DeepSpy Proposal

Hello Astar community. We are White Lions Dao and we are pleased to submit propasal for a Smart Contract Security Project. Our mission is protect Astar Ecosystem to hacking attemps and save people from losing their assets. We’re reaching out to you because we need a little bit boost to finish our Project. We believe in Astar Community to make our dreams makes true.

Project Name : DeepSpy

Applicant Organization :

Name: White Lions DAO

E-mail :

Co-Operate Manger : Buğra Köseoğlu Council Member

Co-Founder : Ahmet Emin Nadaroğlu Founder

DeepSpy White Paper; DeepSpy White Paper.pdf - Google Drive

White Lions DAO White Paper;

Github: WhiteLionsDao · GitHub

What we are focusing on:


• Up-to-date review of smart contracts and error codes


• Development and improvement of Artificial Intelligence models


• A team of experts in the field is being established


• Building bridges to ecosystems

Initial Cost from Astar**: $8.000**

Project development duration : May 2023 – June 2024

Short Brief about project

Deepspy is an artificial intelligence project that monitors, develops, and strengthens smart contracts.


The biggest flaw of human nature, which is unchangeable and can never be removed from its existence, is its inability to be error-prone and with the effort to be perfect. Sometimes this causes the objects or structures we have created ourselves to be better than we are. Especially with the development of technology, different terms, applications and systems that have entered our lives have made things more difficult for us. Especially smart contracts have become the focus and basis of everyone’s attention with the development of blockchain technology. Of course, as in everything that receives attention and value, not only well-intentioned people, but especially, quite bad people, are interested in this system and try to find a gap in the slightest mistake. They are just as comfortable using these vulnerabilities they find as they wish, without being offended at all. We, on the other hand, have taken steps to ensure that such people cannot find any vulnerabilities and leave the controls of these vulnerabilities, which may naturally be overlooked by people, to the artificial intelligence Deepspy, which we describe as perfect…

why we are here

Cyber-attacks of companies due to security and performance vulnerabilities within smart contract technologies that are re-emerging day by day. That’s why they lose money and reputation.


Main Goal: Smart contract security and auditing

Project goal: Preventing hacking cases by closing security vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Preventing user disabilities.

The project’s goal in the future: Security and control of Bridges


  • Buğra Köseoğlu - Cyber Security

  • Mesude Polat - Blockchain Developer

  • Aybars Göktuğ Ayan - Data Scientist

  • Eren Gemici – AI

  • Muhammed Bertuğhan Kılınç - Cyber Securityılınc/

  • Yiğit Berhan Gülabigül – FrontEnd Developerğit-berhan-gülabigül-607023244/

  • Hanifi Çağrı Demirtaş - BackEnd Developer

  • Ata Turhan – AI


  • Buğra Ayan – Web3

  • Barış Cem Bektaş – Smart Contracts

  • Ecehan Yıldırım – AI


Mentors act as consultants and guide the progress of the project. While Buğra, Eren and Yiğit will work full time on the project, Çağrı, Mesude and Aybars are in the role of assistants. Although Ata seems to be part-time as of now, he has a full-time employment situation in the future.


There will be healthy sustainability if the project’s essential hardware requirement is met with a grant from the Astar Network. Thanks to the financial support, the Deepspy project’s operation plan is simple to implement and free of any issues. In order to target sustainability in the Deepspy project, WLD, which has developed into a corporate structure within itself, has a structured working environment. Given the country of origin of the project’s moderate view of smart contract technology, there is no issue with the project’s durability.

The project has the freedom to function in many contexts where smart contracts are available because it is security-based. The fact that Astar Network is EVM and WASM supported shows that this project can run smoothly on other EVM and WASM supported networks.


Stage 1

• Web scraping will be done from primarily written bots.

• After the data is collected, the collected data will be transformed into meaningful data.

Stage 2

• After being converted into meaningful data, it will be possible to find security vulnerabilities of the smart contract by using a certain artificial intelligence model structure.

• The web integration of the artificial intelligence model will be realized.

Stage 3

• Beta version will be released

Stage 4

• The main version will be released


Project Equipment


There is a feature on Astar that is called dApp staking. Projects that launch on Astar can get listed on our portal where Astar holders can stake on. Projects on their other hand, can earn block rewards.

For now, the estimated APR% for projects is ~3.5% based on the total nomination. So, the rewards they get depends on the nomination.

I suggest that you launch the product and then apply to join dApp staking.


Of course, we would like to apply for dapp staking after our application is released :slight_smile:

Yes. Feel free to contact us if you come across any technical issues.

If we encounter a potential problem, should we contact here or elsewhere?

Go to builders channel on Discord.

dApp staking requirements:

  1. Live product.
  2. Register on defillama/dApp radar. (if you are not a dApp, not needed)
  3. Have a developer native account with 1001 ASTR.
  4. Have a verified smart contract (if you are not a dApp, a Hello world contract will do).
  5. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.
  6. Create a PR to the Ecosystem Page. As our website is open-source, you can contribute directly to it - just create a PR on your own! To have your project included to our website, you will need to create a PR here:

When all those are done:

  1. Make a post on forum here.
  2. Follow this format.

This will be followed by forum voting. After the voting is passed, your addresses will be whitelisted and you can register on Astar Portal.

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