FAQ: How Can I Get PLM/SDN tokens?

These days, we receive a lot of questions about how to get PLM/SDN tokens on various channels such as Discod, Telegram, and Email. Here is a template to answer these questions.

First of all, PLM and SDN are NOT listed either on centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges yet. The only way to get PLM/SDN tokens is to participate in Polkadot/Kusama lockdrop as known as Crowdloan during Polkadot/Kusama Parachain Auction. (The date will be announced by Web3 Foundation)

If you join the Kusama lockdrop, you will receive SDN tokens, the native token for Shiden Network. If you join the Polkadot lockdrop, you will receive PLM tokens. The more DOT/KSM you lock, the more PLM/SDN tokens you will receive.

So, to get PLM or SDN tokens, HODL DOT and KSM tokens in your wallet and be prepared for the upcoming auctions.

You will be able to lock your KSM/DOT through our portal and centralized exchanges.


I would like to ask where can I get the address of this picture. ,

This will be launched soon. It is not available now.


Thanks, no wonder, I can’t find such a site

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We can lock our tokens Dot & Ksm in the centralized exchanges… is this right? As I have my tokens in Binance.

More information will be available closer to the auctions.
We keep you posted!


Maarten the lockdroop is available in $plasma web site or in the JS public node?

I read somewhere that PLM holders from the first and second eth lockdrops also will be airdropped Shiden tokens. Is this true?

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Found it!

How many of each token will be needed in the dot/ksm upcoming staking ?

For the lockdrop, is it known for how long our DOT/KSM will be locked up? When we lock up DOT/KSM to get PLM/SDN, are there any other lockup benefits like apy or a dividend, etc?

We will go for a 2 years lease on Polkadot.
The lease period for Kusama is not yet announced.

The benefit you will get with locking your DOT or KSM is that you will be rewarded with our native token PLM or SDN.


Whats the Minimum amount of time we can lockup our Dot/Ksm?

There is no minimum!

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Great, come on come on

Can we participate directly from Kraken for example ?

I hope yes! It will be possible for DOT for sure. But not sure about Kusama.

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