Community Update from Dwellir

Hello Astar community! I’m Gustav, CEO of Dwellir, and I’m thrilled to be back here to share our continued journey as a trusted RPC provider in 2024!

At Dwellir, we remain committed to providing reliable and efficient infrastructure for the decentralized web. Since March 2022, we have been running public RPC-services for Astar and Shiden, and in May 2022 we added support for Shibuya.

Exciting updates:
As we aim to further bolster the growth and success of the ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce that the Astar zkEVM node is finally live at Dwellir. The Astar zkEVM RPC service is available for the community. For March month we have already served 6 million requests.

At the end of November last year we launched the Astar zKatana (testnet). Since the start we have served around 15 million requests. zKatana will be shut down soon, since the Ethereum Goerli network is due to sunset in a few days. In the coming days we will be launching the new testnet, Astar zKyoto, which live on the Ethereum Sepolia network.

Our public and private RPC services for Astar chains have maintained high uptime levels, prioritizing safety and reliability, ensuring that users can depend on them to meet their needs.

That is why, we want to invite collaboration with more Astar projects under a win-win-win partnership.

Visit Dwellir’s website to request your free API key today or follow us on Twitter @DwellirOfficial for updates and important updates.

Available Endpoints

wss:// (coming soon) (coming soon)

About Dwellir
Our current range of RPC services includes support for 110+ blockchains, alongside the whole Astar ecosystem.

UPDATE 4th of April
These endpoints are now active:


Hi Dwellir,

this is such a great news and contribution! If I underatand correctly, now then the zkEVM users can publicly use either Dwellir or Gelato as a public RPC?

Thank you for the update!
I believe your efforts can have a significant impact on both the Astar community and the market! Thank you always for your prompt response to the infrastructure.

Those using Astar zKatana should be able to quickly transition their test environment to zKyoto. Such support is very helpful for developers.

I hope to continue supporting everyone’s activities.

Hi again,

Yes, the Astar zkEVM users can now utilize our public RPC service for connecting to the network.


Great using Dwellir for a long time, smooth as ice!

Hi Dwellir, this is great! Thanks for your contribution to Astar zkEVM as well!

Great update!! Thank you for your contributions.

I have been experiencing it with Dwellir and it is smooth, with the new upgrade it will be worth looking forward to.

Thank you so much for an updated information. It’s very useful =)

Oh, thanks for the update. Just yesterday I was testing the test networks. And I noticed the announcement on the portal about Astar ZKyoto. :raised_hands: I find it important for the community to be aware of this information.
Your contribution is valuable. :boom:


Great! Always important to have more RPC options for users and dApps; it makes the network more resilient.

Thank you, this is very helpful.
The decentralization of RPCs is important and you guys have made our network more resilient.

Thx for the update :grin: :handshake:

Very good update, quite informative and concise, I especially liked the information about zKatana as I wasn’t clear on that. thanks for contributing to the ecosystem!

A follow-up update

The endpoints for Astar zKyoto are now active, feel free to start using them:


This is a great contribution to the ecosystem, excellent that we have your support!

Thank you for the quick sharing of information!
A major hackathon event is also starting in Japan, so the timing seems to be just right! I would definitely like to collaborate with our team as well :rocket:

@tksarah Please let us know if we can assist you with the hackathon event. Send a DM.

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Thank you for your reply. If any concerns or matters for consultation arise during our team’s development, I will share them with you.