Make Telegram Read-Only Channel and Make Discord Main Channel

Hello everyone,

Our core team and the ambassadors decided to migrate our main community from Telegram to Discord. Our Telegram group will be a READ-ONLY group from January 1st, 2022 .

The main reason behind this decision is to improve our communication. Astar community is getting bigger and bigger, and many new people are joining our community every day. Since our core team and ambassadors’ resource is limited, it is tough to track all details. Closing the open channel on Telegram doesn’t mean that we shut down our communication with the community. It means we improve our communication and focus on Discord instead of Telegram. The other reasons behind this decision are:

  • To improve communication between the Astar core team and the community.
  • To improve communication between projects building in the ecosystem and the community.
  • To organize discussion topics in the community.

The official Telegram channel will still be available to share important announcements but muted for conversations. Unofficial and local community channels will still be active and controlled by our Ambassadors.

We would like to welcome everyone to our Discord channel: Astar & Shiden Network

Best regards,
Astar Team :slight_smile:


Hi,sota.that,s should 2022,not 2021 start :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks. I have updated.

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Can we get the unofficial astar(english) telegram chat on the rose-bot of the read-only?