new users. I am afraid some users stake on your dApp only to get extra rewards, not because your dApp is their favorite and want to support you.
Maybe this 40% rewards could be used for developement in Astar and maybe you can attract more stakers by distributing NFT by example.

I am sorry, but with this Dapp Staking Reward Usage, I will vote no.


@peterwlams I have to also signal that it may be best to change it to 20%, a percentage that Astar Degens and Cosmize self cap themselves to. This lowers the risk that stakers who only want higher rewards chase dapps that offer high percentage. In the spirit of whats best to the network, imo 40% should be changed to 20% to make it a even playfield. Of course this isn’t mandatory but its a suggestion.

In Shiden years back, we say dapp teams rewards high % rewards back to stakers, causing a competitive environment and encouraging dapps to raise rewards even further. I believe that while great to incentive users, it should still be more encourage that builders retain most of it for innovative development and not necessarily for extra rewards on top of stakers already earn.


Hey Peter, you know I have partnership With moonfit and Heal3. And When moonfit created, my ex fiance Seray worked With u. I believe Moonfit and Their team. Also you know I am wearing moonfit tshirt Most of time. Whatever I love your community and your project but I dont want to see any project on Astar from Moonbeam Network. Because I am worry to spend these rewards on Moonbeam development. Also The fact that you’re a heal3 rival worries me. Your similar projects. And seeing the contention of these two projects on Astar will divide the user base rather than increase it. I want to see more different projects in Astar Network. But moonfit will be a more meaningful project for me as it always appeals to the dotsama base.


Heyy GuiGou, thank you very much for your feedback! I understand your concern and would like to say that this helped us a lot in understanding the spirit of Astar Dapp Staking.

Our intention is to find a way to pay back to Astar community who support us in Dapp Staking, not only in forms of our tokens, NFTs but also in $ASTR. We agree that 40% is too high, and thanks to the comments from you and Ramz, we have decided to make changes to our Dapp Staking Reward Usage to a much more reasonable allocation:

  • 20% Rewards for Stakers
  • 30% Rewards for NFT holders & Users
  • 30% Product Development
  • 20% Marketing

I think this will solve your concern about users staking on our Dapp only to get extra rewards, which we agree it might be a bad competition for the ecosystem as well. Furthermore, more reward will be spent on marketing & product development, aiming to increase Astar brand awareness and user interactions between MoonFit app and Astar Network → ultimately educating more users about Astar and onboard them to the ecosystem.

I will add more details about this in our proposal above, stating clear features and plans. Please check and let me know your thoughts about it!

Thank you very much GuiGou, we wish you all the best!


Hi Ramz, thank you very much for your feedback and suggestion! We have always appreciated all your support since the idea of bringing MoonFit to Astar just originated, and it’s also one of the key factors why we decided to work with Astar team.

Actually we did not know about Shiden problem of paying high % rewards back to stakers, and also about the self cap of 20%. But now we clearly understand the risk it might cause to the ecosystem and thanks to your suggestion - we can still be able to change the allocation to an extent that would best support the growth of Astar Ecosystem.

  • 20% Rewards for Stakers
  • 30% Rewards for NFT holders & Users
  • 30% Product Development
  • 20% Marketing

More funds will be spent on Marketing & Product Development so that we can clearly leverage on our strengths to contribute to the growth of Astar Network. Please check our proposal again for more details on how we will do it.

Thank you very much, this really helped us a lot!


Hi Leo, as always, thank you for your support! I would like to add some comments to solve your concerns.

First, we would like to make clear statements that we are not a Heal3 rival and we are here to build together - all contributing to the growth of Astar Network. Our business model is different, although we may share the Move-to-earn mechanism but MoonFit has actually grown beyond the M2E concept with a lot of new features released. I believe we may share the same vision of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but the features and the experience users will have are completely different.

Many people also mistake our model with Heal3’s, however, MoonFit is a cross-chain social fitness app, not only do we focus on rewarding users for their training activities but we also focus on social features - developing a platform where they can connect, compete, share their fitness/lifestyle content and get rewarded for their social interactions. Our in-progress integration with CyberConnect also helps us achieve this goal, enabling more cross-chain interoperability → open to more users → onboard them to Astar. I strongly believe that Astar Ecosystem also needs utility-rich Dapps like MoonFit as well as diversities, offering Astar users with more unique products to experience.

Second, our Dapp Staking reward will not be spent on Moonbeam development. 30% for Product Development will be spent on increasing Astar brand awareness & developing new features, utilities and use cases for $ASTR in MoonFit app. As we aim to become a cross-chain project, Moonbeam is one of the blockchains that we support, among with other blockchains to come. So rest assured!

Thank you very much! Btw, we really appreciate that you love wearing MoonFit t-shirts :laughing:

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Hi Sota, thank you very much for raising your concerns!

We would like to confirm that Astar Dapp Staking Reward will not be used for Moonbeam’s development. As we aim to contribute to the growth of Astar ecosystem, we will spend on developing more features and utilities to increase Astar brand awareness, onboard new users and create more transactions/interactions on/with Astar Network.

We have already completed several features such as Cross-chain interoperability with Astar Network; Deposit & Usage of $ASTR in MoonFit app; Mint MoonFit NFTs with $ASTR; Astar Reward Exchange. Detailed milestones in terms of product and $ASTR staked at MoonFit Dapp Staking have been updated to the proposal above, please check and let us know your thoughts!

Thank you and warm regards!


Thanks for all the answers @peterwlams.
So far, I haven’t check the dApp when it was deployed on Moonbeam. Since myself is a sport and healthy enthusiast, I’m going to test it first.


Thank you @souleater , I’m more than happy to help you get started with MoonFit app - my Telegram handle is @peterwlams

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Hi everyone,

MoonFit has successfully launched on Astar Network, you can check out our works on GitHub: MoonFitApp · GitHub

Thank you and best regards!

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I’m impressed by Moonfit’s enthusiasm and got good experience with their team. To make their initiative even more appealing, I suggest they consider reducing the reward system while providing transparent records to demonstrate how rewards directly contribute to Astar’s progress. With this approach, I would be 100% on board, as it would foster trust and ensure resources are used effectively for the project’s benefit. And for the record, little competition is always good!


It’s great to see Moonfit’s genuine interest in becoming a part of the Astar ecosystem. From a personal standpoint, i firmly believe that the Moonfit team stands out as one of the most qualified and hardworking contributors in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our past collaborations between Moonfit and Astar Degens, as well as Moonfit and Neurolanche, have all been highly successful marketing campaigns. Moonfit has consistently proven to be an accessible and attentive partner to the dApps and the Astar Network community.

With the proposed shift towards more equitable distribution of rewards in the dApp staking, i wholeheartedly support this initiative. This adjustment aligns with the principles of fairness and inclusivity, and o believe it will further enhance the overall strength and integrity of the Astar ecosystem.

Ty Peter!


Hi Matt, thank you very much for your kind words!

We always appreciate all suggestion and feedback from community. Therefore we have reduced the Staker rewards from 40% to 20% like Astar Degens and Cosmize, aiming to allocate more rewards for product development that can bring to Astar brand awareness, users and transactions in general.

We have added detailed Astar implementation milestones to our proposal above, and will commit to provide transparent records of reward distribution to our public channels and communities on a persistent basis. Our Dapp Staking Reward Usage will contribute to Astar growth in several ways: Brand awareness, Users & Holders, Transactions, etc and has been explained in details above. Please let me know which part I can give better explanation, I would be more than happy to do that!

Transparency is always the key, and MoonFit has always been following that motto. Thank you once again for your trust!

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Thank you very much Disruptor, we are extremely grateful for your praise!

It’s always an honor for us to work with incredible projects and builders like Astar Degens and Neurolanche. We also have great experience working with other teams like AstridDAO, Algem, Starfish Finance, etc, and looking forward to establish more connections in the Astar ecosystem!

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You hold a prominent position in Dotsama culture. I have a few concerns about the use of the awards. The bounty rate is high, and I’m not sure if it will actually contribute to the Astar ecosystem, so I vote no.

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Hi @MrKarahanli-Emre , can you elaborate more on your concern about the use of Dapp Staking rewards?

We did change the allocation according to the community’s feedback and lay out in our proposal above the detailed plans and features contributing to Astar Network that we will spend the rewards on. Could you tell us what we can improve here?

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Hi Peter,

It’s great to see Moonfit coming to Astar, and congratulations on your detailed application. :clap:

We’ve worked together before, and I know Moonfit has a hard-working team and a great community that will be great to have on Astar.

Since you are applying for the dApp Staking and would like to receive ASTR tokens to fund Moonfit development, I expect the $ASTR token to be used in the same way as the $GLMR in the Moonfit ecosystem (Shop to buy MoonBeast or MoonItem, be able to sell my NFTs in $ASTR, etc.).

You’ve made this clear in your proposal, so you have my support for your dApp Staking application.

Btw, I have some moonfit nfts, can I bridge them to Astar Network already?

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:


Great to hear, wish you goodluck on Astar! Let’s make him BIG together!