COSMIZE - Builders Program Application

COSMIZE: Builders Program application


COSMIZE, Astar’s 1st metaverse project

Key Essence

  1. Astar’s Merit : Get new users out of existing Astar community
    • A huge potential to get users outside of Astar community
  2. Future prospects: High Growth Expectation
    • According to this article on Fortune Business Insights, The global metaverse market is projected to grow from $100.27 billion in 2022 to $1,527.55 billion by 2029. From that prediction, our business field is worth to being supported.
  3. Good Collaboration: Maximize the effectiveness of assets
    • It can expand the range of expression of the various IP that Astar has or will have.
    • It enables existing IP NFTs to be used in the metaverse space, or to be converted to 3D so that they can be played as avatars.
  4. Feasibility: Having high technical skills and experienced team
    • Technical skill of our team is guaranteed not only by past achievements but also by WEF 2022 Technology Pioneer

Project overview


COSMIZE aims to create an environment where people can express themselves in virtual space without any restrictions.

In the future, people will be able to live their lives in COSMIZE, connect with other people and join or build their own community so people will have experience as if they were living in a second real world.

Also, since this is an Astar native metaverse project, we intend to work on the project in unison with Astar.
We also see it as part of our mission to bring a better networking effect to the Astar community by collaborating with other projects.


COSMIZE is a world that describes a decentralized-utopian future state.
Where humans coexist with super-sophisticated technology and they manage their world based on mutually constructive consensus agreements.

Our world is divided into 3 main worlds.
Floating world, Under-water world and Ground world.

1: Floating world: Special space, Event hall
It has a capacity of 50~100 people, where people from the Astar community can gather and chat.
It is also envisioned as a place where events such as AMAs and presentations can be held.
We are also planning to organize limited events that only limited NFT holders can enter.

2: Under water world : Special space, Event hall (TBD)
The specific plan for this space has not yet been decided, but we are planning to create a public space similar to the floating world.
Similarly, we plan to organize events that are limited to only those who have the limited NFT.

3: Ground world : Normal city, Own Room
Ground world may be the most common and most carefree world.
People are assumed to have rooms here, and they can customize their rooms and place NFTs in their rooms.
They can also invite friends over for tea time. lol!

Concept video

COSMIZE 1st Look Teaser

Positive Effects of the Metaverse Project on Astar

We guess that Astar ecosystem is thinking that how to get users from outside the Astar ecosystem.

This project will be able to help bring in from the outside.


  • Since DeFi and GameFi(like) have a different user base, we believe that by supporting and growing this project, we’ll be able to bring in many new users who are not currently aware of Astar


  • Indeed, there is a huge chance that Astar will get strong IPs from other traditional Japanese company on board.
  • In anticipation of this utilization opportunity, preparations should be made now to increase the utility of $ASTR and places where IP NFTs can be utilized, namely the metaverse.
  • As noted above, the size of the Metaverse market is huge. We, as Aster Natives, have the technical skills and experience to leverage our past experience to promote metaverse projects.
  • Plus, one of our goals in coexisting with Astar is to partner with the NFT projects in the Astar ecosystem so that their work can be exhibited in the Metaverse space and the NFTs can be used as avatars.


Q1 (Jan~Mar)

  • Concept design making
  • Changed internal team resources
  • Preparation for SAFT
  • Tokenomics making


  • SAFT completion
  • Release whitepaper
  • Basic UI/UX & 3D art development
  • Make concept solid
  • Define the MVP requirements
  • Development requirements defined
  • Release LP(Website)
  • Smart contract integration
  • Get partnerships with other Astar projects
  • Release Promotion video

Q3 (Jul~Sep)

  • Launch MVP
  • NFT ROOM sale
  • WL allocation sale
  • Release some partnerships
  • Hot IP collaboration release
  • Users can edit the room
  • NFT holders will be able to decorate the room


  • Token issue
  • Release users kit
  • Release many fun functions
  • Improve UX/UI


  • Founder
  • Co-Founders
  • Tech
    • Metaverse engineers : 15
    • 3D engineers : 10
    • Application engineer : 2
    • Back-end engineers : 3
    • Front-end engineers : 2
    • Smart Contract Engineers: 3
  • Biz
    • Sales&Marketing : 8
    • Designers : 3
    • Backoffice : 3

Nice project!
I can’t see the concept video, can you fix it?


Thank you for checking. I’ve already fixed it.

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this video is great. could i get any office link?

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I am the core engineer for Astar Sign Witch.

In the mechanism to get into a space that has a specific NFT.
Astar Sign Witch’s NFT as a permit And put it in the space.

Make Astar Sign Witch’s comic book content available to the public.
I would be very happy if we could make it together.

Give out WL to Astar Sign Witch holders
After selling the NFT, we would like to create a space where people can read Astar Sign Witch comics.


I am Dice, an illustrator for AstarSignWitch.
I’m looking to create a museum like space to showcase the NFT!
Keep up the good work!


I like the way the world looks, interesting animation style, a lot of projects have been having problems with this lately. The team is large, which is good, although it is not clear how experienced people are. And another question, how do you position as a marketing project a place of gathering and communication, or in this world there will still be something to do, games and all that?


Thank you for your comment. We have started official account twitter. We would like to share the more information of project there.

Thank you for your proposal and sharing our Twitter post. We are very excited to work with your project in near future. Let’s talk more about collaboration soon.

Thank you for your comment and proposal. That idea sounds very interesting to me. Let’s achieve it together in near future.

Hey @sota @Maarten @moonme @bLd759 , we can make our futures debates on Astar Forum Metaverse room. Will be very cool make some reunions at the Metaverse.:sunglasses:

Looking forward this great project!