Wallets and how-tos

Hello, I am quite confused here, so could any admin please clarify:

1 ) Is app.plasmnet = polkadot.js? If not, must we have our PLM in .js to get the SDN lockdrop? If yes, how to change from plasmnet to .js?

  1. I understand that if I have PLM I have automatically a KSM derived address related to that PLM, correct? So who participated on the 2nd lockdrop will get SDN in an also derived address related to PLM automatically, correct?

  2. If it is correct that who has already PLM has also a KSM derived address, can I use this derived KSM address in the crowdloan to get more SDN, or is it a must to have a brand new KSM wallet created in polkadot.js for the crowdloan?

  3. until when can I update the whitelisted KSM address? The one you got has a hardware wallet address.

  4. Can we use the same .js KSM generated wallet for diferent crowdloans, different projects? Let’s say I want yo support Shiden and Karura, can I do both with the same KSM wallet?

Sorry for so many questions, a step by step guide as you did for the 2nd lockdrop would really help. It is quite confusing, even more for the ones who want to support more than one project in DOT/KSM.

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I sawthese questions on Telegram and I have responded. I hope everything is clear now.