Community Campaign - Tweet Your NFT

Campaign Period: 17th Dec 2021- 4th Jan 2022

The task:

  1. Follow @ShidenNetwork on Twitter
  2. Tweet any of your favorite NFT that is minted on Shiden Network with #MyShidenNFT and tag @ShidenNetwork.
  3. This can be the NFT purchased on tofuNFT or Mochi Market or CryptoMoments.
  4. Add the URL and image of your NFT to the Tweet.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This campaign is open to everyone.
  2. Your Twitter account must be at least 3 months old to be eligible.
  3. Only one submission per Twitter account is allowed.
  4. Winners will be announced within 1 week after the end of the campaign.

The rewards:

  1. 10 random participants who meet all the requirements will be selected to win 30 SDN each.
  2. The SDN rewards will be distributed by the Shiden team.

Useful Links:

  3. #CryptoMoments


This is a simple & easy tool to mint Shiden NFT!


super great! Thanks for sharing the link :slight_smile:

Very nice project! I’ll be there for sure!

Hi, Tiger and everyone.:wave:

After I mint and sold some NFTs on tofuNFT marketplace which is purposely for an Art👨‍🎨 and experiment in Digital PNG industry, that’s why if my name is on the list of the winners as I tweet #MyShidenNFT. Please cut mine and give it to another community member,

However, here’s my recommendation:

  1. Since we saw from the last time with Kanaria Shiden cape rewarding Shiden crowdloaner. People want something which is special and limited to participate and hold.
    In addition, we are doing this campaign to promote NFT marketplace in our ecosystem to create utility for SDN. Is it possible for the team to mint special Shiden NFT to reward the winner? This will get the attention of a lot of people to join the space.

  2. This may be something unrealistic and imaginary… but if we want to promote a new NFT marketplace on the well-known platform on BSC.
    We will need to also have the well-known artist to join by minting and selling his/her special version of work only on Shiden.

Thank you

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For 1, sorry for being ignorant, I just checked this article, there is limited NFT reward for participants.

Sorry, :handshake:


There is one part that I disagree is;

We will need to also have the well-known artist to join by minting and selling his/her special version of work only on Shiden.

because Tezos community did the exact opposite and gave power to the individual. I refer to the HEN community as built on the idea that the new art is out there, beyond the gatekeepers and famous people on the scene which made people think that everyone can mint, sell and collect on the same terms, same recognition. A well-known artist is a double-edged sword, some people will dislike him/her and antagonize the market because of him/her.

My proposal is something like having support to the interactive medium on NFTs, like fxhash. There is nothing like fxhash on the NFT market and that’s the same reason what makes Tezos one step ahead of the market. Artists need creativity and tools to make art, let’s just deliver them and see what happens. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing!

This one looks interesting. I will spy on them on Tezos now :female_detective:

To all participants,

The winners have been randomly selected. You can find the list of winners in this spreadsheet.

If you find anything wrong with your wallet address, please reply to this message and we will verify,


Hi Tiger,

There’s one account with a wrong address.

The correct address is


How can you verify that?

I got the address from the user that owns the tweeted nft.

but the owner is @cameturtle then? am I understanding?

yes, the owner of the nft is cameturtle.

yeah then who is the winner? the owner of the tweet and the seller of the nft is @yoshipepe and the buyer of the nft is @cameturtle

Ok. That justifies. I shall make amendments

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That would be great!

Rewards have been distributed! Please check your wallets!

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Thanks for the reward.