CryptoReport: Dapp Staking proposal

Project Overview
Hi, everyone.
We are developing an application to protect Dapps.

In a nutshell, it is a service that gathers many white hackers and monitors the product’s smart contracts for bugs over time. The feature provides greater security by checking for bugs over a longer period of time from the time it is deployed to the test network.

We are currently in discussions with a Japanese web3 gaming company and several others.

In the future, we plan to deploy CryptoReport’s smart contracts to multiple chains. Also, since our members live in Europe and the US, we will initially target the Japanese market, but in the future we are aiming to expand into the Asian and European markets as well.

Detailed information
We have compiled a detailed description of CryptoReport and a demonstration video in this below document. Please take a look at this. Thank you.

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  1. Is the dApp live on Astar already?
  2. Has anyone used it on Astar? If no, what is your plan to acquire users?
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Hi Toga, Cody from Astar JP member here.
There was a mis understanding regarding the dApp Staking onboarding process.
He meant to post introduction to the discord #project discussion channel but he got confused.
Please delete this post!