Dwellir - RPC-node services for Q2 2023

Date: 02/08/2023

Requested allocation: 191,445.466 ASTR

ASTAR Account: aNkS9tz2ni8NsTjFPeAMPiRke4TMTvXXTr7SHcWF945tWC5

Short Description: Operate RPC services for the community for March, April & June


Dwellir is a leading IaaS (infrastructure as a service) team providing RPC infrastructure to more than 20 projects in the Dotsama ecosystem. We are proposing to run geographically distributed public Astar, Shiden and Shibuya RPC API Services and providing free developer community access endpoints.

These services are currently available via:

Over Q2, Dwellir processed:

  • 248,384,085 Astar requests
  • 101,871,556 Shiden requests
  • 41,591,539 Shibuya requests



This grant will enable us to continue the services we currently provide which entails:

  • Hosting multiple instances of the Astar, Shiden and Shibuya nodes
  • 24/7 Monitoring of core functions including scaling mechanism
  • Continuous security improvements
  • Continuous updates, upgrades, optimisations
  • Communication with development teams (where necessary)
  • Currently we operate two clusters in Northern Europe and one in North Africa. During Q2 2023 we opened one in West Africa.


Dwellir operates one Shiden and one Astar collator. The earnings from the collators have been subtracted from this treasury proposal, the exact numbers are shared in the full proposal .

The final cost is $8741.4, which is equal to 191,445.466 ASTR.

The conversion rate is $0.04566/ASTR, based on a 30-day average price on the day of this post.

Dwellir’s full proposal can be found here: RPC-node services for Q2 2023 .


Thank you for this proposal, we have been very satisfied with Dwellir performance, reactivity and improvement. I support this proposal and the efforts made to keep the cost sustainable.


Agree with @bLd759 bLd, for my desktop I always use Dwellir as my primary RPC. Although if it’s opening from my phone with Nova browser, sometimes loading portal page took very long.

But I support the proposal.

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I fully support the Dwellir team’s proposal to allocate 191,445.466 ASTR for operating RPC services, as they have a proven track record of providing reliable infrastructure to multiple projects within the Dotsama ecosystem. Their commitment to continuous improvement, security, and community access endpoints makes them a valuable asset to the community.

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Totally support. Dwellir is around for a long time, making great progress on Astar.

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I have a great appreciation for the service provided by Dwellir, and I believe it to be one of the finest RPC services currently available in the Astar Network. I’d like to lend my support to the proposal and request that this funding be allocated towards expanding the infrastructure as well, making the service even more resilient.

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It is Dwellir, so I also support this proposal, I have seen and been using their service for a long time, and it is very stable and reliable and quick to maintain. Appreciate for your deduction of the requested $ASTR amount, which shouldn’t be an easy decision to do so!

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I am aware of the importance of rpc services and that you have been with us for a long time. That’s why I decided to support. Let’s build the future together.

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Its really important to have good Rpc-s.
So we need to you in there.
Its time for us to show our support.
You have been in this space for a long time and I strongly support you.
Good luck🙌

RPC is one of important factor for a great foundation in any network. It’ll be our honor to welcome Dwellir to Astar Ecosystem. =)

As user, I am satisfied with rpc provided by Dwellir on Shiden and Astar.
As dev, I am very happy for the one on Shibuya!
I support this proposal!

Voted AYE as previously stated! Good luck.

Voted yes!
The service and performance of using Dwellir RPC are always good. Keep it up team!

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When I investigate, I see that you are experienced and provide a good rpc service. Therefore, my vote is ‘YES’

Voted yes. Big fan of the service and the RPC is stable. Keep up the good work.

The RPC services provided by Dwellir is amazing. So, I voted yes for this proposal. Thanks :saluting_face:

usually the RPC service I would like to support, as this is infrastructure and i used Dwellir, so decided to support

Thanks a lot for the support. We will keeping working on the RPC services.

/Team Dwellir

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