Dwellir - RPC-node services for Q1 2023

Date: 25/01/2023

Requested allocation: 238,264 ASTR

ASTAR Account: aNkS9tz2ni8NsTjFPeAMPiRke4TMTvXXTr7SHcWF945tWC5

Short Description: Operate RPC services for the community for January, February & March


Dwellir is a leading IaaS (infrastructure as a service) team providing RPC infrastructure to more than 20 projects in the Dotsama ecosystem. We are proposing to run geographically distributed public Astar, Shiden and Shibuya RPC API Services and providing free developer community access endpoints.

These services are currently available via:

Over November and December, Dwellir processed:

  • 431,959,932 Astar requests
  • 319,905,936 Shiden requests
  • 37,681,136 Shibuya requests



This grant will enable us to continue the services we currently provide which entails:

  • Hosting multiple instances of the Astar, Shiden and Shibuya nodes
  • 24/7 Monitoring of core functions including scaling mechanism
  • Continuous security improvements
  • Continuous updates, upgrades, optimisations
  • Communication with development teams (where necessary)
  • Currently we operate two clusters in Northern Europe and one in North Africa. During Q1 2023 we will open one in West Africa.


Dwellir operates one Shiden and one Astar collator. The earnings from the collators have been subtracted from this treasury proposal, the exact numbers are shared in the full proposal.

The final cost is $10941.7, which is equal to 238,264 ASTR.

The conversion rate is $0.0459226325/ASTR, based on a 7-day average price on the day of this post.

Dwellir’s full proposal can be found here: RPC-node services for Q1 2023.


Well known and reliable substrate RPC operator. Geo-decentralisation is much needed, especially towards continents other than EU and NA.
Full support to this proposal!

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I am once again supporting this proposition, been very satisfied of Dwellir quality of service on Astar networks.


When you operate multiple instances, are you also considering geopolitical risks?
If you have any plans or thoughts on it, I would like to know.

Hi @tksarah,

Thanks for your question. Regarding the location of the sites in Tunisia and Nigeria, we have not so much taking the geopolitical risk into account. But Tunisia is basically the only democracy in North Africa, it’s a fairly stable country.

In Nigeria, largest population in Africa, the population growth is 3x the average global growth rate. The ecosystem should have a foot print in Nigeria, that can serve thousand of developers. In terms of RPC services, almost the whole continent is a blank spot for the ecosystem. Establishing an RPC service in Nigeria is a step in the right direction.

Aporove Treasury Request
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Great proposal. I support Dwellir for their services.

The only possible answer is YES :slight_smile: I support the proposal