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I recently made a post about DOT Fest on the official discord channel, and was immediately banned, without reason. The post didn’t violate any rules that I had read, and I was a very surprising experience, as I didn’t get a warning or anything.

Does this type of moderation / censorship serve the long-term ecosystem? At the very least, a clear method for appeal should be available to users.



I took a look at the log, it seems that our bot banned you because you used “forbidden words”. Could you please share your post here, so we can review it and check what triggered the bot?

Your ban was lifted right after the incident, so you can join the Astar Discord again.

The post is now long gone, but it didn’t have any nasty words or anything. I basically pointed out the APY for the DOT Festival was less than the native staking had I done nothing for the underlying tokens. This isn’t price speculation, as it is a fact, and related to project incentives in my opinion.

The discord says I do not have permission to join, so it looks like the ban hasn’t been lifted.

please try to join again

“You do not have permission to send messages in this channel.”

Unclick and click the Astar emoji again. Or, leave and rejoin.

The bot may take some time to verify you