Collator Candidacy Un-bonding Period

Currently, when a collator candidate wishes to leave intent, they can do so instantly and unlock their CandidacyBound balance immediately. This approach is flawed as it does not guarantee candidacy slashing for misbehaviour, allowing collators to leave before the next session when slashing occurs.

We propose changing this behaviour by introducing an unbonding period for withdrawing the CandidacyBound balance. In other words, collators can leave, but their balance will remain locked until the next session when slashing occurs. If they have not misbehaved, no slashing will occur, and the funds will be unlocked. If they have misbehaved, slashing will occur in the next session, and the remaining funds will be unlocked for withdrawal.

During this period, the candidate will not be able to re-register. They must wait for the unbonding period to end, withdraw the remaining amount, and then they can re-register.


Totally in favor of this proposal, basically we are providing the possibility that if a collator has a bad behavior he can use his money by disassociating himself without further ado, that seems problematic to me.

Thanks for the proposal! We definitely need to improve the current model.


This is a necessary feature.
Of course I agree.

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I agree with the proposed change to the collator exit process!

Make totally sense to me :smile: Wanna hear some Collators opinions as well


Thanks for this proposal, it sounds great.


I am in favour of this proposal aswell. There should be some kind of punishment for misbehaving without a workaround to dodge the punishment.

I totally agree with this proposal, this period of unbounding will make them accomplish their task to the end.

Thank you for the proposal. I fully agree with it.

I believe your proposal and improvements are necessary. Of course, I agree also.

By the way, have there been any cases where slashing was not guaranteed due to such misconduct?

Totally in favor of the proposal

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Hey, I thought that was already the case, that there was already an unbounding period for collators. I am therefore in favor of this proposal

Would love to see more on this, great proposal


I guess this new feature in Astar runtime solves the issue raised in this forum, Right?

Thank you for the update. If you need any support, please feel free to give feedback. =)