Discussion moderation and general discourse is great, very constructive

I am new but I just want to say that the way discussions are held here is an extreme breath of fresh air compared to all the other channels out there. I believe it is due to the moderation and guidelines first of all, but it takes a community to create and keep up an open culture where dialogue is open and actually leeds to progress.

So my feedback is to keep this up, and make sure new users get onboarded in this style of discussion. It will benefit more than just this community, it will benefit participants in everyday life I think.


Thanks for sharing your feedback!
Great to have you here :slight_smile:

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Great feedback, and i fully agree.

This is what you want to be the experience of the community in general.

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A lot is also made possible by the forum app btw. Great choice. I might comsider an overhaul for my own community.


Welcome @Svenbtc. I agree with your statement here.