Shiden community management

Dear Shidenators,

We all know it now, Shiden aims to be controlled by community and be the laboratory for Astar’s vision: becoming a DAO.

A community needs some management and we are all very busy people.

This is why I would like to use a part of the community rewards dapp to reward a community manager who would be elected by the community.
This person would receive a fixed monthly reward in SDN for the usual community management tasks + eventually a bonus depending on his/her performance, and decided by the community.

I’d like to hear you thoughts about that:

  • Does that seem a good idea?
  • How much should a community manager be rewarded?
  • Does a motivation bonus makes sense?
  • How to decide who to elect by the community?
    Any other idea is of course welcome.

Depending on the answers, we may initiate a proposal.



Really like the idea. Right now, we need to use platforms like Momentum or Cosmize to enhance engagement. It will be difficult to change the stigma of being a ˜test network˜, that’s why it will be interesting to focus on community based projects (memes, very open DAOs, gamification like GM).
A community manager will need to know the culture of Shiden and probably a very active on Shiden governance and content creation.

I like the idea but I would suggest focusing more on tech people, and fun devs. Once Kusama has a different community from Polkadot, the same goes for Shiden and Astar if we really want to become a hub for innovation, crazy ideas, and chaos.

  1. Know tech Aspects Shiden / Astar
  2. To create tech content and engagement
  3. To get together with other ecosystems
  4. To onboard devs looking for a place to develop side projects
  5. to push WASM forward

Hi @bLd759 ,
I think it’s a good opportunity to revive the Shiden dao.
Personally I would like to build some easy games (Connect 4, chess game (with funny nft), … ) in rust and ink! with the community and after the deployment in shiden, the dao will be the owner/manager of these games.
Maybe the community could choose the first game to build, a dApp could be registered in dAppStaking and the rewards will be for the developers during the development phase and next could be an incentive for the players.
So a manager could be a good idea :wink:


A community manager is a very, wery good idea. Their mandate will be to promote the tenets of the Chaos DAO.

Election by Dapp staking will work with the existing infrastructure. Each candidate will be represented by a stakable Dapp. At the agreed upon date/time, the candidate Dapp with the most tokens staked will be selected and the others will be removed from the dapp staking portal.

Payment for service should be via Dapp staking because it works with the existing infrastructure and it gives the correct incentives and continuous feedback to the manager. It’s not just a win the election, collect a lump sum and then fade into the sunset deal. If the manager stops producing results, then the token holders can quickly and dynamically stop payment.

We will need clarity around the responsibilities and powers that go with the role.

This is a great idea…i know a guy… :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m going to riff off what some of what pitcoin has pointed out. I think it’s a good starting point however I disagree with the idea of it being super tech related or any devs as CM. Devs typically don’t make great community managers. This typically shows up when there is critical comments and the people who come out blaming the project for ruining lil johnny’s college fund. Having dedicated team devs from Astar/Shiden available and active is more important.

Kusama is for devs and degens. Embracing the degen and willingness to try bold ideas is what we want to attract. We want the devs wanting to build their ideas but we need a community of regular users to use these things they build.

we need a community that is excited to try these hyped WASM based apps & give feedback from that perspective. A community focused too much on devs is going to be too unbalanced. What makes sense to them isn’t necessarily what will make sense to the masses. We need to grow both tracks in unison for a healthy vibrant network. Why would you build if you don’t have an active community willing to put your skills to the test?

1. Know tech Aspects Shiden / Astar
–some basic info is needed but more importantly knowing who to go to or put people in touch with for the answers as well as documentation.

2. To create tech content and engagement
–I think using social engagement tools to promote official content is the path forward here. In other communities I’m seeing good engagement and interest in tools like Crew3. Having access to SDN to promote these things would be a key ask.

3. To onboard devs looking for a place to develop side projects
–This ties into point 1 in many regards. do we have good onboarding tools? Getting feedback from developers onboarding would be something for a CM to focus on.

4. to push WASM forward
–I believe this is the key for Shiden as a whole & ties in with points 1 & 3. The goal IMO is to get people willing to build using WASM & pushing that as far & as fast as possible & then getting the community (aka users) interested and wanting to try it. we need user feedback.

5. Other Ecos
–building relationships with other parachains is important. Getting them interested is XCM integrations is important as is trying to reach beyond kusama…however this is more of a product development task. The CM should be welcoming and involved in the wider eco for visibility purposes.


I agree…Shiden needs a community manager able to increase the use of WASM smart contracts!

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